Worthy Reading

FullGospelLogoMedThese are some of my favorite books. Nearly all of them are available at Amazon. For a full listing of Lee Ann’s books and audio resources, visit my website, Full Gospel Family Publications.

(I am an Amazon affiliate and I receive a small commission if you purchase using my links.  But every book I recommend appears here because I truly think it is wonderful !)


DuewelMighty Prevailing Prayer, by Wesley Duewel

This is the all-time, must-have prayer manual for intercession. I keep rereading it, and have at least one-third of the book underlined. Every time I read it, I pick up on something new. Recommended by Leonard Ravenhill.


BoundsThe Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer: Experience the Wonders of God through Prayer, by E. M. Bounds

Mr. Bounds lived in the mid-to-later 1800’s. I have been greatly inspired by his timeless writings. This is engaging reading. Geared toward the intermediate-to-more advanced intercessor.


untitledRules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle, by Derek Prince

Derek Prince was a pioneer in deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare.  This book will help you understand how spiritual warfare is waged in the heavenlies, and what place the Christian prayer warrior plays in it.  It is filled with insightful, practical teaching for the Christian who is determined to go after God at all costs and finish his or her race well in the war of the ages.


secretsSecrets of a Prayer Warrior, by Derek Prince

A profound read for those who long to be effective in receiving answers to prayer.  Mr. Prince takes the position that it is not really governmental leaders who rule and reign, but the prayer warriors who  govern the affairs  of earth through their prayers.   When we put the Lord’s glory before all else, we can expect to have every prayer answered.  This ia a very practical, biblical approach to prayer.  I was thrilled with what I learned.


LynneThe Master Is Calling, by Lynne Hammond

I could have put this one either in the Intercession or Hearing God category.  Mrs. Hammond leads us into the wonderful adventure of prophetic prayer that flows naturally out of intimate time in the Lord’s Presence.  Read my review for more details.


John PaulNeedless Casualties of War, by John Paul Jackson

An absolute must-read for every intercessor, this book explains the do’s and don’ts of engaging in spiritual warfare.  Although we sometimes tend to think that we are safe in what we don’t know, the devil has no mercy on our ignorance.  This book goes against the grain of much of current popular teaching on spiritual warfare, but it is a much-needed balance to the subject.


grubbRees Howells: Intercessor, by Norman Grubb

Rees Howells’ intercessory ministry spanned the two World Wars. The prayers offered up by Mr. Howells and his band of intercessors turned the course of World War 2 and ushered in the reestablishment of Israel as a nation. This is his story, along with his philosophy of prayer, healing, and faith for finances. There is much for every intercessor to learn from Rees Howells’ life.


HowellsThe Intercession of Rees Howells, by Doris M. Ruscoe

Written by one of Rees Howells’ close associates and fellow intercessors, this book, although not as lengthy as the Norman Grubb version, gives greater detail to the teachings of Mr. Howells. Of the two, this one was my favorite, although both are essential reading.


The Intercessor ManualThe Intercessor Manual, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Drawn from Lee Ann’s life-experiences as an intercessor, this book provides answers to many of the questions God’s prayer warriors struggle with and wonder about.  The Intercessor Manual is a practical guide for intercessors at any level of maturity, and includes topics such as:

  • Your Call to Intercession
  • What Intercessors Do
  • The Bible Helps Our Intercession
  • The Power of Your Prayer Language
  • Prayer that Counts
  • Breakthrough Intercession: Receiving Our Answers
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Our Spiritual Armor
  • Worship and the Intercessor
  • The Prophetic Connection
  • Maturing in Prophecy
  • Intimacy with God
  • Avoiding Deception
  • You Don’t Have to Be Weird
  • Pastors and Intercessors
  • The Pastor Specialty
  • What Can You Expect as an Intercessor?
  • Appendices: Hearing and Discerning the Voice of God; Hearing God through Dreams


The Beginning IntercessorThe Beginning Intercessor, by Lee Ann Rubsam

This is just what it says — an easy-read booklet for those who are just beginning the intercession journey (although the seasoned intercessor may learn a thing or two as well). See further details at our site.


House of Prayer, House of PowerHouse of Prayer ~ House of Power, by Lee Ann Rubsam

This manual is designed for intercessor leaders and those who desire to start a prayer group in their home or church. The first part gives practical how-to’s for getting started, maintaining a successful group, and passing on leadership skills to others. The second part is an outline of ready-made teachings on intercession. See further details at our site.


The Intercessor's CompanionThe Intercessor’s Companion: Bible Ammo to Win Your Battle, by Lee Ann Rubsam

A topical listing of Scripture verses pertaining to the things intercessors pray into, along with encouraging commentary to build your faith. Many times, in the midst of a crisis, it is hard to remember where the verses we need are located. This book puts them at your fingertips, so that you can pray the Word to effectively receive your answers.


Your Intercession Questions Answered, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Tackles questions intercessors and their pastors commonly have, from basic terminology to more complex issues they face as they walk out the ministry of prayer — such as:

  • How to “flow with the Spirit”
  • How to keep from burning out
  • What kind of supernatural experiences are normal in the course of prayer
  • How to know when you have “prayed through”
  • What to do to avoid word curses and witchcraft prayer
  • Why there are tensions between you and your pastor (and how to fix or avoid them)
  • How to handle spiritual warfare wisely
  • And many more.

The Prophetic Gifts

gollThe Seer: The Prophetic Power of Visions, Dreams, and Open Heavens, by James Goll

A detailed, very balanced explanation of what we should expect in the prophetic, along with cautions about unbiblical supernatural experiences.


James Goll Prophetic IntercessorThe Prophetic Intercessor: Releasing God’s Purposes to Change Lives and Influence Nations, by James Goll

This is a wonderful book! Honestly, one of the best parts is where Mr. Goll, a nationally-known prophet, comments that he was not a seer/prophet from birth. He acquired his gifts by diligently seeking the Lord for them. There is hope for every one of us average types!


goll2Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, by James and Michal Ann Goll

This book deals extensively with dreams and has a dream dictionary at the end, but it also imparts much wisdom about any form of revelation and how to handle your prophetic gifts well.   See my review for a more detailed explanation.


Personal ProphecyThe Spirit-Filled Guide to Personal Prophecy, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Lee Ann explains how to discern personal prophetic words which you receive from others and what to do with them once you’ve got them. She also gives practical guidelines for how to keep out of trouble when you are prophesying personal words to others. The book includes a section to help you get started in hearing and releasing prophecy, if you have not done that before.

Hearing God

dawsonForever Ruined for the Ordinary, by Joy Dawson

Joy Dawson is a woman of great wisdom with a practical, down-to-earth style of explaining hearing God, holiness, obedience to His voice, and intimacy with Him.



blackabyExperiencing God, by Henry Blackaby

Mr. Blackaby explains relationship with God in a very simple, yet profound style. A good beginners’ guide to developing intimacy with the Lord, yet not limited to just the new believer. This is a great book for a home Bible study group, flexible enough to bring nonbelievers to an understanding of being born again or to help new-to-intermediate believers grow in their faith. There is something for everyone here!


Hotline to HeavenHotline to Heaven: Hearing the Voice of God, by Lee Ann Rubsam

A short and to-the-point read which will help you discover the various ways God speaks, how you may already be hearing Him, and how to increase / clarify what you are hearing God say to you.


believer authorityThe Believer’s Authority, by Kenneth E. Hagin

I have to confess, I was never one to get into the “Word of Faith” movement. Like many others, I was turned off by excesses that I saw. My husband encouraged me to read this book, and what I found was balanced, biblical teaching on our authority in Christ. Mr. Hagin himself did not subscribe to the errors of some teachers in the Word of Faith movement, and spoke out against wrong faith teaching in his later years. I have come to deeply respect this man of God, and I have learned so much from him! This book, along with The Name of Jesus, is essential reading for every believer.


name JesusThe Name of Jesus, by Kenneth E. Hagin

This book gave me a much deeper understanding of the authority we have available to us in the Name of Jesus. The Believer’s Authority and this book, in my opinion, are essential reading for any Christian who wants to walk in the power-filled life Jesus intended for His Church.


lakeThe Complete John G. Lake

I feel inspired and spurred on to greater faith every time I read Mr. Lake. He was a man of great faith, great compassion, and great authority in the Spirit. This is the exhaustive compilation of his sermons and writings.


smithThe Complete Smith Wigglesworth

The exhaustive compilation of Mr. Wigglesworth’s preaching. Smith Wiggleworth is often called the Apostle of Faith, and, along with John G. Lake, was a forerunner of the modern faith movement.


increasingEver Increasing Faith, by Smith Wigglesworth

A much smaller sampling of Wigglesworth’s teaching, for those who don’t have the time or inclination to read the 1,000+ page book!



heal the sickHow to Heal the Sick, by Charles and Frances Hunter

The Hunters give us a practical, how-to book for healing the sick. Their writing style is fun and full of anecdotes, while giving us details of varieties of ways to get people healed. You will walk away from this book with confidence that anyone can move in the healing gifts — even you.


bevingtonRemarkable Miracles, by G. C. Bevington

G. C. Bevington was a backwoods preacher in the early 1900’s. He was a marvelous man of prayer, faith, and healing. This is his autobiography. Because of his style of writing, it takes a couple of chapters to get into the book, but if you persevere, you will find his book to be a treasure.

Christian Growth

Before Whom We StandBefore Whom We Stand: The Everyman’s Guide to the Nature of God, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Who is this mighty God Whom we love and serve? What does it mean that He is sovereign? Does He do miracles yet today? How can we be certain that He will do for us what the Bible says He will do?

In Before Whom We Stand, Lee Ann Rubsam gives simple, foundational explanations of God’s nature, as revealed in the Bible. You will discover His impeccable character, how the Persons of the Trinity function together, and the particular roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You will also discover how God’s nature affects the way He interacts with people.

Whether you are established in your faith, a new believer, or someone seeking to know more about what Christians believe, this book is sure to increase your understanding of Who the God of the Bible is.


All-Surpassing Peace in a Shaking World, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Biblical keys to experiencing the flow of God’s peace into your life. Christians often deal with as much anxiety and stress as nonbelievers. This book will help you discover practical ways that you can escape the worry trap.


Encouragement from God’s WordKJV Bible encouragement, by Lee Ann Rubsam

“How do I know I have really been hearing from God?” “Does God ever make promises He cannot fulfill due to other people’s disobedience?” “Does God change His mind about a promise He has given?” “Would God let me be deceived about what I think I am hearing from Him and not correct me?”

The answers to these questions are clearly laid out in the Bible. The problem is — finding them! Encouragement from God’s Word is a listing of Scripture verses (KJV) arranged into twenty topics. It will lift your spirit and renew your faith in the Living God.

If you are going through a hard time, this book will arm you with specific Bible promises to reassure you and help you effectively pray in your answers.


The Shelter of the Most HighThe Shelter of the Most High, by Francis Frangipane

A beautiful look into what it means to rest in the protection of intimate communion with God. Francis Frangipane’s wisdom and uncompromising passion for experiencing the full Christian life as it was meant to be lived just shines. Very inspiring and challenging. See my full review.


River Life: Entering into the Character of JesusRiver Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Much attention has been given in recent years to building Christian character in children, but what about adults who are new to the Kingdom of God — or have been with us awhile, but have never been taught? This book covers basic principles of integrity that every Christian should be living by. Godly character is not about a list of do’s and don’ts; it is about understanding the heartbeat of God and getting our own hearts to beat in sync with His!

Designed with the adult Sunday School class, church discipleship/growth class, or home Bible study in mind,the materials are also flexible enough to be used by those who are unable to attend group sessions. (Works well for homeschooled teens, too!)


Character Building for FamiliesCharacter Building for Families, by Lee Ann Rubsam

Topical Bible study for parents and children, designed for family devotions or homeschool Bible/character curriculum. Includes reading Bible passages together, thought-provoking discussion, Bible memorization, practical application, and prayer. The studies are written at an elementary age level, accommodate large or small families, and can be reused again and again.

Stress-free, easy to use, no lesson planning required. Your children will enjoy these books, and so will you!


HSPrayerKids400The Homeschool Guide to Raising Prayer-Filled Kids, by Lee Ann Rubsam

One of our main goals as Christian homeschooling parents is to help our children come into a vibrant relationship with Jesus. We want to give them the tools to help them stand strong in an increasingly wicked society. The key is to help them become prayerful people who hold the truths of God’s Word deeply in their hearts. But, how do we get them there?

The Homeschool Guide to Raising Prayer-Filled Kids presents a simple, step-by-step plan for developing lifelong, consistent prayer and Bible reading habits in your children. From her own experience, Lee Ann Rubsam shares the details of how to lead your children into intimate communion with God through prayer and the Word. If you have the desire to teach your children to pray, but have felt unsure of how to make it a reality in your home, this short book is for you.


Teach Your Kids to Hear God!  by Lee Ann Rubsam

Simple explanations to help you and your children recognize the ways God speaks. Provides many practical tips for how to make listening for the Lord a daily adventure in your family.


2 responses to “Worthy Reading

  1. Born for Battle by R.Arthur Mathews is a wonderful book to have in your arsenal as well!


  2. Beyond the Veil by Alice Smith is a phenomenal book on intercessory prayer.


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