Living from a Prophetic Perspective (Part 6)

propheticperspectiveIn previous posts in this series, we talked about gaining a prophetic perspective by

1.)  Slowing down in prayer and Bible reading, so that we can listen to what God has to say.

2.)  Asking for God’s counsel in sticky situations and then waiting for Him to reveal His solutions, rather than forging ahead in our own understanding.

3.)  Asking Him what is really going on beneath the surface in perplexing events, and what He is up to in the midst of them.

Another factor in gaining prophetic perspective is learning to pay attention to our inner peace barometer. Colossians 3:15 says, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts ….”

Peace, or the lack of it, is one of the most common methods the Holy Spirit uses to impart His guidance to us. If we will practice listening to the peace level we have within, we will gain a lot of ground in obtaining God’s vantage point on given situations we face. You may have a seemingly great opportunity present itself, which your rational mind says you would be a fool to pass up, and yet if the inner peace is missing in your spirit, it is a big clue that God is not in the opportunity. Conversely, through a deep-seated sense of peace, the Lord might lead you into an adventure which is entirely His will, but which outwardly looks quite risky. The rule of peace in our hearts is a mighty tool to help us move with God.

We can also increase prophetic perspective by learning to watch for divine connecting-of-the-dots moments we experience. Many people we cross paths with are God-placed connections — people whom we would not expect to be so. We may have a seemingly random conversation with someone, and even think afterwards, “What was that all about?” At exactly the right time somewhere down the road, God will recall that conversation to our memory to assist us in finding His plan.

Here’s a personal example, from about fifteen years ago:

A friend and I were chatting, and she mentioned a surgeon who had operated on both a family member and a friend. Although he had done general surgeries for them, she happened to say that his specialty was intestinal surgeries. Without knowing why, I thought about the conversation a few times after that.

Some months later, my husband was diagnosed with a large tumor in his digestive tract. Any of the general surgeons in our city would have been willing to operate on him, but the name of this particular doctor immediately was recalled to my mind. I felt certain it was the Lord’s leading, and we requested that he do the surgery. Through a random conversation, we acquired the best possible doctor — the only intestinal surgery specialist in our area. (And my husband is completely well today.)

Another way the Lord guides us into His perspectives is by connecting the dots in our thoughts between isolated bits of information. We suddenly have an understanding that multiple seemingly unrelated memories or ideas coming to mind are all part of one big jigsaw puzzle. By themselves, the pieces have little meaning, but when they are joined together, they indicate what God is doing or planning to do. This coming together of the pieces does not happen through logic, because our intellect would not be able to see the connections. It happens by the Holy Spirit interacting with our spirit.

Pay attention to repeat pieces of information which surface, perhaps through conversations, news articles, songs, sermons, prayers, etc. This is still another way God gets His thoughts across to us. What doesn’t make an impression the first time around eventually gets through to us through God-orchestrated repetition.

Once again, it is all a matter of listening for the subtle promptings of the Holy Spirit. He occasionally drops revelation into us like a thunderbolt, but most of the time He speaks through quieter methods, so that we will learn to be intimate with Him. Learning to listen to His small nudges is part of the exciting adventure of coming to know Him deeply. Are you ready for the journey with Him?

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3 responses to “Living from a Prophetic Perspective (Part 6)

  1. Great post, and love the illustration of the jigsaw puzzle.


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