Post Election: Where Do We Go from Here? (Part 3)

As intercessors, what should be our outlook for the future?  How should we pray for America?

This is not a season for despair, but a season to strengthen ourselves in the Lord, as David often did.  God is still “our goodness, our fortress, our high tower, and our deliverer” Who “teaches our hands to war and our fingers to fight” [in spiritual warfare].  (See Psalm 144:1, 2.)

Here are some ways we can pray:

  1. Continue to repent on behalf of America, according to Daniel 9.  Daniel’s prayer for Israel is a model for how we can pray.  He achieved results, and we can, too.
  2. Continue praying for revival, awakening, a great ingathering of souls into the Kingdom.  Pray for hearts to change.  Before the 2008 election, a prophetic word was given that when the cry for mercy became greater than the cry for change, then God would hear and heal our land.  We are not there yet — but your prayers can get us there.
  3. Pray that the influence of the spirits of confusion, division, and hatred over America would be diminished.
  4. Pray that uproar, upheaval, and fear in the hearts of men would be subdued.  Pray for the Lord’s peace to prevail over turmoil.
  5. As the Lord speaks to you about particular troubles to come, head them off by canceling the enemy’s assignments.
  6. Pray for salvation, supernatural wisdom, and physical safety for the President and other government officials.
  7. Pray for sin to be abhorred and righteousness to be celebrated in our land.  (Again, that will only happen through heart-change.)

What else can we do, besides prayer?  Speak life, hope, and faith into others — especially those who are weaker.  Speak for what is right and true — but do it prudently and graciously.  Listen continually for the Holy Spirit’s instruction, and then obey quickly.

Well over a year ago, I saw in the spirit, a map of the United States.  Beneath it was a safety net, much like trapeze artists use.  And with it, I heard the words, “Underneath are the everlasting arms.”

God has a safety net under this nation.  Should the nation fall, He’s there to catch it. I believe part of His safety net is the prayer of faithful intercessors.  No matter what it looks like, keep interceding.  In doing so, you are partnering with God to release His answers for America.

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2 responses to “Post Election: Where Do We Go from Here? (Part 3)

  1. We might also remember to pray for the Josephs and Daniels and Davids in our nation and in every nation. Maligned, imprisoned, in danger of being put to death, but, at the right time, exalted by God and made a blessing to all. Pharaohs could not ignore them, Kings could not kill them, nothing could remove them from God’s hand, and no one could change God’s plan for them. The story is not always about the greatest, sometimes the real story is about the least.


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