Let the Word of God Speak for You

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Several months ago, the Lord said to me, “Let the Word of God speak for you.” At the time, it wasn’t clear to me exactly how to apply it, but He has continued to remind me of that word and to give me understanding of it.

Here are some ways He is showing me to live it out:

1.)  I let the word of God speak for me in prayer. Reading the Bible consistently and becoming familiar with it is a good thing! But we can get to a place where we know the principles in it so well that we pray from our knowledge of what it says without actually praying specific verses to press our point. We paraphrase the Word in our prayers — sometimes quite loosely.

The Lord has been prompting me to slow down in prayer, take the time to look up the actual verses which pertain to what I am asking for, and pray the words of Scripture as my petition. I read the verse to the Lord and then pray it for my particular need. From there, He often brings to mind another verse which expands on the thought, so I look up that verse, and continue on in prayer with it. I expand on what I am praying by interjecting my own thoughts too, but I start with Scripture and keep close to it.

This isn’t the only way I pray, but it is something I am trying to do more of. It is more work to deliberately open the Bible and pray directly from it than it is to just loosely pray the concepts in it. But, I am noticing that when I do pray Scripture directly, I often feel the presence of the Lord intensely all around me. He loves to hear us pray His own words! And I know my prayers are in alignment with His will. There is great, great power in praying the Word.

2.)  I let the word of God speak for me in what I say in everyday speech. We all say things at times about ourselves and others which line up with how we feel in the given moment, but which are at cross-purposes with what God desires for us or the people He has put in our lives: “I do such stupid things all the time.” “So-and-so is not qualified for _______.” “Just give me the gold medal for being the world’s biggest klutz.”

I used to frequently joke about being spiritually obtuse or being a “spiritual pygmy,” because I was afraid I did not possess the prophetic abilities of many other intercessors in my acquaintance. Joking about it was a defense mechanism of sorts against my feelings of inadequacy.

But the day came when the Holy Spirit firmly spoke, “I want you to stop saying that.” I suddenly realized that I had been hindering my own ability to hear and see prophetically by my wrong declaration and twisted perception of myself. I was opposing the truth of John 8:47, “He who is of God hears God’s words.”

Now, I try to be more careful to say what God has spoken over my life — not what I might feel, or even the negative things some people have said. This goes for both personal words I have received from Him and Scripture promises.

The Lord wants us to quite simply let Scripture be our defense against whatever may assail us in our

  • health
  • relationships
  • finances
  • emotions
  • talents
  • business abilities
  • ministry (etc.)

Declaring what the Bible says in our everyday speech, and refraining from speaking contrary to it, takes effort. Circumstances don’t always change overnight. Negative perceptions about ourselves (or others) don’t usually go away immediately. They are strongholds of the mind which must be torn down brick by brick. The Word of God is the spiritual weapon we use for the dismantling process.

This is an area where I have a lot of growing to do yet, but at least I am becoming more aware of how I need to do things differently. I am learning to editorialize less on how the circumstances look and to speak God’s will as communicated in Scripture instead.  The Word of God is powerful to bring changes to us and our circumstances, if we will purposefully declare it over ourselves and over whatever might be happening to us.

Let the Word of God speak for you.


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  1. Thank you, Lee Ann, for this excellent article.


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  3. Thank you. Confirmation what the Lord is saying to me.


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