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Teaching by James Goll on Crisis Intervention Intercession

James Goll is offering free online audio teaching for a very limited time on crisis intervention intercession.  I feel that this teaching is very valuable to any who are serious about “standing in the gap” for their nation and/or region. Catch this within the next week to make sure it is still available.

He speaks at length at the beginning of this message about Rees Howells and an interview he had some years ago with Samuel Howells.  He also speaks about our authority as intercessors to influence what happens in the earth, particularly the authority attached to united, corporate prayer gatherings.

Here is a link for those who are interested —

What Is an Apostolic Intercessor?

Quite a few people coming to this blog are asking about apostolic intercession. So today, I would like to share what I have learned thus far on the subject.  I’m going to state honestly and right upfront that there is not a lot of concrete information in the Bible to help us.  I will be sharing a little of what I have been taught by others, but mostly what the Lord has been revealing to me personally over time.

Let’s start with a few possible definitions.  You may recognize yourself in one or more of them, but keep in mind that definitions are simply tools to help us understand concepts, not standards to measure ourselves against to see whether we have arrived  or are disqualified.  We will be much happier if we simply do what God has given us to do, let Him continually take us further, and not worry about wearing tags and titles.

1.)  An apostolic intercessor functions as a personal intercessor for an apostle.

2.)  An apostolic intercessor is aligned with an apostle and taps into the apostolic authority flowing downward from that apostle.  Whatever the apostle’s jurisdiction of authority is, is what the apostolic intercessor has authority to reach into in prayer and receive answers for.

3.  An apostolic intercessor has been given authority by God to pray and receive answers within a particular sphere of influence — such as a region, state,  or nation that he or she is called to intercede for.

It is this last definition that I would like to examine more in-depth.  In a sense, the apostolic intercessor might be acting in the role of an apostle in the realm of prayer — being “sent” in intercession (“apostle” means one who is sent) to a region or nation.

Another mark of this type of apostolic intercessor is that he or she will usually be a leader of other intercessors.  Teaching others the keys to answered prayer and bringing them up into greater levels of understanding about intercession will be part of his or her function.  The group of intercessors that he leads will also flow corporately in the greater authority of the apostolic intercessor leader in receiving answers to prayer for their region.

The Old Testament prophets provide a model of what apostolic intercession entails.  They were sent not only to speak to the nation of Israel, but in many cases, to pray for her as well.  And they received extraordinary answers as they prayed.  Daniel repented on behalf of Israel and with his prayers accomplished their return to their land from exile (Daniel 9:1-19).  Elijah prayed for the rain to cease, and he received  the answer; he prayed for the rain to return, and it did (James 5:17, 18).  After first laying the groundwork in prayer, he decreed an end to rain, and he decreed the onset of rain again 3 1/2 years later (1 Kings 17:1 and 1 Kings 18:44).  Elijah taught others by establishing schools of prophets.

An apostolic intercessor would certainly need to be a prophetic intercessor as well — listening to the Holy Spirit for direction and then praying matters out according to what He reveals.

Rees Howells, who lived during the first half of the 20th century, is a fine example of an apostolic intercessor who, along with the band of intercessors he led, received miraculous answers during World War 2 for Great Britain and the rest of Europe.  In addition, their prayers brought intervention for Ethiopia during a critical time in its history, and were instrumental in the reestablishment of Israel as a nation.  If you are serious about understanding apostolic intercession, I strongly recommend reading The Intercession of Rees Howells, by Doris Ruscoe and Rees Howells: Intercessor, by Norman Grubb.  You may wish to read my series of posts about Mr. Howells as well.

I also recommend Derek Prince’s book, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior.  In it are essential keys for apostolic intercessors (or anyone who desires to change the world through prayer).  Mr. Prince comments, “God has made us a Kingdom of priests.  As such, our responsibility is to rule by prayer.  The Bible reveals that this world is not really ruled by presidents and governors and dicators.  They only seem to rule.  The people who really rule the world are those who know how to pray.”

You might find my book,  House of Prayer ~ House of Power of value, too.  It is geared toward the one who is feeling a tug upon his or her heart to form a prayer group and lead others in intercession to transform their region.  It has practical information on how to get started, along with outline teachings you can use to train up your group in the art of intercession.

The role of apostolic intercessor is weighty.  It requires serious commitment to prayer.  It also requires humility — an emptying of self with all its ambitions for recognition.  It is not an overnight process, but something that takes time and a great deal of refining to come into.  E. M. Bounds commented, “A severe apprenticeship in the trade of praying must be served in order to become a journeyman in it.”

We all have a long way to go, at every level of intercession, in being effective.  Whether you are specifically called to apostolic intercession or not, God will show you your area of influence and how to obtain your answers.  Each of us has a key role to play in advancing the Kingdom of God through prayer.

Flowing in the Prophetic Seminars

At Full Gospel Family Publications, we’re very excited about adding apostolic teacher Steve Driessen’s CD resources to our product line. Pastor Steve is our personal pastor. His teaching is dynamic, thought-provoking, practical, and wisdom-filled. Much of what I know about prayer and the prophetic I have learned from this man. I think you will find his materials to be a great blessing upon your life.

Flowing in the Prophetic
Level 1: The Prophetic Anointing

Have you ever longed to:

  • Hear God more clearly and more often?
  • Be more certain it was really Him you were hearing?
  • Better understand your dreams and visions?
  • Or didn’t even know where to start?

No matter what level you are currently operating in prophetically, this 6-CD set is sure to bring you higher. Apostolic teacher Steve Driessen imparts prophetic understanding that is practical, easy to relate to, and life-changing.

Topics covered:

  • The Ministry of Jesus in the Church
  • Having a Hearing Ear and a Seeing Eye
  • Anointed to Serve
  • An Open Heaven
  • Visions and Dreams: The Language of the Holy Spirit
  • How to Interpret Dreams


Optional Accompanying Study Notebook — 41 pages
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Flowing in the Prophetic
Level 2: Prophetic Alignment

You’ve got the prophetic gifts.
Now, what do you do with them?

In this 6-CD set you will learn how to:

  • Release life and light to those around you through prophecy
  • Use your prophetic gifts within the church setting
  • Maintain a pure word of the Lord
  • Maximize the blessing potential of your prophetic words for others

Today’s world needs the prophetic voice, both in the Church and outside of it. You can be that voice. This seminar will help you prepare to take your place in the greatest release of prophetic revelation the Church has ever seen.

Topics covered:

  • Keeping a Clean Stream
  • False Assumptions About Prophetic Giftings
  • God Offends the Mind to Reveal the Heart
  • Pastors and Prophets: How to Function Together
  • Prophetic Words in Public Worship
  • Women in Ministry

$32.00 US

Optional Accompanying Study Notebook — 37 pages
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Leveraging Kingdom Authority

For centuries the Church has thought that we must accept sickness and disease as “normal.” But God is restoring the understanding that health is God’s plan for His people. When we fear sickness, we become its victims. By learning to exercise our rightful authority, we become victors.

In this message, you will gain understanding of how to leverage Kingdom authority over every sickness and disease. Fear will no longer rule your thoughts, and healing will become a reality in your life. It’s time for you to enforce the victory already won for you by Jesus.

Included is the healing prayer time that took place immediately after this message was delivered. We encourage you to actively participate in that powerfully anointed time of prayer, so that you, too, will receive your healing.

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The Intercessor Manual Now in eBook Form

I am pleased to announce that for those of you who prefer e-books, The Intercessor Manual is now available for Kindle at AmazonYou can also purchase it in a variety of formats at Smashwords.

IntercessorManualbiggerThe Intercessor Manual provides answers to many of the questions God’s prayer warriors struggle with and wonder about.  In this book, I share with you from a prophetic perspective what I have learned over many years as an intercessor and intercessor leader.  Whether you are seasoned in your call to intercession or whether you are just now beginning your prayer adventure, this book is sure to bring valuable information your way — some of which you may not encounter anywhere else.   As with all my materials, you can expect solid biblical support for the concepts presented, along with an honest, no-nonsense approach that is practical to the max.

Topics covered:

  • Your Call to Intercession
  • What Intercessors Do
  • The Bible Helps Our Intercession
  • The Power of Your Prayer Language
  • Prayer that Counts
  • Breakthrough Intercession: Receiving Our Answers
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Our Spiritual Armor
  • Worship and the Intercessor
  • The Prophetic Connection
  • Maturing in Prophecy
  • Intimacy with God
  • Avoiding Deception
  • You Don’t Have to Be Weird
  • Pastors and Intercessors
  • The Pastor Specialty
  • What Can You Expect as an Intercessor?

In addition, my booklet, Hotline to Heaven: Hearing the Voice of God is included as an appendix, along with my article,  Hearing from God Through Dreams.

The Intercessor Manual in printed or e-book format can be purchased directly from us at Full Gospel Family Publications.

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Where’s Waldo?

Remember Waldo?  When my children were small, they enjoyed finding him hidden in crowds of hundreds of people who were doing odd things.

Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking that Jesus has a lot in common with Waldo: in the church crowd He is often very hidden and hard to find (not to mention God’s people sometimes doing odd things).  I sometimes wonder, “Where’s Jesus?”

You know, it’s easy to have the right intentions and to start out with noble motives.  We want to win the lost for Jesus.  (So far, so good.)  In some circles, we talk extensively about “building the Kingdom,” and we spend a lot of time and effort on teaching everyone how to do it — great, and I love it!  Church growth is a necessary component of Kingdom building, so we get focused on expanding our numbers.  We long to have meaningful purpose for our lives, so personal destiny becomes a huge deal.  We pursue signs and wonders, because nearly  everyone is tired of powerless Christianity — believers and nonbelievers alike.

But I have a question troubling me in the midst of it all: where’s Jesus?  While we’ve heard countless sermons on the Kingdom of God, fulfilling our destiny, and how to rule and reign as King’s kids, when was the last time we heard much about Jesus Himself?  Where’s Jesus?  And what good is the Kingdom if somewhere along the way we have forgotten the King?

We should be teaching on building the Kingdom, equipping the Church to fulfill its mission, bringing growth to the local church, winning the lost, and growing in the gifts of the Spirit.  It’s all pretty important, isn’t it.  But there is a danger to avoid.  After a while, without us even noticing what has happened, we become more excited about what we are doing for Jesus, or the authority we have in Him, than we are about Him.  Or we get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of what Jesus Himself asked us to accomplish and lose the big picture of Who it is all for to begin with.  A subtle shift in focus takes place, and before we realize it, we have veered off course.  Isn’t this exactly what happened to the Ephesian Church?  So much so that the Lord soundly rebuked them and warned them to repent (Revelation 2:1-7)?

I believe with all my heart that there is a Great Awakening coming, and perhaps it is already in its beginning stages.  Within that Awakening, we will see millions coming to the Lord, the miraculous unleashed, holy living revived, and the Church moving in a supernatural authority such as this world has never yet seen.   But I believe it must start with the restoration of Jesus to first place in the heart of His Church.   Whenever He is not the driving reason, the focal point, we end up with something off-kilter.  In whatever we promote, love, or focus upon, it’s either all about Jesus or it’s not genuinely about Jesus at all.

What can we do, besides cluck our tongues about the present state of things? How will the restoration of Jesus to His rightful place be accomplished?  By the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit.   But “sovereign” moves of God do not generally come by themselves.  God raises up a remnant who understand His desires — a remnant willing to  speak and pray into existence what their physical eyes are not currently seeing.

I determine to be one who speaks through the written and oral word what I understand to be spiritual truth — whether it’s the current consensus or not.  One of the most strategic ways of speaking those truths is in the place of intercession — speaking the heart of God back to Him in prayer, until Jesus is no longer a side issue, but the issue.

Lord Jesus, be all.  And may Holy Spirit breathe upon Your Bride until she awakes out of her coma.  Truly, may the Kingdom come and Father’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Be exalted and honored to the utmost in it all, King Jesus.

Weighing in on Wisconsin

Wisconsin CapitolI live in Wisconsin.  Yes, that Wisconsin — the one that is so much in the news, with demonstrations and emotions running high, people sleeping for weeks in the capitol building, and governmental functions at a near standstill, while we’re all watching to see where things will go next.

What I have to say is written mostly for those who are living in personal relationship with Jesus.  That said, those who are not Christian believers are certainly welcome to read on, but Jesus’ Church is the audience for which I generally write.

I’ve watched and listened while many of my Christian friends — including teachers, governmental leaders, both union and non-union workers, grandmothers, and students — have come down hard on one side or the other in the debate.  Sometimes I’ve been surprised at which side they’ve come down on.  Sometimes I’ve been surprised at how hard they came down on each other.

I would generally call myself politically conservative, but not always.  You see, conservative perspectives are sometimes in line with the Bible — but sometimes they are less than Christlike (that goes for both liberal and conservative viewpoints, by the way).   “Conservative” is not a synonym for Christian.   And my concern, above all else, is what Jesus prayed to His heavenly Father, “Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” 

My desire for Wisconsin is that the Kingdom of Heaven would manifest here.  I’ve been praying for this for a very long time, and I know the day is coming — a day when the people of God will live as Jesus said we are to live — filled with supernatural power to do the works that Jesus did, effectively receiving answers to prayer, healing the sick, producing God-given solutions to people’s problems, the world around us seeing a loving Christianity so attractive that they are irresistibly drawn to embrace Jesus for themselves.

From the beginning of the outbreak of unrest in Wisconsin, I have been cautious about impulsively praying into the situation without first receiving the Lord’s counsel.  I have been asking Him, “What is Your perspective?  What do You want to do in our state?  What is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm?”  I don’t fully understand the answers to those questions yet, but I do know that God is in control, and that He is paving the way for His plans to unfold in our state.  He is shaking what can be shaken, so that His eternal, unshakable purposes will manifest in the natural world around us.

God has great purpose for Wisconsin.  We have the potential to be a forerunner for how the entire nation goes — for good or bad — governmentally, educationally, economically, and spiritually.  That is why it is so important to find God’s perspective and pray for our state from His vantage point, rather than from our emotions, opinions, or what would seem to fall in line with our personal advantage.  As we listen to Him, He will give each one of us specific insights for how we must personally pray.  Even if those insights seem to be small, if they are important enough for God to speak about, they are significant details in the larger picture.

I keep thinking of the Bible story in Joshua 5:13-15.  Joshua enters the land of Canaan and encounters a warrior-like spiritual being.  He asks, “Are you for us, or are you on the side of our enemies?”  The man answers, “Neither.  I come as the Captain of the Lord’s army.”  Joshua’s ensuing action was the response that I believe Wisconsin Christians must have at this time.  He humbled himself and asked, “What do You have to say to Your servant?”

It is a good thing to be responsible citizens of our state and of our nation, to understand the issues and to actively participate for the sake of justice and right causes.  It is an even better thing to always keep in mind as we do so, that we are citizens of a higher kingdom, with higher purposes.  We must first bear loyalty to a greater King and kingdom than the kingdoms of this earth.

We need to pay attention to the challenge that Moses gave to God’s people in Exodus 32:26: ” Who is on the Lord’s side?”  It is an important question which we must solidly answer in our hearts.

More on Breakthrough Intercession

Some time back, I shared with you a series of posts on Breakthrough Intercession.  Since then, I have learned a few things that I would like to add.

1.)  Sometimes we have to put blinders on ourselves, so that we can only see straight ahead to Jesus. We can’t afford to start looking at side issues, if we’re going to get those breakthroughs. Spiritual earplugs to tune out the nay-saying of others are a good idea, too. Refocus for your breakthroughs.
2.)  Breakthrough prayer carries a prerequisite: all-out commitment to the person or thing we are breaking through for. Before we see fulfillment of what God has spoken to us, we must commit to it at any cost — no alternative plans for if it “doesn’t work out.”
3.)  Needed breakthroughs look pretty daunting when we first go to prayer for them.  But as we persevere, faith rises in our hearts — faith to receive the answer, but more than that, faith in the nature of the God we are petitioning. If it looks overwhelming, continue to press in, and you will begin to “see” your answer in your spirit. We almost always must see it in the spirit before we see it materialize in the natural realm.
4.)  Read 1 Chronicles 11:12-14. When you feel, like Eleazar, that you are the last man standing to defend your “barley field” in prayer, remember that you are not really the only one left — Jesus is still your prayer partner.
5.)  Breakthrough intercession is not primarily about what you do in prayer or how good you are at it. It’s about Who is with you in it.  Jesus is your prayer partner!  

Original series: Breakthrough Intercession 

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