Trouble Hearing God? This May Be Why.

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Sometimes when I ask intercessors what the Lord is speaking to them, they respond by telling me what they have read in an intercessor newsletter, at a prophetic website, or in a Christian issues op-ed column. Maybe it’s what they’ve seen on Christian TV or YouTube. They sincerely think that what they are sharing is what God is speaking to them, but in reality, they are only regurgitating the ideas and opinions of others. Some are consistently unable to relate what God is showing them personally.

I wondered why that was, so I inquired of the Lord, and this is what I felt He was showing me: Continual bombardment of our mind through the eye and ear gates dulls our spirit’s ability to recognize God’s still small voice.

The people I am speaking of are usually passionate Christians who are eager to learn all that they can about the Lord and what He is saying or doing in the earth today. They get multiple intercessor newsletters because they have a heart to pray into big things, and they want to keep on top of current events from a Christian perspective.  But their minds are in a constant swirl, forever trying to process and sort through the information overload being fed into them. And because their minds are constantly chewing on all the info they’ve consumed, it’s hard for them to slow down enough to hear what God is saying to them, deep down inside.

Now, I think most of us are prone to having difficulty with this. We’re smack-dab in the middle of the Information Revolution, after all. I’ve got an inquiring mind, and certainly want to learn all I can. And keeping up with what’s afoot in our world is important. But I find, for myself, that if I am going to hear God, I’ve got to discipline myself to severely limit the inflow from outside voices.

I’d much rather be able to hear from God firsthand than to hear it from someone else. Secondhand just isn’t quite as good. And, I’d much rather spend the majority of my intercession time following the Holy Spirit’s promptings than merely praying what somebody else tells thousands of people on their mailing list that we should all pray. (It isn’t wrong to pray directly from a newsletter; it just shouldn’t be the sum total of our intercessory prayer life.) We need one-on-one communication directly between our spirit and the Holy Spirit. It’s like the difference between fresh fruit and the canned stuff. Not the same. But if we only consume the canned version, we don’t even have a clue how good the fresh fruit is!

Shouldn’t we all listen to good teaching and preaching? Of course. Can’t God speak to us through prophets, preachers, intercessor leaders, and teachers? Yes. We need these wonderful people. I have a few really, really favorite teachers I love to listen to. I write books and this blog with the intention of  helping people grow in their Christian life, especially in their prayer and prophetic understanding. I would be SAD if y’all quit reading what I’ve got for you! But I’d be even sadder to find out anyone was reading my materials in place of spending precious time personally with the Lord in prayer and reading the Bible.  We need to spend time with Him, not only in reading or listening to what some fallible human has to say about Him.

So, how does one fix this and get into a place of hearing God firsthand? Start by slowing down and deliberately tuning out. Think of it as a detox. Maybe it’s going to mean deleting a few ministry e-mails without reading them. Maybe it will mean less time watching TBN or Daystar. Maybe it will mean setting aside a specific amount of time for watching/listening/reading every week and then not going over the predetermined limit.

Once you’ve got yourself slowed down by removing the brain circuitry overload, your spirit is going to be able to gradually take precedence over your mind. You can actually relax in prayer and take time to ask, “Lord what do You have to say today?” You can now fill those brain cells which used to be clogged up with thinking about all the stuff you read, saw, and heard with new thinking about something you read in the Bible, or God’s character, or just how beautiful Jesus really is. The new peace and quiet of mind makes it much easier for the Holy Spirit to be heard in your spirit, because you’ve removed the debris which has been getting in the way for so long.

That’s a good place to start, and from there, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start hearing God clearly for yourself on a regular basis.

11 responses to “Trouble Hearing God? This May Be Why.

  1. joann hilliker

    It is hard to hear his voice if you do not spend quality time with him and tell him and realize just how beautiful he is and tell him so.His presence is so very precious.


  2. Lee Ann,
    You confirmed what I am currently going through. Slowing down, reducing input from external sources – emails, written Christian literature, etc. In fact, you addressed all the issues! During my current season, I’ve been impressed to listen through the O.T. – doing this through Biblegateway website, How clearly God spoke to individuals is amazing! Of course, I haven’t excluded reading the N.T. You are amazing with all your insights! Keep on!


  3. Hi, I love your article
    I was saved a year ago and I had a great connection with God, always talking to him and receiving his response through his word, dream or by hearing his still voice, it was amazing considering it was very new to me. I grew a very strong relationship with God, loved waking up everyday just to talk with him, fellowship, worship basically just enjoying life as a born again christian. I would go to sleep late every night because I LOVED reading his word & talking to him. After a while i started to feel different during my prayer before bed, my head would begin to spin, I felt nauseous & a bit scared. My head would spin out of control to the point it wouldn’t wear off until 10 minutes after my prayer this happened every night although this never stopped me from doing what I did every day but as the days went on I found it hard to hear God, I cried and assumed he was quiet. I went from being so happy and enjoying the strong connection me and God had to struggling with the fact I couldn’t hear him. I was so upset but remained patient and continued doing what I usually did but my days felt lonely, I felt so alone! I waited patiently and faithfully for a few months and Till this day I’m still struggling 😦 I miss the connection I had with God 😦 I now hardly go to church, fellowship or worship. I MISS GOD SO MUCH and still reach out but still struggle with hearing him. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it so much!!


    • Hello!

      I will try to get back to you after I have prayed a little about what you have shared. In the meantime, thank you for subscribing to the Out of the Fire blog. I have sent your free book, Overcoming Spiritual Bondage, to your e-mail address. There might be something in the book which will help you with what you are going through. Bless you! ~ Lee Ann


    • Hello again,

      All of us go through times when it appears that God is silent, and that can be an extended time of months for some people. However, from what you have said, it sounds as if more than that normal quiet season is going on here.

      From the description of what started happening to you, in the natural, it sounds like vertigo, which is a condition caused by an upset in the inside parts of your physical ear, affecting balance / equilibrium. That is what it sounds like was going on in the natural. At times, there can be a physical manifestation in the natural which is symbolic of what is going on in the spiritual. So, vertigo is a natural ear problem. This happened to you while you were praying. It could indicate an attack on your spiritual hearing.

      It is possible that you have an open door in your life due to things you participated in before you were a Christian. I explain open doors and how to get them closed in that book I sent you via e-mail, Overcoming Spiritual Bondage. Please take time to prayerfully read it and pray the prayers in it concerning open doors. It’s important to get those doors closed, for starters.

      Once the doors to demonic attack are dealt with, there are Scriptures you can pray and declare to restore your ability to hear the Lord. Here are a few —
      John 10:3-5, 8, and 27
      John 8:47 (just the first half)
      Ephesians 1:17-19
      See also the Scriptures at my website page, Encouragement from God’s Word on God Intends for Us to Know His Will and God Promises to Guide His Children.

      I am so glad that you continued to pray. That’s exactly what you need to do, even if you don’t start hearing immediately again. Also, fill yourself with the Word of God. Ask God to give you revelation through the Bible. He will speak to you through it, even if at first it seems to be just the general word that is there. It is still very, very powerful, and absorbing the Bible will pave the way for restored hearing through other avenues, such as the inner voice.

      Keep contending for your covenant, inheritance right in Christ to hear God’s voice. Keep seeking the Lord. Put worship music on daily and actively worship the Lord to reconnect with the Lord and to break any chains of the enemy off.

      The other thing which is vital for you to do is start coming together with other believers again. Wolves pick off sheep which have straggled away from the flock, and it is the same for people who are not sticking with the rest of the family of God. The devil finds them easy targets. Whether you choose to attend and get closely involved with a church meeting in a building or in a home fellowship which is strong and biblically balanced, please do that once again, and stick with it. I would recommend a fellowship of believers who are strong in the Bible and who also are Spirit-filled.

      I hope that helps, and I would love to hear about what God does for you, as you follow through. 🙂

      Bless you,
      Lee Ann


      • Wow! Thank you Jesus for this amazing lady! You know I’ve been told countless of times that I’m just a over thinker but I knew within myself that I’m not. I thank you so much for everything you shared I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Everything just made sense and i feel so much lighter. I am definitely going to take everything in and can not wait to start!! You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!!!


      • Jesus is awesome! 🙂 I’m so glad that what I shared made sense for you. Looking forward to you getting your hearing back!


  4. Great, simply, pure advise!!!!!
    Thank you.


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