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Recent Things God Has Shared with Me

prophecies for CaliforniaGod has big plans for the senior generation:

In a recent dream, I was reading Tales of the Kingdom, a book by David and Karen Mains. (It was a favorite in our family while our children were growing up.)

I noticed there were many silver objects appearing in the book, as well as a lot of references to silver. Then, an old man (silver-haired) hobbled toward me. He pointed his finger with classic prophetic emphasis, as he announced that the silver was appearing in the story because older people are going to play an important role in God’s kingdom in the days ahead.

It is common for the younger generations to be spoken of as having great potential (which they do). But the not-so-subtle implication has often been communicated that those of us who are older have had our chance, and it is now to time to hand over the baton, shuffle out to pasture, and let the younger people do marvelous exploits for the Lord. Many of us who are older have gradually resigned ourselves to never seeing the dreams which God planted in our hearts fulfilled, because our bodies’ clocks are winding down.

God does not see us that way, however. He is mindful of us and still has plans held in reserve for us. How He uses us could take many forms. One of the ways He will do it involves drawing on the wisdom He has imparted to us through the years. He will use this older generation to restore sound biblical foundations to the younger people who have not been well discipled. We are to be repairers of the foundations and walls of God’s kingdom, which have been neglected for a few decades.

While the seeker-sensitive movement and the motivational message, “You can be successful!” have become the centerpieces of our churches, the foundations have fallen into disrepair. Sound doctrine is sadly lacking. But in the wings, God has long been preparing people who are about to change all that – if we are willing to take up our mantle.

If you are older and you are well-grounded in the Bible, look for opportunities to be a spiritual father or mother to younger, less-grounded people. Maybe you can teach them about God’s character and principles, or maybe your gift is to show them how to know His voice. Perhaps you can help them discover their spiritual gifts and how to mature in them. Maybe you are an encourager – one who knows how to inspire people to press on when the going is tough and to be the best they can be for Jesus. Whatever it is, it’s your time. All you have to do is make yourself available to the Lord by saying, “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”


For those who pray for Israel:

The Lord led me into prayer for Tel Aviv, which some would view as the “sin city” of Israel. He showed me that Tel Aviv would become a “hot spot” of awakening for the Jewish people. The seeds which have been sown into this city by evangelists and worshipers through several decades will germinate and spring up into sturdy plants of salvation.



I have been praying into California here and there for several years now. While many prophesy judgment and destruction over this state, God is not finished with her.

Recently I heard the Lord say, “God has an appointment with California.” I sensed that this was an appointment with awakening and a radical shift into seeing things God’s way.

The rumblings of God are taking place in California – spiritual rumblings of a good nature. I have felt more than once the prompting to pray for the homeless camps to become seedbeds of awakening.

California is the Lord’s, and it is truly a “promised land.” We will see it shift from being a place of great liberalism to being a place where righteousness is the order of the day for a majority.

“Can anyone hold back California? No!” says the Lord. “This land is Mine, and I will heal it. The sighs and cries going up from there have been heard.”

Growing in the Prophetic


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Living from a Prophetic Perspective (Part 1)

propheticperspectiveOne of my frequent prayers is that I might live from a prophetic perspective at all times. In fact, I believe living this way is what God desires for every believer.

Some of you may be thinking, “What is she talking about? Is she advocating that we live in other-worldly vision experiences 24/7 and walk around spouting ‘Thus saith the Lord’ with our index fingers pointed heavenward all the time?” Not at all. Living from a prophetic perspective is simply viewing our world and the circumstances unfolding in it from God’s vantage point and then praying, speaking, and acting accordingly.

Romans 8 refers to those who are “in Christ Jesus” (verse 1) as people “who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires” (verses 4, 5, NIV).

1 Corinthians 2:14-16 says, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. Neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things …. For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

We are meant to have the mind of Christ, have our minds set on what the Spirit desires, and live according to the Spirit. That is living from a prophetic perspective, where our spirit-man walks in communion with the Holy Spirit. It is something which we can pursue through prayer and practice. If we do nothing to cultivate it, our soul will lead us along in the paths of natural thinking, praying, speaking, and acting.

Unfortunately, a vast number of those who identify themselves as Christians are living more in the soul realm than the spirit realm. Social media evidences this with all the anger, disrespect, name-calling, and fear which people express whenever they don’t agree with someone else. This needs to change.

An opinion is often no more than a reaction to circumstances or people which comes from our own natural thinking. Prophetic release, on the other hand, is a response to the stirring of the Holy Spirit upon our hearts as He shows us how to view events and, therefore, how to speak into them. As the people of God, we must learn the difference, and stick with responding to and in the Spirit.

How do we cultivate a prophetic perspective as a lifestyle? We start by listening — first to God, and then to people. In fact, most of what I will be sharing in coming posts involves listening, in one way or another.

It can’t be said enough that the first step to obtaining the Lord’s perspective is developing a consistent, daily communion with Him through reading His Word and setting aside a time of prayer devoted completely to Him. We cannot skip these basics and expect to go any further. They are beginning points, springboards to deeper understanding of the Lord’s ways.

Isaiah 55: 8, 9 tells us, “‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,’ says the LORD. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.'” After reading those verses, we could throw up our hands and say, “Well, there is no way to understand the thoughts and plans of God anyway! That’s what the passage is trying to say!”

However, 1 Corinthians 2:16 declares, “We have the mind of Christ.” This is our heritage as believers. The Holy Spirit Who now lives inside of us imparts to us the mind of God — but we must become sensitive to Him so that we can recognize what He is thinking. We will never completely understand the thoughts of God, because He is infinitely profound, but we can come very much closer to thinking as He does if we will “Seek the LORD while He may be found,” and “Call upon Him while He is near,” as Isaiah 55:6 says. If we actively seek Him for His mind on both the small and large things of life, He will respond. He is closer to us than we sometimes realize — because He dwells within us.

Next — Part 2

The Prophetic Intercessor (book review)

(Following is a review of James Goll’s book, The Prophetic Intercessor.  I know many of you are looking for information right now on prophetic intercession, and I write a lot on this subject myself.  Please take a look at the Series Topics in the right side bar for a wealth of posts on prophetic intercession.  You may also be interested in my book, The Intercessor Manual.) 

Recently I read James Goll’s The Prophetic Intercessor.  It’s a wonderful book, and I learned so much.

Here are a few of the concepts taught by Mr. Goll:

About “groaning in the spirit” (Romans 8:26, 27): “Those who are self-satisfied will have difficulty groaning; those who are desperate will have great difficulty not groaning.”

Intercessors not only build a wall or hedge of protection about others to keep out satanic attack.  They also build a wall to stave off God’s judgment by crying out for mercy for an individual or a people.

James Goll Prophetic IntercessorWorship and intercession must go hand in hand.

“Tenacity and endurance are required when the result seems to be delayed.  Even when the breakthrough begins, it takes eyes of discernment to see it.”

There is a relationship between responsibility and authority. If we have a God-given responsibility, we are granted authority through prayer.

“Discernment must be stewarded carefully.  We will either turn it into private intercession or gossip and slander.”

Anna, who prayed night and day in the temple (Luke 2:36, 37), was called a “prophetess” by God, yet she did not have a public ministry.  She ministered to the Lord in the secret place of intercession.

One of the most helpful chapters for me was the one on wisdom issues.  It dealt with protecting ourselves when doing spiritual warfare.  Mr. Goll talked a lot about keeping our focus on Jesus, rather than having our eyes on the devil or what the devil is trying to accomplish.  He commented that often the enemy brings problems to the forefront of our lives for the sole purpose of distracting us from Jesus and to derail our pure devotion for the Lord.  We do not need to war about everything; we can pick and choose which fights are important for us to engage in.  We must let Jesus guide our use of authority, rather than wearing ourselves out fighting every battle that comes along.

I was encouraged to find out that although Mr. Goll is considered to be one of the top prophets of our day, he was not sovereignly gifted in the prophetic from birth.  He did not experience fantastic open-eyed visions from the time he was a child.  He came into it gradually, through purposefully and diligently desiring to be prophetic and through actively praying Ephesians 1:15-19.  I am not among those who have been sovereignly gifted in the prophetic, either, and I took heart and hope in reading that I can come into a high level of hearing and seeing in the Spirit by asking God to increase it in me.  (Isn’t it great that God wants to reach down and pull up those of us who are average into higher levels than we ever thought we could get to?)

I highly recommend The Prophetic Intercessor to anyone with a leaning toward prayer, from the person who is still wondering if he or she has a call to intercession, on up to the most seasoned of prayer warriors.

Purchase this book at Amazon: The Prophetic Intercessor
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