Thank You!

Many thanks to all of you who purchased our books during our sale a couple of weeks ago (or at any other time)!  If you liked our books, would you be so kind as to give them a star rating and say a few words of recommendation?  I would be so grateful!

Here are a few places you can choose from to do that:
Barnes & Noble
Apple iBooks 

I appreciate you taking the time and helping to spread the word!

  BeforeWhomWeStandbigIntercessor Manual Thumbnail200 Companion Cover





Names of God Thumbnail

Encouragement CoverGuy GIMP Prayer Cover Rock





Cr Space Vol 1 Cover

Cr Space Vol 2 coverCr River Life Student

2 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Le Ann, God Bless. May I ask you as an intercessor to pray for me. Going thru some difficult times, as many are, I know i am not alone. I ordered your intercessors companion and am just starting it. Thank you, Gail

    The Power and Presence Ministry

    If you came to my house and I ignored or avoided you, did not welcome U ::: needless to say>>>U probably would not be back!!| ***Gods people R so busy about their friends they forget the strangers who suddenly walk in Sunday morning—are each on of us responsible for that one who walked in and was NOT received? Yes we are!!!*** NEWEST RELEASE:::”It’s Gods Word, not mine…”|



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