A Dream Interpretation Exercise (Part 2)

Sleeping, Imagem739-1, by REG, via PhotoBucketIn the last post, I shared a dream, and asked you to take time to seek God for the interpretation of it. If you haven’t already done that, please take time to read the dream and pray for revelation of its meaning before continuing.

I stated that this is a dream for me personally, but it also has a more universal message. Let’s concern ourselves with the general message.

The dream is a story of spiritual warfare, with the bad man portraying the devil and his forces. It is not literally about the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. The setting is a large international house of prayer to show that spiritual warfare is common to all of us. And spiritual warfare involves prayer.

Scene 1:

The struggle taking place in the basement indicates to me spiritual warfare on a foundational level. Because I am alone with the bad man, it also tells me that this portion of the dream is about individual spiritual warfare.

Handguns tell me that I was engaged in a serious struggle — life and death, even.

Although I was unable to overcome at first, the enemy did not get my treasure. As I thought on this, I was persistently reminded of 2 Corinthians 4:5-7:

For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord …. For God, Who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

The metal box was silver in color. In the Bible, silver often symbolizes redemption. It can also mean the knowledge of God or knowledge from God (see Proverbs 2:3, 4; 3:13, 14; 16:16). The knowledge of God — knowing Him for Who He is — is a fitting container for Jesus, the Treasure.

An Application: Our most precious treasure is “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). The enemy wants to steal our intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus and all that goes with knowing Him. Our relationship with Jesus is our foundation for all else in our Christian life. Sometimes we are not completely victorious in our faith, even getting beat up here and there, but we must hold onto our treasure at all costs. (Indeed, the Lord will help us to do this. He is ever mindful of keeping us. He will not allow the enemy to snatch us from Him.)

Eventually, I was able to completely overcome the enemy who was assailing me. This speaks of the ongoing spiritual warfare in which we engage. We learn to become seasoned warriors, who grow ever stronger as we abide in Christ, so that eventually, we win the war.

Scene 2:

The transition between Scenes 1 and 2 is where I run up the stairs. Going upstairs can mean promotion, or going to another level. In this dream, I felt that the Lord brought “expansion” to mind in connection with the stairs. The story is going to a higher level, or “expanding” beyond talking about individual spiritual warfare to corporate warfare. The focus has shifted.

I tell the security guards that the bad man locked in the basement has already killed five people from the house of prayer. “Five” is generally accepted as the number of grace and/or service (because of the five-fold ministry gifts of service provided to the Church to perfect (equip) the saints (Ephesians 4:11, 12).

Some applications:

  1. John 10:10 tells us that the devil’s purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy. (He wanted to kill me and steal my treasure, and he had killed five people.)
  2. The devil is out to stop the five-fold work of equipping the Church to effectively carry out our mission.
  3. He is also out to stop prayer. (The killings had taken place at the house of prayer.) One of the ways he does that is by killing our perception of God’s grace (“5” = “grace”), so that we become so shame-filled that we feel unworthy to pray, or worry that because we are not perfect, God won’t answer us.

The security guards symbolize prophetic intercessors — the “watchmen on the walls,” in biblical terminology. This is indicated by what their job function is and where they work — the house of prayer.

Uniform color: The color of the guards’ uniforms is significant. When colors stand out in dreams, it usually means they are an important detail.

Blue, in my dreams, usually has to do with the prophetic gifts. But their uniforms are specifically baby blue, indicating that they are as yet inexperienced or immature in their role. They have been equipped with rifles and with the training they would need to use them, but they are afraid — because they have never had to handle this level of security problem before.

An application: Intercessors, like security guards, are official protectors — hence, they possess authority. Their authority is in the prophetic realm (indicated by the blue uniforms) and it is authority wielded through prayer. By listening to the Lord and receiving prophetic revelation from Him, intercessors are able to protect others by praying into what God shows them. This can involve praying for individuals, all the way up to international affairs.

Seeing the security guards’  fear, I go for help. Calling 911 indicates to me a calling out in prayer for help from the Lord for reinforcements.

I asked the Lord why, in the first part of the dream, handguns were involved, but in the second part, the security guards had rifles. Handguns indicate personal, up-close warfare. But the security guards, representing prophetic intercessors, had weapons for dealing with a situation from a sharpshooter’s perspective. As intercessors, we deal with events in others’ lives from afar (through prayer).

Summary application: God has already fully equipped us and given us His authority to carry on the warfare of the Kingdom successfully. He has given us the Holy Spirit and the sword of the Spirit (His Word) to accomplish our task. Just as the security guards had been trained in the use of their guns, we should become adept in using the Word of God and whatever the Spirit reveals to us to successfully take down the plans of the devil. We should not tremble or hesitate. The authority of heaven backs us up.

The reality is, though, that it takes time for us to become seasoned. In the first scene of the dream, I failed to completely overcome at first, but later on succeeded. The security guards in the second part of the dream felt their inexperience, and needed help from reinforcements. I think there are two messages simultaneously showing up here:

  1. We really do need to recognize that we have been fully equipped and can overcome.
  2. God is available to back us up. We can call upon Him to send us help from heaven, so that we can entirely win our battles.

Was this dream and its interpretation of any help to you? How did you do, as you practiced interpreting it? Do you have any additional insights? Leave them as a comment. I have not covered every detail, and your input may further help me to understand my dream.

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Growing in the Prophetic (CD set or mp3),
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8 responses to “A Dream Interpretation Exercise (Part 2)

  1. Lee Ann,
    Interpretation is more challenging and difficult. I would not know whether to begin with the general or details, or if it is my own interpretation or not.
    Thanks for the explanation!


    • Hi Dean,

      Yes, interpretation and application are the most difficult parts. Some dreams are given to us so that we will know how to pray, or what action to take, and those kinds of dreams the Lord wants to give interpretation/application to, if we will ask Him. But some are just given because, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, without first revealing His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). With those, there may be no interpretation from the Lord; we just have to wait and see what unfolds. We can pray, especially in tongues, about the dream, but then we just have to wait.

      Many prophetic dream interpreters suggest that we get the overall story meaning first, and then go after the details. I tend to just go with whatever the Lord shows me first — which often starts with the details. So, I think it can be done either way, depending on how the individual dreamer ticks.


  2. I’m amazed at the amount of detail the dream entailed. I did not pick up on the significance of even half of it!

    My impressions were this: you were grappling with spiritual powers in a dark, hidden place, all alone. Finally, you overcame. When you called the guards to action, the more “public” people who were upstairs, they felt they weren’t equipped to take care of the problem, even though they actually were.

    I thought of the guards more as Christians who, while they have authority, don’t know it. They might not necessarily be called to the office of intercession, but they still are equipped and have the resources. These aren’t engaged in hand-to-hand combat, even though they have what they need. When they hear of the presence of the enemy, they grow fearful instead of looking at what they have in their hands.

    Thanks for inviting us to participate — that was fun and very eye-opening!


    • Hi Emily,

      I do tend to have very detailed dreams, and frequently they speak into multiple topics all in one dream (not so much in this dream, but in others). Some dream interpreters caution not to get too bogged down in details at first — to find what the overall message is first, and once you have that, to examine the details more. (I don’t always tick that way, though.) I think you’ve done well with interpreting the overall message. The setting cued me in to the more detailed meaning of it being about intercessors in Scene 2 — plus, intercession is my particular realm of interest, so it is what God would be speaking more to me about. But there are elements that apply to the Body of Christ at large, too.


  3. Hi Lee Ann~

    My interpretation was pretty similar to yours. The evil man was the enemy, and the treasure was salvation or your relationship with God. In the first battle, you were a younger, less mature Christian, and you were overcome, but still held onto your relationship with God.

    In the second battle you are better armed, which I also saw as more mature and with better spiritual weapons. You were able to overcome the enemy and lock him in, which was a picture of becoming free from besetting sins.

    I saw the going upstairs as a trip to the next level and the security guards as those in spiritual headship. There was frustration because those who were supposed to be your spiritual heads were not prepared to fight. They were not walking closely enough with God to have the boldness and authority to take care of the situation.

    The fear that the bad guy might escape was thinking that the enemy was only at a temporary standstill and would soon try something else.

    I saw the part about the leaders taking too long as concern for your leaders not being instant in season and out of season.

    I saw the dream as a picture of your spiritual journey from an immature Christian to one who has become fully fledged and who has authority over the enemy. I thought the point might be that you were concerned about those in the Christian world in leadership positions who are not fully mature and are ineffective in spiritual warfare.

    Thanks for letting us try to interpret your dream, I enjoyed it!



    • Hi Laura,

      I’m glad you focused in on the part about the frustration with it taking too long to secure the bad guy. That is a part that I have not yet “nailed” in my interpretation. So, I’ll take your thoughts on that before the Lord. I am intrigued by “the enemy was only at a temporary standstill and would soon try something else.”

      Thanks so much for spending time over my dream, and thank you for your input!


  4. Terri Jasperse

    I picked up on similar things that Laura did. I saw the basement as your past, what you have overcame through prayer.
    Yet I can see what you see also…. layers of meaning for you and us.
    I have been called to be a watchman. Yet I am tired and weary. All I can do right now is call on the Lord for His strength… it may be what all of us have to/need to do in these trying times. The battles can not won by my passion for something, they can only be won by His strength in us and through us.

    Thank you for teaching and reminding us to put our eyes on Him.


    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks for sharing your input on the dream!

      Perhaps the Lord would want you to renew in Him by simply resting in His Presence and being with Him. Sometimes we have to get away from the battles and recharge by surrounding ourselves with worship music, while we meditate on Him. Soldiers need furloughs. 🙂

      I have a YouTube channel where I’ve compiled a lot of worship music at http://www.youtube.com/leeannrubsam/playlists. Maybe you will find some things there that you like.

      Blessings, Lee Ann


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