Dream Interpretation: Part 2 — Dreams Originating with God

In future posts, we will talk about dreams which originate within our own souls and demonic dreams. But let’s get to the best stuff first — dreams directly from the Lord.

What kinds of things does God talk to us about in dreams? Really, the sky is the limit. Whatever He might talk to us about in our waking hours can also show up in our dreams. We might, at times, dismiss a thought in our awake hours which is really from God, thinking it is just a silly notion of our own, but if He reinforces what He wants to say with a dream, we will be more likely to pay attention. He may comfort and reassure us, give us correction, show us an area of our lives where we are not aligned with His plans for us, give us a solution to a problem we currently face, talk to us about our life-calling, warn us of impending danger, give us something to pray about, or show us events to come so that we can prepare our hearts and lifestyles for them.

Dreams can address our past — especially if there is something we still need to resolve. But a majority of them will about our present and our future. During their awake hours, many intercessors tend to hear God speak about things that will happen two or three years down the road. That generally follows through in their dream life as well. Most of my dreams are about the future, often with that three-year time leap.

Dreams usually take one of two forms: snap-shot dreams (which portray one simple scene) or panoramic dreams (which play out like a movie storyline, often with several progressive scenes). But they can also be simply a message in words or in song. I frequently experience dreams which are just words. I hear a voice speaking, without any picture attached. Sometimes I see the words. Occasionally, I see the words and hear them at the same time. What does God say to me? The same sorts of things He says in the inner voice during my waking hours. At times, it is a Scripture reference only, which I then must look up and interact with Him about once I am awake.

I often wake up with a worship song running through my mind, and then play that song on repeat during my prayer time. It is “our” song for that day. God may want to emphasize a particular idea in it, or He may just want to hear it and fellowship together through it.

What about awaking with a secular tune on your mind? I have a friend who hears from God in this way. She hears lines from old, long-forgotten songs during her dream time, and upon awaking, finds them online. God then speaks to her as she listens to those songs. I had that happen once, and it was profound. For my friend, it is a personal way God regularly speaks to her in her dreams.

What about dreams where angels appear and speak messages? These dreams tend to be really straight-forward and less symbolic than the average dream. We’ll talk about them at greater length in a future post.

How can you know for sure that a dream is really from God? Often, you can’t tell immediately. That’s why it is a good idea to record all dreams in your dream journal.  If God wants to get a message through to you, He is going to drop revelation into you about that dream as you spend time with Him over it and ask Him questions about it. He may not tell you right away. It could be months down the road, after certain circumstances have transpired. He may give you several more related dreams before you come to understand His message. Ensuing dreams often help shed light on an earlier dream. You may not know until the events in the dream unfold in real life. In fact, that is one sure-fire way to know — when the dream is fulfilled.

Don’t waste time obsessing about whether a dream is a true God-dream or not. Just keep inviting the Lord to speak to you in that way, interact with Him about what you dream, and expect Him to speak to you. Over time, you will see that He has been faithful to do so, and that you can trust Him.

Hearing from God through Dreams (2009)
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The Dream Book: A Practical Guide to Christian Dream Interpretation,
by Lee Ann Rubsam



Christian dream interpretation workshop


Hearing God Through Your Dreams (Workshop, CD set or mp3 )
by Lee Ann Rubsam



2 responses to “Dream Interpretation: Part 2 — Dreams Originating with God

  1. I love your advice about not worrying about whether a dream is a true God-dream or not, and simply to keep continuing to interact with Him. Logical minds want to figure it all out, right? And sometimes we just have to accept the fact that dealing with God is not cut and dried.


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