Wisconsin Intercessors: “Bring the Travelers Home”

map of wisconsinOn Resurrection Sunday, I had intended to take one direction in prayer, but immediately found myself in another. It was, “Bring the travelers home to Wisconsin.”

This was a time of intercession and prophetic declaration for the return of those who had fled or scattered from Wisconsin due to offense, grievances, disappointment, and weariness of heart over the hard spiritual ground of our state.

Many high hopes for revival / awakening in Wisconsin died because the prophesied promises have been long in coming to fulfillment. The expected “suddenlies” of God did not happen on our timetable. Disillusioned, some began saying that the soulishness of people had killed the plans of God for our state.

This is not true, however. “The word of our God shall stand forever” (Isaiah 40:8). What He has decreed, He will not be denied. His words do not fall to the ground, no matter how long they have been delayed. “So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

This is a new season in the spirit — a time to plow and plant again. It’s time, by prophetic decree, to call the laborers who have departed from Wisconsin to return and assist in that plowing and planting. It is also a time to call in the fulfillment of the long-standing prophecies which have been spoken over our state.

I felt that it was no coincidence that the Lord brought these things to light for me on Resurrection Day. He is about to resurrect things in Wisconsin which have long appeared dead. As with Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus, the Lord does not see them as dead, but only as sleeping. We must align our sight with His.

If you are a Wisconsin intercessor, please join me in prayer and prophetic declaration for those who have left the state, but who are still part of God’s purpose for Wisconsin, that they would return home. Pray that God would bring these laborers back into the harvest here (Luke 10:2). And begin to speak resurrection life into the prophetic promises which have been delivered to Wisconsin through the years.

Truly, the “dry bones” of the purposes God has for Wisconsin can live again. Many who have remained in our state have been faithfully working to connect the bones together and to flesh them out. But that only goes so far. In order for them to have life, we must prophesy into them the breath of the Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 37).

Lord of the harvest, bring back to Wisconsin the weary travelers who, in their discouragement, shook the dust of our state off of their feet. We need them to help us plow and plant here once again. Breathe fresh life into the purposes You still hold dear for this state. Let the promises spoken long ago be fulfilled in Your resurrection power. In Jesus’ name, amen.  

4 responses to “Wisconsin Intercessors: “Bring the Travelers Home”

  1. Dearest Lee-Ann

    i am an intercessor in London, England. I have no idea how I saw this email, but felt I must pray with you as you have declared.

    As it is I can relate to your situation. I have a daughter, like Jairus’ daughter who I have been beleiving for for healing for fourteen long years. Sometimes it seemed foolishness to carry on beleiving His promises yet my heart wouldnt let go.

    Like you we have laid down His words in despair, only to pick them up as He has breathed on us and it and the tiny spark became a flame again.

    I beleive you are to carry on. Wait for just a little bit longer. When the wood is dry it burns best. The God of surprises knows as He watches, when all is right and all is ready, the fire burns.

    I know He hears us and I know He hears you too. Set your fire ready, loose your faith one more time and at the point of deepest night, the fire burns brightest.

    Wisconsin will be saved, to the uttermost. And folks will say ‘was that not an old, dead thing? Surely you cant beleive it still?’ And still the fire burns. Firstly in the spirit. But not by might, nor by power but bt His Holy Spirit.

    Watch and pray for the wood to become dry enough to burn well. He who sees everthing, knows the time.

    And then, the fire fell.

    Who is to say when its over? The Lord of the Harvest. The Kinsman Redeemer.

    Wait and see. Its not over until its over.

    When He cries It Is Finished you will hear that. But for now He says

    ‘Wait. I will draw together my precious ones like a jeweller gathers precious stones to make the jewels for a Queen, he will adorn her (Wisconsin) with beauty and honour again. She is His queen, His Bride, but she is not yet ready.

    She is late, lost in the woods where she stumbled and fell. But He loves her and will seek and find her and bring her safely home.

    Vote and see, stand and wait. We will listen and hear His call, and the righteous ones will answer. No need to fight with it, the righteous ones will kneel again at Washington’s feet. Be prepared for it. Stand guard over it until He comes.’

    I do so hope this helps. I know nothing of your situation but just send this with love and our prayers.

    in Jesus’ Name


    Margaret Parker


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, Margaret! And thank you for praying for Wisconsin, U. S.

      BTW — You had subscribed to my blog a couple of months ago, and WordPress did not send me your e-mail address so that I could send you your free gift for subscribing. It is a PDF copy of my short book, Overcoming Spiritual Bondage. Now that I have your e-mail, I will send that out to you.

      May all your prayers for your daughter truly be answered.


  2. That’s beautiful. I’m in agreement for Wisconsin. It’s interesting, the week leading up to Easter I felt the Lord tell me to declare “Holy Week” and fast and pray for my own state of Pennsylvania, particularly the governor’s race and how it can impact/restrict our abortion legislation. Several people joined me and we had a really wonderful, consecrated time praying specific prayers for specific cities. My own prayers centered around remembering to the Lord the prayers and actions of William Penn, his “holy experiment” out of which came our government, his godliness toward the native American Indians, and the “seed of a nation” that was Penn’s vision. Wisconsin, like Pennsylvania, is a battleground state. I see many similarities, and I’m often compelled to call forth righteous leaders over Wisconsin as I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me in intercession. God bless.


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