God’s Wisdom and You (Part 2)

spiritual wisdomDaniel answered and said, “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are His. He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings, and sets up kings.

He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who know understanding; He reveals the deep and secret things. He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him.

I thank You, and praise You, O God of my fathers, Who has given me wisdom and might, and has made known to me now what we desired of You….”
— Daniel 2:20-23

In our last post, we began looking at what this passage teaches us about living prophetically. We talked about God’s desire to transfer to us the wisdom and might He possesses. We also saw that God is the changer of times and seasons in our lives and how being aware of that helps us to flourish. Let’s continue.

He gives wisdom and understanding to those who already have it.

Remember the parable Jesus told of the ten pounds, in Luke 19:11-26? A rich man entrusted equal amounts of money to each of ten servants, intending that they would gain more through investing. They accomplished varying levels of increase, but one man did nothing with the money he had been given. He just hid it. His master was angry, and gave a surprising directive:

He said to those who stood by, “Take from him the pound, and give it to him who has ten pounds.”

The other servants objected, “Lord, he already has ten pounds!”  

The master answered, “I say to you, that to everyone who has shall be given; and he who has not, even what he has shall be taken away from him” (verses 24-26).

Things work a lot differently in God’s kingdom than we might expect. The Lord wants to give more to those who appreciate what He has already given them. If you are a child of God, you have an open offer of wisdom from Him. He promises it to us in many places in the Bible. If you value wisdom, you will seek Him for more — because we never have all we could have. He will gladly give it, for “… He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

If you don’t value wisdom, you’ll be lackadaisical about seeking it — and your contentment to stay at your present level will hinder you from receiving all the wisdom and understanding God really desired for you to have (which is much more than you currently possess). We can never have too much wisdom, so go after the Lord for more. He’ll be happy to give it to you.

He reveals the deep and secret things to those who want to know.

This goes along with our previous point. God’s secrets aren’t reserved for a few hotshot prophets. He will share them with anyone who is serious about being His friend — whoever takes time to read His Word and ask Him about it; whoever inquires, “”What’s on Your heart, Lord? I want to know Your concerns. What do You want to talk about?” (and then listens for His response).

“… His secret is with the righteous.”Proverbs 3:32

“The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him…”Psalm 25:14

You are righteous in Christ. You qualify to hear His secrets. He loves sharing them with you.

He knows what’s going on in darkness, and light dwells with Him.

In context, “He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him” is continuing to speak of God drawing out the deep and secret things and revealing them to us. However, I see an additional application we can make.

Recently, I was upset about a wacky teaching an influential prophet was disseminating. (Praying for the American Church is a major focus of mine, so when I see error going on, it really bothers me.) But the Lord reminded me from Daniel 2:22 that He is very aware of what is going on, and I can leave it to Him. I don’t have to get worked up about the dark things. Instead, He wants me to fasten my attention on Him, to lift my eyes to where He is, in the light. In due time, He will take care of it, just as He says about the tares and wheat in Matthew 13:24-30. I can pray for the Church to be delivered from deception, but I should do it from the place of gazing on the Lord of light, not fuming about the stuff of darkness. It changed my perspective, for sure!

If we’re going to be overcomers in our tumultuous times, we must refuse to focus on the darkness around us, get our eyes on the Lord, and have confidence that He is on top of things.

Let’s sum up the lessons we can learn from Daniel 2:20-23:

1. Believe that the Lord delights to impart His wisdom and understanding to you. Seek Him for more of it.

2. Ask Him to share His deep secrets with you, because He wants to.

3. Don’t focus on the darkness. Instead, keep your eyes on Jesus, in the light.

4. When life seems to be shifting uncomfortably, remember that He is the One Who changes times and seasons. Stay close to Him, and move with Him.

By doing these things, we stay safe in His care while growing in His wisdom and knowledge.

prophetic teaching


Growing in the Prophetic,
Audio Teaching by Lee Ann Rubsam




prophetic gift


The Spirit-Filled Guide to Personal Prophecy,
by Lee Ann Rubsam

7 responses to “God’s Wisdom and You (Part 2)

  1. Really helpfulDitto

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  2. Thanks Lee Ann. I really appreciate your sharing on how God is working through you and your intentionality on sharing with other believers.


    Sent from my iPhone — Rob L.


  3. Lee Ann,
    A concern of mine which has been brewing for a very long time is the theme in Matthew 13:24-30. The wheat & tares. “Let both grow together until the harvest,..” Here I perceive each will mature and bring forth fruit according to their own kind. This is truly problematic – both mature together! It may appear one will be choking out the other – tares being the most influential or prominent. As a means of retaliation, the wheat may try and unite under the theme of “dominion theology”; yes, I got that one from a “tweet” you replied to. Dominion theology may be on the rise. We seem to be transferred to the time frame where the people were proclaiming “Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Jhn 12:13. The people “missed” the whole point of His coming. They thought Jesus would set up His Kingdom (political) at that time. Currently, the view point of some is that it is our task to bring in the kingdom and not the King’s (Jesus) task to do so. Yet, I have to remind myself that Jesus is coming again and as you have stated in point #3 “ Don’t focus on the darkness. Instead, keep your eyes on Jesus, in the light.” Amen! Blessings Costa


    • Hi Costa,

      In the natural, we see weeds overcoming the legitimate crops. But in God’s kingdom, righteousness will prevail, because Christ has already prevailed. Yet at the same time, we also see in the Word that in the last days there will be a great falling away (2 Thess. 2:3). Jesus posed the question, “When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). Throughout the Bible, the Lord speaks of a holy remnant people, not a majority.

      So, we have these biblical tensions between righteousness ultimately winning and the remnant who are faithful going through adversity. While we wait for Him, our desire, along with the Lord, should still be to see a great harvest of souls. He is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). Many of the various truths presented in the Bible seem to contradict each other, but from the higher perspective of heaven, they do not.

      Some things which are taught in dominion theology (AKA transformation theology, reformation theology, Kingdom Now, 7-Mountain Mandate) are a reaction to the opposite extreme, where some have thought “The world is just going to get worse anyway, so I just won’t pray for anything better or try to influence society in any way, because Jesus is going to lift me out of here when it gets really bad.” But Jesus instructed us to occupy until He comes, bear fruit, and bring His salt and light into the darkness while we are still here. People in dominion circles want to see the Church doing the miracles that Jesus promised we would do. That’s good! I appreciate what I have learned from prophets and apostles in the dominion stream, when it comes to the prophetic gifts, healing, casting out demons, miracles, etc.

      But where the error has entered, I think, is in becoming focused on the kingdom more than the King of the kingdom. Increasingly, there has been an out-of-balance emphasis on the temporal earth, rather than on the eternal, overall plan of God. A common denominator through all the shades of Dominionism is the belief that Jesus cannot return for His Church until we see XYZ happen on the earth — i. e. some kind of Utopia that we create, where nearly everyone embraces Jesus, sickness is wiped out, things get better and better, and then, when we’ve done all this for Jesus, He can come back.

      I don’t see that as jiving with the Bible, and it grieves me that they keep telling the Body that Jesus can’t come back anytime soon. (Jesus tells us in Luke 12:35-46 that we are always to be looking for Him.) More and more people in Spirit-filled church circles are buying into this. Sometimes I wonder if that’s part of the reason that Jesus said He will come when “you think not” (Matthew 24:44 and Luke 12:40).

      Anyway, I want to be among those who “look for Him” and “love His appearing” (2 Timothy 4:8 and Hebrews 9:28), but still occupying until He comes, no matter how He decides to work that out.


  4. Lee Ann,
    Very appropriately explained! Thank you again and again! – Costa


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