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Recent Things God Has Shared with Me

prophecies for CaliforniaGod has big plans for the senior generation:

In a recent dream, I was reading Tales of the Kingdom, a book by David and Karen Mains. (It was a favorite in our family while our children were growing up.)

I noticed there were many silver objects appearing in the book, as well as a lot of references to silver. Then, an old man (silver-haired) hobbled toward me. He pointed his finger with classic prophetic emphasis, as he announced that the silver was appearing in the story because older people are going to play an important role in God’s kingdom in the days ahead.

It is common for the younger generations to be spoken of as having great potential (which they do). But the not-so-subtle implication has often been communicated that those of us who are older have had our chance, and it is now to time to hand over the baton, shuffle out to pasture, and let the younger people do marvelous exploits for the Lord. Many of us who are older have gradually resigned ourselves to never seeing the dreams which God planted in our hearts fulfilled, because our bodies’ clocks are winding down.

God does not see us that way, however. He is mindful of us and still has plans held in reserve for us. How He uses us could take many forms. One of the ways He will do it involves drawing on the wisdom He has imparted to us through the years. He will use this older generation to restore sound biblical foundations to the younger people who have not been well discipled. We are to be repairers of the foundations and walls of God’s kingdom, which have been neglected for a few decades.

While the seeker-sensitive movement and the motivational message, “You can be successful!” have become the centerpieces of our churches, the foundations have fallen into disrepair. Sound doctrine is sadly lacking. But in the wings, God has long been preparing people who are about to change all that – if we are willing to take up our mantle.

If you are older and you are well-grounded in the Bible, look for opportunities to be a spiritual father or mother to younger, less-grounded people. Maybe you can teach them about God’s character and principles, or maybe your gift is to show them how to know His voice. Perhaps you can help them discover their spiritual gifts and how to mature in them. Maybe you are an encourager – one who knows how to inspire people to press on when the going is tough and to be the best they can be for Jesus. Whatever it is, it’s your time. All you have to do is make yourself available to the Lord by saying, “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”


For those who pray for Israel:

The Lord led me into prayer for Tel Aviv, which some would view as the “sin city” of Israel. He showed me that Tel Aviv would become a “hot spot” of awakening for the Jewish people. The seeds which have been sown into this city by evangelists and worshipers through several decades will germinate and spring up into sturdy plants of salvation.



I have been praying into California here and there for several years now. While many prophesy judgment and destruction over this state, God is not finished with her.

Recently I heard the Lord say, “God has an appointment with California.” I sensed that this was an appointment with awakening and a radical shift into seeing things God’s way.

The rumblings of God are taking place in California – spiritual rumblings of a good nature. I have felt more than once the prompting to pray for the homeless camps to become seedbeds of awakening.

California is the Lord’s, and it is truly a “promised land.” We will see it shift from being a place of great liberalism to being a place where righteousness is the order of the day for a majority.

“Can anyone hold back California? No!” says the Lord. “This land is Mine, and I will heal it. The sighs and cries going up from there have been heard.”

Growing in the Prophetic


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Christian dream interpretation


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Challenges Prophetic People Face: The Comparison Game (Part 6)

“For we dare not … compare ourselves with some who commend themselves: but they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”2 Corinthians 10:12

If you are prophetic you will:

  • Regularly receive prophecies for the local church
  • “Read other people’s mail” (give words of knowledge; know what is in people’s hearts)
  • Deliver personal prophecies to individuals regularly and/or on demand
  • See visions of heaven
  • See angels (often open-eyed) or be visited by them
  • Enjoy a public (“platform”) ministry using your gifts

Have you heard the prophetic ministry defined in these or similar terms?  Did you feel you had all the bases covered, or did you feel discouraged about your inability to live up to the criteria?

One of the hardest challenges I personally faced while growing in the prophetic gifts was being intimidated by a stereotype, both in my own mind and in the minds of some around me, of what constitutes a prophetic person  — how we should receive revelation and what that revelation should look like.

The people in my circle were primarily gifted in visions, while I was mainly a hearer.  They saw visions of angels in the church sanctuary.  They saw visions of  what heaven looked like.  They saw, they saw, and they saw some more, while I saw nothing most of the time. Many of them also received frequent prophecies for our local church, along with specific words of knowledge for anybody who walked in the doors, while such things were rare for me.  I felt like a candidate for the Prophetic Dunce Award.

The problem was not that I was all that lacking in the prophetic gifts, although initially I thought it was.  The real problem was a stereotype that I felt the pressure of living up to.  So I got into the unhealthy place of comparing myself to the gifted people around me and found I came up woefully short.  I suspect that some of my readers have been tricked into the same snare, and I’m hoping that recounting my experience will help bring freedom to you.

Especially in America, we tend to be very performance-oriented, and this is true in the Church almost as much as in society at large.  We tend to value ourselves and others based on measurable accomplishment, rather than on the worth Jesus places upon us just because we are His.  In addition, inner integrity is not always as highly esteemed as abilities, including the ability to deliver spectacular prophetic revelation. It is the old story, “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7), and the Church often gets herself into trouble by being too prone to exalting those with flashy spiritual gifts.

I hit such a low place in my frustrations over not fitting the prophetic mold that I finally got mad and said to myself, “Fine.  I don’t care anymore.  I cannot be like _________ or _________.  So what?  What you see is what you get, and if anybody else doesn’t like it, TOUGH!”

You know, God had been waiting for that moment for a long time.  He began to show me that it was OK to be different from everyone else.  I didn’t need to see visions, because He had made me primarily a hearer.  And the odd part was that, once I truly came to the conclusion that my hearing gift was just as viable as someone else’s seeing gift, I started to see more.

I realized that although I did not have much revelation on the spur of the moment in the church gatherings, I received things which were more appropriately released behind the scenes.  Occasionally I heard strategies for my pastor, I understood God’s intent for our region, and eventually I began to hear things that were coming upon the nation and how to address those issues in prayer.

Much of what I was receiving was meant to be released through prophetic writing, rather than being orally delivered.  God showed me things He intended to do in the Body of Christ at large, or the spiritual battles that many believers were currently encountering, and then whispered, “Write about this.”

I learned that prayer is my primary avenue of prophetic release.  Although I do not often have personal prophecies for people, I usually find that as I am  praying with them, God gives specific revelatory knowledge about how we should pray to receive their answers. While I am in private intercession, it works the same way.  And I like that, because receiving answers to prayer is very important to me.  I like the eternal purposefulness of changing my world through intercession in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

So, if I don’t have a fantastic word that will knock the socks off my church family or other groups I’m with, it’s OK.  Do I like hearing other people deliver those wowser words?  Oh yes! – when they are genuine.  (Sometimes they’re not.  Some “prophecies” thrill the crowd, but are really only soulish flatteries.)  But I’m comfortable with not getting those words myself.  My function is different.

Once I realized that God’s idea of moving in prophetic gifts is much broader than the stereotypes typically taught, I was able to flow better with how the Holy Spirit speaks to and through me.  We know that God doesn’t make any two people alike. It follows that each of us will function uniquely in the prophetic gifts, too.

People will often expect us to operate prophetically within accepted boxes, but these are usually just traditions that they are accustomed to.  It goes along with our human tendency to like formulas, which we must guard against. God has no formula-style boxes, other than that we stay in agreement with His written Word.  When we realize this, the limitations fall off, and we can move in true prophetic freedom.

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Personal Prophecy

The Spirit-Filled Guide to Personal Prophecy

Prophecy with a Purpose

Receiving a word from the Lord can be enjoyable and even exhilarating.  I love hearing His voice and seeing His visions — just because it is interaction with the One I adore.  Even when it is a sobering or corrective word, there is something about having heard it from Him that is endearing, special.

I’ve noticed, though, that some prophetically-gifted people “play” prophetically.  Rather than letting God speak when He chooses, they force prophecy, simply because they  wish to be prophetic and talk prophetically with others.  This is certainly immaturity, and may even cross the borders into spiritual divination.

There are peak times when this tends to occur — coming into a new year, for instance, or major events before the public eye, such as the Olympics, a natural disaster, or a celebrity “happening.”  Suddenly, prophets are coming out of every nook and cranny, seeing metaphorical significance in this, that, and the other thing.

God does use the natural events that unfold before our eyes to speak messages to His people at times, and we should have our ears and eyes constantly attuned to Him.  We should be asking, “God, what would You like to speak about the coming year?”  “What are you saying in the midst of this current event?”

But  I think we need to be careful with this.  Sometimes there is too much frivolity, too much prophesying for fun, just to see what can be come up with “in the spirit.”  Part of maturing prophetically is understanding the awesomeness of hearing from the Lord — that it is a weighty thing and an honor to hear from Him.

God is not a talking head Who just blabs on and on about anything and everything randomly.  He speaks with purpose.  He does not speak merely to give us goose bumps and thrills for the moment.  He is holy.  His holiness must never be forgotten.

If God speaks with purpose, what things motivate Him to speak?  Here are a few:

1.)  Warning, to protect us and lead us to repentance
2.)  Guidance for decision-making and to prepare us for what lies ahead
3.)  To equip us and motivate us to establish His Kingdom
4.)  Encouragement, comfort, strengthening, reassurance, reinforcement of what He has already been saying
5.)  To help us understand His character — who He is and how He operates
6.)  So that we will know what to pray into and how to pray it through
7.)  To share the secrets of His heart with His beloved

There could be many more, but whatever the motivation, it will have purpose.

I am not trying to be a kill-joy.  I love having fun, too, even in spiritual things.  We can laugh and have a great time in the Presence of God, where we are simply enjoying Him with the other people around us.  Sometimes God chooses to manifest Himself in exhilarating joyousness that is almost hilarity.

But we need to be careful.  The Word of the Lord is not a plaything to be manipulated.  It is not to showcase our prophetic talents, either.  And we cannot make it happen, just because we want it to.

True prophecy carries His weight, His glory, an awe of Him.  Whether it is a word that affects a region or a word that impacts only our personal life, it has the fear of the Lord as its base.  We must handle it with care and reverence.

God spoke through Jeremiah, “He who has my word, let him speak my word faithfully.  What is the chaff to the wheat?”  (Jeremiah 23:28).

Prophesy out of what God is truly speaking, not because you want to have a word.  And prophesy with God-driven purpose.  Five words spoken in the authentic “Word of the Lord” are priceless, while five paragraphs spoken out of one’s own spirit are as worthless as dust.

Flowing in the Prophetic Seminar on CD

In January 2010,  SALT International  presented Flowing in the Prophetic, a seminar for intercessors and anyone interested in the prophetic gifts.   Steve Driessen, our teacher for that event, is my pastor.  He and his wife have taught me much of what I know about intercession and prophecy. 

The seminar is now available for purchase as a 6-CD set, with workbook and text, for $60.00,  or $35.00 for the CD’s without the books at the SALT International website

I guarantee that this seminar will unlock doors of understanding in the prophetic realm for you.  Here’s further info: 

Flowing in the Prophetic
Level 1: The Prophetic Anointing 

Have you ever longed to:   

  • Hear God more clearly and more often?
  • Be more certain it was really Him you were hearing?
  • Better understand your dreams and visions?
  • Or didn’t even know where to start?

This seminar is for you, no matter what level you are currently operating in prophetically.  Apostolic teacher Steve Driessen imparts prophetic understanding that is practical, easy to relate to, and life-changing. 


1.)  The Ministry of Jesus in the Church
2.)  The Prophetic Intercessor: Having a Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye
3.)  Anointed to Serve
4.)  An Open Heaven
5.)  Visions and Dreams: The Language of the Holy Spirit
6.)  How to Interpret Dreams 

Two additional levels in the Flowing in the Prophetic series will be available in months to come.  I will keep you posted.

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