A Dream About the Church

vanToday, I’d like to share a recent dream, which I feel is about something currently happening in the family of God.

For most of the dream, I was acting as an observer.  I saw my daughter sitting in the driver’s seat of my van, and she seemed to be stalled. Pulled up alongside of her in another car was a well-known actor of bygone days. He was someone who had done several TV series on occult or paranormal themes. He was smiling graciously at her while advising her on how to get the van running.

He told her to put water in the gas tank. In her ignorance, she trusted that he was really trying to help her, so she did as he said. I knew she had just ruined the van.

At this point, I left my observer position. I hurried behind the actor’s car with a pad of paper and pen to write down his license plate number, so I could turn him in to the authorities. But then I heard him chuckling about what he had duped my daughter into doing. He was also laughing at me for thinking I could turn him in. I suddenly realized that, because he had not personally poured the water into the gas tank, but had fooled my daughter into doing it to herself, there would be no case against him in a court of law.

My interpretation:

Vans and cars usually represent a person’s life or ministry. Vans lean more toward meaning ministry in my dreams.

I felt that the actor represented the devil (perhaps also evil or deceived people he works through). Actors play roles which are not their real selves, so here was a man who was pretending to be nice and to give sound advice, but his intentions were entirely evil. He preyed upon the ignorance and innocence of my daughter.

My daughter represented younger people in the faith, either biological or spiritual sons and daughters. She blindly believed someone was trying help her, just because that’s what he wanted her to think. She did not discern the source of the information she received. Hence, she ruined the van by following his evil advice. This was due to extreme ignorance in basic car care, too.

My daughter watered down the fuel. We cannot mix the pure fuel of the Word and of the Holy Spirit with other substances. We need to stick with what the Bible says and not adulterate it. This is a trap many Christians fall into. They absorb  secular, humanistic thoughts, opinions, and advice, not discerning the unholy sources from which they are coming. They end up thinking and living just like non-Christians, even ruining their own lives by following beliefs and tactics which are not from God. They can’t even pin it on the enemy, because they do it to themselves through ignorance of the truth and lack of discernment. An absence of prayer and reading the Bible are major reasons for this ignorance and inability to discern.

Meanwhile, the devil is enjoying deceiving God’s people, thereby rendering them ineffective and even ruining their lives.

I noted that my daughter was not able to get my van going in the first place; it was already at a standstill. The evil advice she took just finished the job. I felt this was saying that in our families and in the Church, we hand our ministries over to the next generation without equipping them to know how to drive them.

What is the solution? 

Those of us who are older and/or leaders in the family of God must train our sons and daughters (both biological and spiritual) in the fundamentals of the faith, the Bible, and in discernment, so that they are not duped into thinking evil is good, “lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”  (2 Corinthians 2:11). We must emphasize the importance of daily prayer and time in the Word as well. The generations behind us will not be able to keep the kingdom of God, or their own personal lives as believers, moving forward without these things.

In our churches, we must also realize that we cannot water down or compromise the “living fuel” of the Word from the pulpit. Our gospel must be centered on Jesus, rather than on a me-istic message of personal success.

Do you have any further thoughts to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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Hearing God Through Your Dreams,
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10 responses to “A Dream About the Church

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  2. Powerful dream. I concur. I am shocked at how many young people profess Christianity but do not have a Christian worldview. I stopped supporting my alma mater’s Christian collegiate organization as it became clear they were no longer preaching the gospel of the kingdom. I told the chapter leader my concerns when she called.
    What’s really tough is to think of people getting saved or being curious about Christianity and coming to check out a meeting, and what they get is humanism or Marxism or some blend of the two. 2 Peter 2:21 is scary.


    • I believe God will raise up a new breed of truth-loving, sold-out believers among the Millennials and younger. I don’t know how, but I believe He still will. And those of us who are older need to be ready to help them with solid teaching and mentoring.


  3. I am hoping a door will open that I can do this locally. A lady form another church called and told me how some of their youth are even getting confused on the issue of abortion, and would I be willing to meet with them and try to hear where they’re coming from and talk to them. I’d love to do just that and am waiting on her next call. Do you get much opportunity to speak in front of Millennials?


  4. Thank you Lee Ann. Your message is perfect for the days we are living right now. I appreciate and love you. Marie💕🤗

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  5. Lee Ann,
    Just now read your blog.
    Very interesting since I had a dream last night where I was in a car trying to drive backwards to get to a gas pump. Depth and driving perception were off quite a bit. Once at the pump, two attendants came to assist me. One started to fill up the car with gas, the other asked if I wanted him to check the oil. I replied to go ahead and check it. He checked the oil and said it was okay. The person pumping the gas filled up the tank, but it needed only a small amount – a few gallons. I saw the price and it reflected the proper amount, (Unfortunately I do not remember the number – I should have written it down). I think the number is important for some reason. However I do remember the car needed only 4 gallons of gas.
    On a different note, last Wed. on the 16th , I went for a walk and walked to a local church I’m familiar with. Using a phone app to log my time, it took me 15 minutes and 35 seconds. the distance 0.78 miles. For some reason, I’m trying to figure out if those numbers mean anything. However, what is interesting, I was impressed to walk around the church 7 times (like Joshua did at Jericho) and pray heavily in my spirit language. On the last walk around I ended up at the front door and started praying, prophesying etc. I won’t go into details. However, I do believe there is an assault on the entire church- especially the youth.
    I have much to say, but will end it here.
    Blessings & continued prayers!


    • That’s an interesting dream, Costa. Have you got any insight yet on what it means? Maybe after you pray into it some, we can talk about it more. That’s cool that God was leading you to pray for/at that church. I would say, if you felt the distance and time numbers were important, perhaps as you pray for revelation, the Lord will show you whether they are significant or not.

      Lee Ann


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