Growing in the Prophetic Seminar on CD


Did you miss our Growing in the Prophetic seminar a few weeks ago?  We wish you could have been with us!

But, we have good news!

We recorded it for you, and it is now available as a CD set (also MP3 download).  It’s always more fun in person, but this is the next best thing!

Topics covered:

  1. Yes, You Can Be Prophetic! — Find out why every believer can and should move in the prophetic gifts — and what you can do to increase in living prophetically (or increase in what you already have).
  2. Interpreting Prophetic Revelation — How do we know the difference between literal and symbolic words, dreams, and visions? What do I do with prophetic revelation that I receive? How do I know I’m hearing God accurately — and how do I keep it that way?
  3. Practicing Personal Prophecy — Learn how to easily receive and release words of knowledge and personal prophetic words to bless others.
  4. Misuse / Abuse of Prophecy — There are right and wrong uses of the prophetic gifts. Here we give basic examples of how to avoid the pitfalls, so that you can be a blessing to others.
  5. Unlocking Your Dream Life for Revelation —  A lot of info here. We included our hands-on dream interpretation practice session.
  6. Pastors and Prophetic People: Getting Along — When we understand how the relationship between pastors and intercessors and/or prophetic people is supposed to work, and what our particular functions encompass, good things happen within the church!  Learn how to be a blessing to your pastor — and pastors, learn how you can build a healthy, happy intercessor team that won’t make you want to tear your hair out!

4-CD Set, Approx. 5 hours 

Ordering Links (shipping included in price): 
U.S. $30.00   

Canada/Mexico: $40.00      
International: 48.00 
MP3 Download (Any Country) $19.00 

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