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Just Give Me Jesus


I move in Christian circles that are decidedly prophetic, and I’ve experienced firsthand some wonderful, miraculous, heavenly manifestations.  I’ve seen gold dust come out of nowhere, even in little piles, and then multiply.  I’ve watched as angel feathers have wafted downwards among us during corporate worship.  I’ve been present when small gemstones have dropped in the room.  I have even seen manna suddenly appear, and I have tasted it.

You may think all this is not only decidedly prophetic, but decidedly crazy as well.  I can’t help that.  I’m a practical, down-to-earth person who would not, in my own natural inclinations, pursue supernatural manifestations.  But I know what I’ve seen and experienced.  If you do a little research, you will find that such things are happening in many places around the world, and that there can be no question that they are God-activities, not satanic activites.  But that is not my point in writing.

I want to express with all my heart that there is no greater revelation than Jesus.  Along with the gold dust and feathers, the manna and the gemstones, many people are seeing angels, even open-eyed.  Many are experiencing visions of heaven, and are receiving radical revelation about multitudes of things.  The stories of what people are experiencing are getting more astounding by the day.  But the most radical revelation of all is Jesus.

I believe that every time God does something supernatural in our natural world, every time He reveals something about heaven, every time He opens our senses to be aware of angelic beings, it is to be cherished and celebrated — simply because He has chosen to do it.  Encounters with God’s supernatural activity are never to be scorned, rejected, or made light of.  We don’t spurn gifts from the One we love.  But the most radical revelation of all is still Jesus. Nothing compares with revelation of Him — whether it is seeing Him in vision, sensing His Presence all around us, hearing Him speak to us in our inner man, or having sudden understanding of Who He really is and what He is like.

I have heard people tell of wonderful visions of heaven and of angels.  I have seen angels, too.  It’s good, but it is all quite pale compared to Jesus.  Both my husband and I have seen Jesus in spiritual vision many times.  If we were to tell other people about what our encounters with Him are like, we would not be invited to speak at hundreds of churches and we would not sell thousands of books.  Our stories would not be sensational enough to tickle anyone’s ears.  But I would not trade my simple, quiet, very personal encounters with this wonderful Savior for all the other visions and revelations in the universe.  When Paul and I talk with each other about it, it often brings tears to our eyes.  Sometimes my encounters with Jesus have been so deep, I will never share them, even with Paul.  They are between the Lord and me alone.   No one else has the right to know.

At times I am somewhat concerned with people’s over-preoccupation with angels and what or whom they have seen in heaven.  I don’t really care if I have visions of Daniel, or the Apostle Peter, or libraries in heaven.  I will think it is cool if these things ever happen to me, but the cry of my heart is, “Just give me Jesus.  He’s what I long for.”

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