Praying into Current Events

“Preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” It was a popular saying years ago, which eventually morphed into, “Pray with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other,” among intercessors. Pray the news is one of the methods intercessors are still frequently encouraged to use. It has its place. We should be aware of what is going on in the world around us.

However, intercessors can wear out fast, praying about every current event (or supposed current event) that they see in the news and on social media. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox, etc. all thrive on the next big story, and if they can’t find one happening on its own, they manufacture something sensational out of what little material they have. The enemy of our souls uses these things to distract prayer warriors into engaging in lots of anxious prayer scattered in a bazillion directions … for things which are really nonissues from God’s perspective.

We’ve probably all heard that it’s important to choose our battles. If we fight on too many fronts, we lose. So, when there are apparent causes for concern, our first question should be, “What do You say about this, Lord?” He may tell us, even in the face of something which looks like a big deal, not to trouble ourselves about it at all — that He’s already taken care of it. If we ask Him first, and wait for His answer, it will save us a lot of useless care and wasted energy.

Part of the enemy’s spiritual warfare strategy is a smoke and mirrors deception. “Smoke and mirrors” is an idiom derived from the magic tricks illusionists pull off, where things seem to appear or disappear through the clever use of mirrors and sudden puffs of smoke intended to distract the audience. The expression has come to mean that reality is hidden, blurred, or blown out of proportion through half-truths or irrelevant information.

That’s exactly what Satan does. He uses partial, inaccurate, or overblown information, often dispersed through news and social media, to divert intercessors from the truly vital conflicts. He presents numerous false battlefronts to our eyes, attempting to convince us of their urgency. That way, he keeps us from mobilizing where our prayers are genuinely needed. He’s been pretty effective in using this tactic, too! Because we are constantly running in this, that, and the other direction, putting out fires, we are exhausted before we even get to the real deal!

God does not want us to be in a distracted tizzy all the time. It’s easy to go there, based on the mountains of natural information available all around us, but we must resist the urge to pray mainly by what our natural senses are presented with. Instead, the Lord wants us to calm down and listen for His marching orders. If we do that, we’ll be ready and available for the strategic prayer locations where we are actually needed. We’ll do the damage and gain the major victories we’re supposed to have.


4 responses to “Praying into Current Events

  1. The Lord wants us to “calm down and listen for His marching orders.” Well said, Lee Ann. Thanks for the article.


  2. Lee Ann,
    Many people I know seem to follow the news and pray according to events, etc. as you have pointed out. This may be a replacement for sitting down and quietly waiting upon the Lord….which is more difficult to do.
    In my quiet time, I tend to perceive areas which family relations are involved with. For instance, one works for Child Protection Services. Other times I tend to experience the helplessness of those who are in situations which are hopeless for them and the barriers which prevent them from coming into the full freedom which Christ offers us. All these deeper and stronger issues do need more time praying in the spirit since words do escape me often.


    • Hi Costa,

      I do tend to follow the news fairly closely myself, but it can be consuming if we’re not careful, and it can cause us to worry unnecessarily. As an example, with all the upheaval since the presidential election, it would have been easy for me to sweat through an extensive amount of prayer about the recounts and the pressure put on the Electoral College delegates — and to do it with an anxious heart. However, the Lord spoke to me right away that all that would come to naught. I still prayed into it some daily, but from a place of agreeing with the Lord that nothing would come of it. I encountered some believers who were fearful about what could happen, and was able to share with them that I had heard from the Lord that there was nothing to fret about.

      It sounds to me like you are doing exactly what God would have you do in your realm of prayer. You are praying for those whom the Lord lays on your heart, you are listening so you can perceive by the Spirit what the needs are, and then praying those out at length, especially in the spirit. You can’t go wrong with that, and I’m sure that as you continue to pray in your prayer language, the Lord will reveal the details to you which particularly need intercession.

      Blessings to you and your family during this Christmas season!
      Lee Ann


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