Dream Interpretation: Part 1 — Intro

In 2009, I wrote a short series on Hearing from God through Dreams.  Since then, I have learned a great deal more about this fascinating way in which God communicates with us.  You might want to read the original series, as I will not be entirely repeating the info presented there in this series.

In posts to come, we will be talking in greater depth about:

  • Dreams originating with God
  • Dreams about us or others?
  • Dream examples in the Bible
  • Dreams involving the soul
  • When bad things happen in dreams
  • Spiritual warfare dreams
  • Dream Q & A
  • Tips for better dream interpretation
  • Helpful Christian dream resources

In my original series, I mentioned that there are three sources from which dreams can come: God, our souls, and the devil.  I commented that many dreams are just “pizza” dreams, and can be disregarded.  I have since come to realize that, especially as we learn to anticipate God speaking to us through dreams, those that are truly of no value are few.  If we remember them when we wake up, they are usually meant to be useful to us in some way.

Many is the morning when I have awakened with the memory of a seemingly confused, convoluted dream, and my temptation was to relegate it to the “pizza” dream pile, rather than write it in my dream journal.  But I have written it down anyway, with the thought in the back of my mind, “What if it really is from God, and I’m just not recognizing it yet?  I wouldn’t want to ignore Him.”  And in the process of writing it down, or perhaps even weeks later in rereading it, revelation has started to unfold.  I have come to realize that what I initially think are foolish dreams often have profound meaning couched in deep symbolism.  In fact, this is how some of the most important God-dreams have started out for me.

Those dreams which may not be a direct message from God can still be utilized by Him to show us things going on within us that need attention.  He is always looking to expand our understanding and to aid us with His guidance.  Even in our dreams, He does that in a variety of ways.

Next: Part 2 — Dreams Originating with God

dream interpretation



The Dream Book: A Practical Guide to Christian Dream Interpretation,
by Lee Ann Rubsam



Christian dream interpretation workshop


Hearing God Through Your Dreams (Workshop, CD set or mp3 )
by Lee Ann Rubsam



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  1. Samuel Otii Okeyo

    the truth of God is here


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