Your Intercession Questions Answered, by Lee Ann Rubsam I am pleased to announce that the paperback version of my newest book, Your Intercession Questions Answered, is available now on Amazon — a week before our “official” March 1 release date!

To celebrate its early release, we’re offering a $2.00 off sale on the paperback edition. Regular price — $9.99. Now until March 1, you can get it for $7.99.

You still have time to take advantage of the $2.00 off e-book pre-order sale price, too! Regular price — $4.99. Now until March 1, get it for $2.99.

Whether you are new at intercession or have been at it for quite some time, no doubt you have some questions. Perhaps you have mentioned them to your pastor or other prayer warriors, but haven’t received the answers you were searching for. Maybe you’ve been too embarrassed to even ask, because you feared others would not understand.

In Your Intercession Questions Answered, I tackle questions intercessors commonly have, from basic terminology to more complex issues we all face as we walk out the ministry of prayer — questions such as:

  • How to “flow with the Spirit”
  • How to keep from burning out
  • What kind of supernatural experiences are normal in the course of prayer
  • How to know when you have “prayed through”
  • What to do to avoid word curses and witchcraft prayer
  • Why there are tensions between you and your pastor — and how to fix or avoid them
  • How to handle spiritual warfare wisely — and many more.

Table of Contents:
The Basics
Intercessor Terminology
The Prayer Language
Practical Know-How
Challenges Intercessors Encounter
Spiritual Warfare
Prophetic Experiences
Things to Embrace and Things to Avoid
Additional Terminology

I hope you will enjoy the new book!  ~ Lee Ann


3 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Can we order from you Lee Ann?


    • Hi Marie,

      Yes, but there will be a delay. If you would like the paperback edition, I won’t have that for about another 1 to 2 weeks yet, while Amazon got them already. It will be available from us for $10.00 (but we include free Media Mail shipping in that price, which Amazon does not). I will put up the option to order at our site as soon as our books arrive.

      We will also have the e-book available directly from us on March 1. The price for the e-book will be listed at our site for $4.99 at that time, but if you order the e-book from us on March 1, just send me an e-mail to remind me we had this conversation, and I will refund to you $2.00 to make sure you still get the pre-order price we have been offering through the other e-book sellers.

      I will reply again when the paperbacks are available from us.

      I hope that helps! Sorry it isn’t a little simpler, but it’s the best I can do with my limited technology savvy and how the paperback system works. 🙂

      Our website: Full Gospel Family Publications
      Your Intercession Questions Answered page

      Lee Ann


    • Hi Marie,

      Just wanted to let you know that we received our paperback copies of Your Intercession Questions Answered and they are now available to order directly from us, Full Gospel Family Publications.


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