Intercessor Seminar Free Download


I’m pleased to offer the 1st session of our Yes, You CAN Be an Intercessor! seminar as a FREE download. Yes, You CAN Be an Intercessor! is a seminar / workshop which we present live, but since many of you may not have the opportunity to attend in person, we’ve created the next best thing — an audio version, which is available as an mp3 download or CD set.

The entire seminar covers the topics:

  • Why intercession is important and how you can impact your world through prayer
  • Various ways to hear God’s voice and how to recognize that He is indeed speaking to you
  • What a “prayer language” is, and how it will help you be a more effective prayer warrior
  • How to tap into the flow of praying what the Holy Spirit reveals to you — so that you can hit the bull’s eye in prayer
  • Tips for getting the breakthrough answers to prayer which you desire

As I said, Session 1 of Yes, You CAN Be an Intercessor! is free (and the rest of the seminar is very reasonably priced too!).

To get Session 1, simply e-mail me at with the subject line “Free Yes You Can” and I will send you the link to the mp3 download.

Thanks! Happy listening!  ~ Lee Ann


2 responses to “Intercessor Seminar Free Download

  1. Lee Ann,
    Thanks for sending the link. Audio seems to bring more impact to the teaching than just reading. I’ll be purchasing the cd sets.


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