E. M. Bounds on the Power of Prayer

E M BOUNDSE. M. Bounds was a prayer warrior of the latter part of the 19th Century. His writings on prayer are profound, and are considered by many to be essential reading for those who are serious about intercession. Get them as free e-books from many distributors, read online for free, or purchase his complete works in print at Amazon.

The following quotes are highlights from his book, The Power of Prayer:

Crucified preaching only can give life. Crucified preaching can come only from a crucified man.

Prayer is no petty duty, put into a corner; no piecemeal performance made out of the fragments of time which have been snatched from business and other engagements of life; but it means that the best of our time, the heart of our time and strength must be given.

In our private communions with God, time is a feature essential to its value. Much time spent with God is the secret of all successful praying.

Our short prayers owe their point and efficiency to the long ones that have preceded them. The short prevailing prayer cannot be prayed by one who has not prevailed with God in a mightier struggle of long continuance.

God’s acquaintance is not made by pop calls. God does not bestow his gifts on the casual or hasty comers and goers.  Much [time] with God alone is the secret of knowing him and of influence with him. He yields to the persistency of a faith that knows him. He bestows his richest gifts upon those who declare their desire for and appreciation of those gifts by the constancy as well as earnestness of their importunity.

He who has learned this trade [of prayer] well, draws at will, on sight, and with acceptance of heaven’s unfailing bank.

No man can do a great and enduring work for God who is not a man of prayer, and no man can be a man of prayer who does not give much time to praying.

Praying gives sense, brings wisdom, broadens and strengthens the mind. … Thought is not only brightened and clarified in prayer, but thought is born in prayer. … Revelations are made in the closet which are made nowhere else.

The holier a man is, the more does he estimate prayer; the clearer does he see that God gives himself to the praying ones ….

The praying ones are to the preacher as Aaron and Hur were to Moses. They hold up his hands and decide the issue that is so fiercely raging around them.

We can slight our praying, and not realize the peril till the foundations are gone.

It takes good time for the full flow of God into the spirit. Short devotions cut the pipe of God’s full flow. It takes time in the secret places to get the full revelation of God. Little time and hurry mar the picture.

Our ability to stay with God in our closet measures our ability to stay with God out of the closet.

The greatest victories are often the results of great waiting—waiting till words and plans are exhausted, and silent and patient waiting gains the crown.

The gospel moves with slow and timid pace when the saints are not at their prayers early and late and long.


3 responses to “E. M. Bounds on the Power of Prayer

  1. Thank you for these priceless thoughts by E.M. Bounds, Lee Ann. I found them very provoking.


  2. Thank you for E.M. Bounds I have tried to get his book and couldn’t get it due some problems .thank you I can read it online .May God bless you in whatever you Put hands to do. love in Christ,Joann


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