Post Election: Where Do We Go from Here? (Part 2)

In the unseen spirit realm, a colossal battle has been raging over our nation for quite some time, but it has increased to fever pitch during very recent years. Spirits of confusion and division have been unleashed upon America, and this especially became evident in the striving and tearing that took place between one another during this particular election year.  These spirits affected even the most dedicated of God’s people, without us even perceiving it, making it difficult for many of us to know whom to vote for — or even whether to vote at all.

In addition, a spirit of hatred began to afflict the nation, and it is still viciously at work. The election often seemed to be more about whom to be against than whom to be for.  Unfortunately, this wicked spirit influenced many of us who are intercessors, partly because we did not exercise discernment in what we subjected ourselves to from news media editorialists who carried this hate-filled spirit.  If we are going to be effective in the future, we must address this problem first.

Emotions fueled by frustration and fear for the future ran very high, and among conservative Christians, some developed a deep hatred for President Obama, as well as for anyone who disagreed with their point of view.  This is very wrong.  I dare say most of us probably stepped over a line into disrespectful attitudes and speech about our President and other elected officials at some point along the way.  Many of us forgot that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities” and “spiritual wickedness in high places” in the spirit realm (Ephesians 6:12).

 It is time to come back from that un-Christlike place through repentance. We must ask the Lord to forgive us for any sinful attitudes that crept in, and for any ungracious words or soulish prayers that passed our lips.  Bitterness must be washed from our hearts. We must pray for our President and other government leaders according to 1 Timothy 2:1-4 once again, both privately and when we gather together.  Once we have humbled our hearts and asked for Jesus’ supernatural cleansing, we can move forward in the grace of God.

What is our outlook to be from here on, and how should we pray in the future?  Let’s talk about that next time.

Post-Election Prayer (Part 1)
Post-Election Prayer (Part 3)


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