Growing in the Prophetic Seminar on CD


Did you miss our Growing in the Prophetic seminar a few weeks ago?  We wish you could have been with us!

But, we have good news!

We recorded it for you, and it is now available as a CD set (also MP3 download).  It’s always more fun in person, but this is the next best thing!

Topics covered:

  1. Yes, You Can Be Prophetic! — Find out why every believer can and should move in the prophetic gifts — and what you can do to increase in living prophetically (or increase in what you already have).
  2. Interpreting Prophetic Revelation — How do we know the difference between literal and symbolic words, dreams, and visions? What do I do with prophetic revelation that I receive? How do I know I’m hearing God accurately — and how do I keep it that way?
  3. Practicing Personal Prophecy — Learn how to easily receive and release words of knowledge and personal prophetic words to bless others.
  4. Misuse / Abuse of Prophecy — There are right and wrong uses of the prophetic gifts. Here we give basic examples of how to avoid the pitfalls, so that you can be a blessing to others.
  5. Unlocking Your Dream Life for Revelation —  A lot of info here. We included our hands-on dream interpretation practice session.
  6. Pastors and Prophetic People: Getting Along — When we understand how the relationship between pastors and intercessors and/or prophetic people is supposed to work, and what our particular functions encompass, good things happen within the church!  Learn how to be a blessing to your pastor — and pastors, learn how you can build a healthy, happy intercessor team that won’t make you want to tear your hair out!

4-CD Set, Approx. 5 hours 

Ordering Links (shipping included in price): 
U.S. $30.00   

Canada/Mexico: $40.00      
International: 48.00 
MP3 Download (Any Country) $19.00 

4 responses to “Growing in the Prophetic Seminar on CD

  1. Before I slept I asked God for patience hope and encouragement for me to pursue a relationship and promised that if there’s no hope then I’ll just quit pursuing the relationship. I’ve done this twice and I only dream of war, I always survive the wars but is there an interpretation? If there is, can someone help and tell me?


    • Hi Gloria,

      The dreams of war are most likely directly connected to your prayer right before you go to sleep. I would say that if you pursue the relationship at all, go forward very carefully. Do not give your heart too quickly. The dreams may be about war in the spirit to see the relationship come together — some difficulties ahead. Or, they could be a warning that if you go into or continue the relationship, there may be great difficulty.

      You will have to look more carefully at the details of the dreams in order to get a more accurate picture. Most likely there is more information in the other details. I would suggest putting a lot more prayer into this before moving forward in the relationship. God should be speaking to you in other ways besides dreams, too. He will be faithful to make His guidance clear as you wait upon Him in prayer.

      Lee Ann


      • Hey Lee Ann,
        Thank you for the reply. Does advancing carefully in a relationship ever work? I really don’t want to suffer. Would you advice that I quit?



      • I can’t answer that for you, Gloria. You will need to seek the Lord and not move forward until you are clear about what He is speaking to you. Take the time to seek Him. See what He says to you through several means. Perhaps seek the counsel of your pastor. Colossians 3:15 gives us one way God guides us — “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.” This may take time for you to sort out.

        Lee Ann


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