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Soaking Prayer Journey, Part 5

Today’s entry will wrap up my thoughts on soaking prayer for awhile.

I wonder sometimes if some of us are just made of a different fabric, and if, perhaps, it is OK to not fit the mold.  For instance, some soaking experts say that we cannot fully get into God’s Presence if we are not absolutely quiet.  But many of the most wonderful times I’ve had with Jesus have been when I was peacefully praying in tongues.  He often talks with me when I’ve been praying in my prayer language at length.  I’m not talking about doing violent warfare in tongues.  Some people do not know how to use their prayer language in any other way than aggressive warfare.  But I spend a lot of time praying in tongues with a listening attitude, and God speaks to me then.  I feel His Presence around me as I tell Him I love Him, and as I ask Him questions.  We often have conversational times together that are very dear to both of us.  These are not times when I am doing the “correct” soaking thing.  But they are better times with the Lord than what I have experienced in soaking.  I prefer to find Him in these ways.

So, I am torn.  On one hand, I have soaking friends that tell me I will never achieve the highest levels of intimacy with God if I don’t soak as they do.  They tell me I will never experience the heavenly visions if I don’t soak in the prescribed manner.  It’s interesting that I’m starting to hear some of the soaking people say that they are learning to ask God questions during their soaking times.  (Isn’t this breaking the absolute quiet rule?)   Could it be that soaking is only a step in the process of finding intimacy with the Lord, and I just missed this step and still got where I needed to be?  Or is soaking prayer perhaps merely a method — one of many means to achieve the desired goal?  I can only hope!

My husband and my best friend (she is a soaking advocate, by the way) have both seen and listened to my frustration over not being able to connect well with God through soaking, and they tell me to do what has been working for me all along.  I’d like to take their advice, but hardly know if I dare to.  The voices that say I am missing something clamor so loudly, but the encouragement to just do what has always worked brings more peace.  My friend that soaks (but says I don’t need to) has a theory that soaking IS just one method of getting into intimate relationship with the Lord.  She thinks I am accomplishing the  same end as she is, but have found a different way to do it.  I hope she is right.  Still, I will try a little longer to do it in the acceptable, prescribed way.

I bought Jim Goll’s book, The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence.  I figure, if anybody can help me sort it all out, he can.  I highly respect Mr. Goll.  He’s a prophet-intercessor with solid Bible grounding and he’s about as balanced as one could be.  When some of the rest of the prophetic world has itself out on a limb over a canyon, Jim Goll isn’t afraid to sound the warning alarm and bring things back to center.  So, I think I’ll find out what he has to say on the matter.

I’ll let you know what happens.

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