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Is Lee Ann Rubsam New Age?


Today’s post is just for fun.  I like to take a quick glance through the search stats every day to see how people have arrived at this blog.  And, lo and behold, I discovered that I must have achieved some kind of celebrity status.  Somebody is sniffing around to find out, “Is Lee Ann Rubsam New Age?”  I love it!

No, I can’t say that I am, and I certainly don’t want to be.  A younger age might be real nice, but New Age, no!  I love communicating with Holy Spirit, but any other spirits can just take a hike.  No yoga, transcendental meditation, reincarnation, or what in tarnation going on here!  No sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, humming “Ommm….”  Seriously, if I got myself in the pretzel position, the family would need a crowbar to pry me loose.  I’ve been known to say, “Uhmmm” a few times, but it was always when I got to the bottom of the basement stairs and couldn’t remember why I went down there, or when my mind went completely blank right in the middle of whatever I was saying.  I think that is due to fifties-brain, not New Age.

I wouldn’t know what New Age music sounded like if I heard it.  I’m told it is a lot of ocean waves, bird twitters, and wind sounds, and I have no problem with that, since God made those sounds, but somebody told ignorant little me that there are subliminal messages in the background.  Not wanting any subliminal weirdness, I just decided to suppress my curiosity about what New Age-style music sounds like, and live on in my ignorance.  If I want any messages, I’ll read my Bible and listen to Holy Spirit’s promptings, thank you.  I’ve heard real ocean waves, bird twitters wake me up most mornings, and boisterous wind sounds make me nervous.  Boy, I hope listening to the real stuff doesn’t qualify me as a New Ager.  And I guess I’m a little like Elijah — haven’t heard God in the wind, earthquake, or fire — but I’ve heard Him plenty of times in the “still small voice.”

Channeling: now there you’ve got me.  I guess I’ve done that.  You see, our basement kept flooding, and we had to have all new drain tile channel installed to fix the problem.  It’s been dry as the Sahara down there ever since.  Yep, we did drain tile channel.   But getting a pipeline to familiar spirits?  Ewww.  Wouldn’t even think of going there!  The witch of Endor  and Hezekiah’s son Manasseh did that.  I don’t think it sat real well with the Lord.  Yes, I’ve certainly stayed away from what they were into.  Does channel surfing count?  We don’t have a TV, so I don’t do that, either.

Do I soak?  Not in the tub — hate bubble baths.  As for soaking prayer, just read my blog series on it.  It will probably set your mind at ease — but if it doesn’t, I just can’t help you.

Back to something more serious next time.  This was fun!


Soaking Prayer Journey, Part 2

Yesterday, I said I don’t believe all time spent in prayer communion with God must necessarily involve heavenly visions.  It’s about Him, not about what glorious visions we can get out of Him.

Again: It’s about Him, not about what glorious visions we can get out of Him.  Repeat: It’s about Him.

I am not sure that this is always very well understood among soaking prayer enthusiasts.  I hear people say that soaking prayer is important because it is the open door to receiving revelation (which, I will add, we desperately need).  But if our whole purpose in soaking is to receive revelation, then we have erred into worshipping the revelation, rather than worshipping the Living God Who so much desires to give us the revelation.  It’s like the big engagement ring diamond being more important than the lover who gave it.  Not a pretty way to be!

The lover, Jesus, must be the desired end of why we soak.  Communion with Him is what He wants us to have.  It does not matter if we do not receive heavenly visions every time we soak.  What matters is that we take time to be with Jesus.  I have several friends who prefer to call soaking “basking in the Lord’s Presence.”  I like that way of phrasing it.

I know a couple of people who are obsessed with soaking.  They do not read their Bibles, other than to use a verse to launch themselves into soaking.  They do not spend much time in intercessory prayer.  They do not want to participate in corporate worship when the Church gathers together.  They only want to soak, whether at home or abroad.  They are not balanced believers.  It shows in the rest of their lives.

I think both the obsession with soaking and the idolizing of revelation will balance out among soakers at some point.  When God puts new and fresh emphasis on real truth, people usually stray some to the right hand and to the left for awhile.  New moves of God generally have some wrinkles to iron out.  But God somehow sees to it that the central truth prevails in the end.  That’s where I believe the soaking craze will end up — in balance and truth.

Next time: Soaking prayer dogma.  Be prepared for a bit of humor.

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