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Updates at Our Websites

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Hi friends,

Today, I’m sharing some info from our websites, which I hope will be of use to you:

The Messiah Prophecies Page — I put this together several years ago for my own personal study. I hope you will enjoy it! Use it for Bible study or as an evangelism tool to reach your Jewish friends. Side-by-side OT messianic prophecies and their NT fulfillment in Christ, verses in KJV, with references.

Wonderful Worship Music Playlists at YouTube — Yes, I’m still pushing this, because I know you’ll like it if you try it. I’m constantly adding new things.

Hours of John Paul Jackson teaching on dreams — Lovingly compiled at my YouTube channel.

On to some deals and tips for our U. S. and International customers:

U.S. Only Ordering Deals

Discounts — We offer discounts on many of our books, if you order 5 or more copies. Small booklet multiple copy discounts start at 10%.  Most of our larger books discount at 20% for orders of 5 or more. River Life books are discounted at 25%-30%, starting with 5-book orders.

So, grab your buddies, place a group order, and save!  See our product list at Full Gospel Family Publications.

Closeout Deals — We still have a few comb-bound editions of The Intercessor Manual ($4.00 closeout savings) and The Intercessor’s Companion ($3.o0 closeout savings). The inside text is the same info as in our traditional binding editions, so you won’t be missing anything by buying the comb-bound versions — just saving some money.  Closeouts here.

International Customers — Deals & Ordering tips

E-book ordering help for International Customers Yes, you can order our e-books from Amazon if you live in one of a few countries outside the U. S. Apple sells to quite a few more. But neither of them sell to all countries.

But, Smashwords will sell our e-books to you, no matter where you live — and you can choose from Kindle, e-Pub (the version used by Nook, phones, tablets, etc.) or PDFs. Smashwords is a great company to buy from, and I think you will be pleased with how easy they are to work with.

International sales of our print books — I really hate charging our international customers so much for our print books, but the extremely high shipping rates are beyond our control.  The solution in most cases has been to just buy the e-book version from one of the major e-book distributors.

However, a few of our books:
Character Building for Families
River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus
House of Prayer ~ House of Power

are not available through those e-book distributors.

Now for the good news: If you live outside the U. S. we now sell PDF versions of these three titles directly to you from our website. You will save a LOT of money!  Go to our order page, click the “Canada/Mexico” or “Other International Orders” button, and look for the PDF option you need on the page that comes up.

Make Your Home a House of Prayer

It is written, “My house is the house of prayer.” — Luke 19:46

225 NASA rocketThrough the years, we have often hosted small group prayer gatherings in our home. I love doing that! It is part of an ongoing vision God is giving us for reaching our city and region, which I talk about in my book, House of Prayer ~ House of Power. I encourage everyone to be part of a prayer group, and even to start one, if possible. It is not all that hard, but it does take consistency and perseverance. The impact for the Kingdom of God is great!

However, whether you ever host a prayer gathering or not, your home can be a house of prayer — even if you are the only one there who prays. The concept of our individual homes each being a house of prayer has been building in my spirit for over a year now, and it started as revelation while I was engaged in worship in my living room.

I saw our house, as it was filled with worship, as a “temple mount.” The Lord revealed to me that the worship going up from our home was damaging satanic strongholds over our city and local region. I didn’t even necessarily need to identify what those strongholds were, in order for them to be weakened and pulled down. The worship going up from our house acted like missiles to break up the strongholds in the heavenlies above us. In that moment of revelation, I prayed, “Lord, let the strongholds over this valley be removed in the atmosphere of worship being released here.”

Why worship, rather than focused intercession? The Lord specifically spoke to me about worship, and I am faithfully reporting what I received, as it was given to me. Intercession for our local regions and beyond is very important. I am not minimizing that in any way. But pure worship — the adoration of the Lord simply for Who He is — has been biblically shown to be a catalyst for God to intervene. We see this most clearly in the story of Jehoshaphat’s victory over Moab and Ammon (2 Chronicles 20). Please see my series, Worship and the Intercessor, for how worship and intercession go hand in hand.

Since receiving that revelation about the spiritual impact of worship going up from our home, the Lord has helped me understand that this is not a message exclusive to our family. It is what He desires for every prayer warrior who will receive it. God is already using the worship and prayer going on in  individual believers’ homes to transform neighborhoods, cities, and regions, but when we have the knowledge that our homes are actually meant to be houses of prayer, we become more intentional in consecrating them for that purpose. We expect to make an impact in our city/region. We see with new eyes of faith that we are accomplishing Kingdom things.

Here are some steps you can take to make the concept of your home being a house of prayer a reality:

  1. Ask the Lord to give you personal revelation of your home as a house of prayer. Ask Him to help you know or “see” it deep in your spirit.
  2. Dedicate your home to Him for that purpose. Tell Him you are yielding your home to Him, and that you want it to be a holy place set apart to Him for His purposes. Even if you live with nonbelievers who are bringing unholy things into the home, you can begin to change the atmosphere of  your home through your dedication. Perhaps you have a special spot — a favorite chair, for instance, which you can make the seat of your house of prayer. Give to the Lord whatever you have, and He will use it.
  3. Begin to consciously release prayer and worship into your neighborhood/city/region. Meditate on the idea that you are impacting your locale through your house of prayer being established there.
  4. Make a concentrated effort to establish worship in your home. My husband and I do this by playing a lot of intimate worship music during our hours of prayer, but also while we are at work around our home. If you don’t own that kind of music, I am in the process of compiling a lot of my favorite worship music at my YouTube channel. Please feel free to avail yourself of it.
  5. Share the idea of a house of prayer with other members of your family, and do this together. Pray and worship together as much as possible. (If you are the only believer in your household, that’s OK. The Holy Spirit will join with you in this. He honors your presence as His vessel in your home. He takes your dedication seriously!)

As you deliberately dedicate your home to be a house of prayer, you will develop a new mindset, which will make your prayer and worship more effective in bringing about change in the world around you. When we grasp the truth that we carry “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27), it suddenly becomes much easier to lay hands on people for healing and see it happen for them. When we get hold of the reality that God has already “made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6), we start praying from a position of expecting to receive answers. It is the same with understanding that your home is a house of prayer: new levels of prayer authority begin to emerge — not because God is giving any more than He always wanted to, but because you are now making yourself open to receive from Him in a greater way.

I hope you will catch the vision to make your home a house of prayer. May God make it a living reality inside of you, and as a result, may you impact your city in ways you never dreamed possible.

starting a house of prayer


House of Prayer ~ House of Power,
by Lee Ann Rubsam


Favorite Worship Music

5-28-15 Update: I invite you to explore the music at my YouTube channel. I am constantly adding new playlists of worship music, in a variety of styles. A few of the playlists are Christian music, but not strictly worship.  I hope you will enjoy what I have put together for you. You can subscribe to the channel to receive updates on new additions, too!

Below are links to some of my favorite worship music (updated 1-01-12) — ones that aren’t the obvious, universally-liked artists that are easy to find.  Most of this music can be found at YouTube, if you want to get a full listen before purchasing.  And a lot of them can be downloaded through iTunes.

Forerunner Music (IHOP) — Just a bunch of these, but Matt Gilman is a big favorite, Justin Rizzo (Found Faithful album) and Misty Edwards/David Brymer as a team. They are generous with free music downloads, too.

Jonathan David HelserThe Reward and Walk Through the Walls  (MorningStar worship)

Stephen RoachCloser to the Burning  (Same ordering page as Jonathan David Helser — scroll down page)  (MorningStar worship)

Rick Pino — Songs for an End Time Army (my favorite of Rick’s so far).

Iona — Book of Kells (Celtic worship)

Iona — Another Realm (WOWSERS Celtic worship and soaking music!)

Lenny LeBlanc — All for Love

Rita Springer

Jessie Rogers — Out of the Fire (Brownsville Revival-style worship)

Lindell CooleyEncounters

Soaking Prayer Journey, Part 3

Today’s entry is a little wackier than the previous two.  (I have my less-than-serious side.)  I’d like to discuss the doctrines of soaking and my experiences with them.  You didn’t know there were doctrines?  Well, officially there aren’t.  But after one gets the same advice over and over, it begins to sound like doctrine.

1.)  Position — It’s best to be lying on your back on the floor, face up.  For enhanced soaking, make sure you have a cute little pillow and a favorite soaking blankie.

I think it is probably a good idea to be face up.  It’s easier to breathe that way.  I don’t like to lie on the floor, for several reasons — it’s hard, my back hurts when I do it, and in Wisconsin in the winter, it’s too cold on the floor.  The pillows with Winnie the Pooh or Tweety Bird on them are cute, but I’m not sure I need them.  How they enhance soaking will be discussed in Point 3.

2.)   You have to quiet your mind so that you are receptive to the Lord’s Presence.

I understand.  I have encountered people who seem to be in a constant frenzy in their thoughts.  It evidences in what comes out of their mouths.  I’m not like that — unless I’ve had a l-i-t-t-l-e too much Dr. Pepper.  So, perhaps my mind isn’t as unquiet as some people’s. But I have struggled with this, mainly because of the subdoctrines that go with it:

a.) You must empty your mind of everything.

Before you get your grundies in a bundle, I’ll agree with what you’re worried about: emptying your mind is a New Age/Eastern religious practice.  But some people who soak say you have to do this.  My mind does not empty.  This may be a good thing.  Who needs to be empty-headed?  So, the other subdoctrine about having a quiet mind is much better, and hopefully won’t mess with anybody’s worries about New Age.

b.) You shouldn’t try to empty your mind.  Instead, you should focus on Jesus.

I like this one better.  Dennis Walker, a wonderful teacher we met in Peru, corrected the empty-headed soaking notion.  He said the mind was never meant by God to be empty.  (Aha! I thought so!)  It was meant to be focused.  (OK, focusing I am usually good at.)  Focus on Jesus.  (I like this.)  Still, I have a hard time focusing for long, it seems.  Some people said I must picture Jesus as He appears in Revelation 1.  (OK, I did that.  It lasted about 10 seconds.  How much time must I try to visualize that particular picture of Jesus?  I am not good at pictures.  I cannot remember what I look like as soon as I leave the mirror behind — which isn’t all bad.)  So, the getting-a-picture-of-Jesus thing isn’t working.  Maybe I will try picturing Jesus blessing the little children instead.

Now, I know, some of you are still weirding out.  You are thinking, “Red light!  Red light!  She wants us to picture Jesus in our minds!  That’s visualization!  She even said the V word (visualize)!  New Age!  New Age!  New Age!  Whoop!  Whoop!  Whoop!”  Sorry, I can’t help you.  Your mind is not quiet enough to listen, even if I tried.  Let’s just not worry about it.  I don’t do well trying to picture Jesus, and you don’t want to, so let’s just not even bother to do it, OK?  I think we can still get into God’s presence without this step.

On to the cardinal doctrine of soaking:

3.)  It is A-OK to fall asleep while soaking.

We are told that falling asleep is part of soaking.  We will have heavenly dreams while we sleep during soaking.  I have a theory: the sleeping part of soaking is not prayer; it is a nap.  I know I am way too practical, but I’m sorry.  I do not feel spiritual when I fall asleep during soaking.  I have just taken a nap, but I have not been praying.  I have not had any heavenly dreams (most of the time), I have not had any revelations, and I have not felt close to Jesus.  I figure it is the same as going to bed at night.  I may have a God-dream when I go to bed, but then again, I may not.  And I never tell myself when I go to bed at night that this is my prayer time.  I would feel awfully foolish trying to convince myself and God that bedtime was prayer time.

(I could use this sleeping/praying concept to oh-so impress people, couldn’t I? “So, Lee Ann, how long do you pray every day?”  “Well, I am one of those really big prayer warriors.  I pray six to eight hours a day.”  I wouldn’t have to mention that I meant that was how long I sleep at night, and wouldn’t I sound spiritual!)

Unfortunately, I always fall asleep when trying to soak, and I do it very quickly — within five minutes.  When I wake up a half hour later, I mourn the lost time I could have been spending with Jesus, if I had been praying rather than soaking.  Ah, well!

If you are into napping as part of your soaking time, that’s why the blankie and the Tweety Bird pillow are important.

4.)  You have to have certain music playing in order to soak.

Did you know there is such a thing as soaking music?  And it is very nice, too.  Just stick “soaking music” in Google and you’ll find it.  I like some of the soaking music in small doses.  But after a short time, it really starts to bug me.  It either helps put me to sleep, or it gets too busy and loud after a few tracks.  But, this is OK if you regularly fall asleep during your soaking time, because you will not notice when it gets too busy and loud; you are already snoring.  Do you want to know how I know this?  I complained to a friend about some music she had recommended.

“Hey, Mary Sue, you know the Gonzales lady you recommended for soaking?  Well, I like the first few tracks, but then she gets to wailing at the top of her lungs all of a sudden, and the only thing I can visualize is a wide-open mouth the size of Carlsbad Caverns about to swallow me.”

Do you know what she said?  “I don’t even know what’s in the middle of those CD’s.  I usually only get as far as the first couple of tracks, and then I’m out like a light, and I wake up about the time she’s on the last track.”

I prefer straight worship music to soaking music (although some soaking music could fall into the worship category).  Tomorrow I’ll give my theory on why worship music works better for me.

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