Current Happenings

In a few days, I will get back to posting as usual. I’ve got a few notes ready, but just haven’t had the time to write them out yet, due to some health setbacks, including my mom having a small stroke which affected her sight in one eye. We are spending a lot of time in doctor offices right now! In the meantime, I invite you to …

Connect via FaceBook

I frequently  share smaller bits on my personal FaceBook page about current issues, what I am hearing in prayer, etc. which never come close to making it to the blog. I invite you to join me there. It is a public account, so you can follow along, or ask for a friend confirmation.  I do interact with many friends whom I have never met, and some of us have gotten to know each other well.

(Please keep in mind that I only confirm people as friends if I can see information on their profile which indicates they are real folks, with posts which are safe and clean. So, if you have your settings so nothing can be seen except by people who are already friends, I will not be able to confirm your friend request.)

I also have a business FaceBook page, where I post various thoughts and updates, if that would interest you more.

Free E-Book

Teach Your Kids to Hear God!

I also wanted to let you know about a special free offer for our newest book, Teach Your Kids to Hear God!  It’s a short book, which will debut September 1, 2016 at major online e-book stores. In the meantime, we are giving it away through August 31 to everyone who purchases our book, Character Building for Families, from our website.


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