Learning to Wear Your Mantle

Business Suit“God told me I am a prophet.”

OK, you’ve got the call. You have experienced some kind of an unmistakable word or experience from the Lord, where He let you in on a major purpose He has in mind for your life. Now what?

There is a process of getting from the point where God first speaks to you of your calling, to where it is a manifested reality. For some, this process starts with a succinct word, such as, “I call you to be a prophet” (or teacher, pastor, evangelist, etc.). For others, purpose unfolds gradually — a word here, a dream there, counsel or insight from another person which fits with what God already is showing you, until you are receiving understanding of your purpose along a consistent theme.

If God’s plan for you is big — and it is, no matter what He is calling you to — it will take time to forge. Very few things of value are made instantaneously, and what God is making of you is no exception.

When we hear a word from the Lord such as, “I call you to be a prophet,” it may feel like a very “now” word. And if we don’t understand that He generally works out people’s destinies as a process, we can make the mistake of telling the world who we are, and then expecting everyone else to be as impressed as we are with our new-found role. With a prophet calling, we might think everyone else has to hang on our every word and act accordingly — or else. A teaching function, in its immature stage, can lead us into annoying our associates by spewing our opinions right and left and sounding like a know-it-all.

But God makes very few of us (if any) overnight wonders. Overnight wonders are usually over … overnight. If it is going to last, a training process must be gone through, and the biggest part of that process is the refining of our character. The Lord will take us from the place where we view our purpose as being for our advantage and exaltation to where we are entirely focused on serving, loving, and encouraging others, all the while glorifying the Lord in our function.

So, how do you get to the fulfilling of the calling which the Lord has spoken over you? You start by wearing your mantle on the inside. God has spoken, you believe what He said, and you meditate on it inwardly. You spend quite a bit of time praying about it, asking the Lord questions about it, praying for its fulfillment, treasuring in your heart whatever He has said to you.

You get used to the idea, beginning to see yourself in your role, so that you think of yourself quite naturally as being whatever God has said you are to be. You spend time “being” in the spiritual realm before you ever begin to “be” in the natural realm. Figuratively speaking, you get comfortable wearing your ministry “suit” privately before you get decked out in it publicly.

At this point, your mantle is pretty much a secret between you and God. You may tell close family members what God has spoken over you. You may even talk to your pastor about it and receive his input. If you are part of a church which understands such things, your pastor should be willing to help you come into God’s plan for you. He may put you in places of service and training which will help you grow up into your God-given role.

Whether you have a pastor who can help you or not, there are multitudes of people who can, via books, conferences, and the Internet. Are you called to bring supernatural healing? You need to prepare by learning from those who have gone before you — Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Charles and Frances Hunter, to name just a few. You will also want to hang with people who are involved in healing ministry right in your area — perhaps becoming a member of a healing rooms team. It is the same with whatever ministry you are supposed to fulfill — learn through teaching and active participation as much as possible.

As you continue to consciously wear your mantle inwardly and do what you can to mature and prepare, you will see your ministry function begin to take form outwardly. It may not happen quickly. It could take years. But God will get you there, as you believe and are obedient to Him. Eventually your calling will become a solid fact in the natural realm. You will move in it on a regular basis, people will recognize what you have been given to do in the Kingdom, and they will be blessed as you walk it out.

Patience, a humble servant’s heart, and a teachable spirit are the keys to coming into God’s role for you. If you will submit to His refining process, the day will come when you will fully function in the ministry which He has designed for you to carry out.

The Spirit-Filled Guide to Personal Prophecy


The Spirit-Filled Guide to Personal Prophecy,
by Lee Ann Rubsam


prophetic teaching


Growing in the Prophetic,
audio teaching by Lee Ann Rubsam

8 responses to “Learning to Wear Your Mantle

  1. Lee Ann,
    Hmmm, much to contemplate and take in, especially the part – “You spend time “being” in the spiritual realm before you ever begin to “be” in the natural realm.” At times, external circumstances may have to fall in line with what is going on internally. Am I making sense?


    • Yes, I think so. But if we have a true call upon our life from the Lord, the external circumstances should eventually fall into line.

      Where we might get into trouble, is if we think we have a call which was never actually given to us by the Lord — something that was just an ambition of our own soul. But if we continually submit ourselves to the Lord, He sets us straight on those things over a space of time.

      Things which can hinder the external circumstances from falling into line are attitudes which are not Christ-like, behavior toward others which is not loving, and not following through with faithfulness and obedience. Those cause delay, until we change, and if we are not willing to change, there is the possibility of not ever coming into what God intended for us. It is somewhat of a “many are called, but few are chosen” concept.

      But if we stay humble before the Lord and trust Him to bring us into the full operation of our purpose, He will do what it takes in us, our circumstances, and the favor of people, to bring it fully into being.


  2. Lee Ann
    Thank you for your continued words of wisdom.
    “Words” concerning my “potential” action within the body of Christ were given to me a number of years ago. It is not public, but one on one for individuals in the world or in my area. My current place of worship does not encourage this type of ministry prophetic or otherwise. I cannot leave due to family responsibilities. Over the years I have been searching the internet, reading the books & those you suggested ( many years ago) and currently nourishing myself on your website and books. Basically, I’m a small burning bush in the wilderness of life.
    Blessings, Costa


    • Hi Costa,

      I think a lot of us feel like small burning bushes in a wilderness. I know I often do. But I do believe that as we remain faithful, humble, and loving, preferring others before ourselves during our journey to whatever He has promised us, we end up fulfilling a part of God’s plan which is every bit as important to Him as whatever future thing He has spoken to us about. When we continue to believe and live Christ-like lives in the midst of disappointments, He notices, and it is precious gold to Him — more precious than if we were doing some very visible ministry.

      Lee Ann


  3. Dear Lee Ann,
    We might never meet in person but I’d like to use this opportunity to say thank you for your blog. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy, but some of your writings make me realize that I am not alone. At times you speak directly to my heart and it astounds me to know that there is another person on similar wavelength. From what I write, I think you can presume that currently I have no one in real life to talk to about spiritual things. I hope at the right time I will have a community where I can grow more. Maybe it’s my private time with the Lord, maybe it’s simply not the time yet to meet them, or maybe I still have problems with distrust and prejudice against people in church. Whatever it is, thank you for writing. I really appreciate it. God bless.


    • Hi Anonymous,

      I think many people are in the same circumstances as what you express. I’m thankful that my blog is an oasis place for you!

      Lord, right now I pray You would arrange circumstances so that this precious saint would be led into contact with others who are of like mind in prayer, worship, and fellowship. Bring them people to share the goodness of the Lord together in community. In the meantime, Lord, I pray that communion with You and greater understanding from You would ever deepen for my anonymous friend. In Jesus’ name.

      Many blessings,
      Lee Ann


  4. Dear servant of the Lord . Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord and savior , it’s with great pleasure that we take this time to invite you to Kenya East Africa to come and be a blessing in our ministry preaching crusades and teaching leaders and appeal to you for assistance , we are in sugarbelt region but due to some mismangement of the factory work stoped at the factory people left the few remaining come to pastor for help while we can barely make it, its five months we have not even paid our rents please pray for us and any support will be highly welcome.Looking forward to hearing from you soonest .
    Pst John and Hellen Amina.
    Box 637 Sare Awendo 40405 E.A.Kenya
    Phone +254720734200.


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