Dream Interpretation: Part 11 — Additional Resources

I’d like to wrap up this series by leaving you with some additional resources links for your further study:

John Paul Jackson: You Tube 15-part series on dreams and visions

John Paul Jackson: You Tube 9-part series on dream interpretation 

John Paul Jackson: Understanding Dreams and Visions 6-CD Set (Most of the material is different than the You Tube series.)

Perry Stone: How to Interpret Dreams and Visions — The best part is the 50-term dictionary of biblical symbols at the end. Great for Bible study as well as interpreting dreams.

James Goll: Dream Language — Excellent teaching and practical advice on dreams, visions, and the prophetic gifts in general. Contains a small dream symbol dictionary at the end.

Ira Milligan: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream — A large dream dictionary. I much preferred  James Goll’s and John Paul Jackson’s teaching, but this is still a handy reference, especially the dictionary itself.

Hearing from God through Dreams (2009)      
Dream Interpretation: Part 1 — Intro 
Previous: Part 10 – Dream Q & A 

A Dream Interpretation Exercise


Growing in the Prophetic (CD set or mp3),
by Lee Ann Rubsam

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