Challenges Prophetic People Face: The Future Factor (Part 3)

The Future Factor and Your Personal Destiny (cont.)

As I said in our last post, most of the time, God starts speaking to us about the personal destiny He has planned for us long before we are able to step into it in its entirety.  And this can cause problems for us, because those words often feel like “now” words when we first hear them.  But we are not usually ready to take on those destiny-callings immediately.  God takes His time in preparing us. He has to bring us to a place of greater maturity and humility so that we handle our callings well, and the bigger His purpose for us, the more refining of our character there will have to be.

Joseph and Moses both found out about the future factor the hard way.  Joseph told his brothers about his prophetic dreams of one day being a ruler over them, and they not only hated him for it, but they did their best to stop it from ever happening (Genesis 37).  Moses knew as a young prince in Egypt that he was to deliver Israel from bondage, but he was rejected by his own people when he mistakenly tried to step into that calling prematurely (Exodus 2:11-15).  Acts 7:25 tells us, “For He supposed his brethren would have understood how God by his hand would deliver them, but they did not understand.”  Both Joseph and Moses needed some maturing before they could fulfill their destinies in such a way as to bring the most glory to God and the most benefit to other people.

In summary of these last two posts, let’s briefly list what you can do while waiting for your personal destiny to unfold in your natural world:

  1. Draw ever closer in intimate relationship with the Lord.  (This really is of #1 importance.)
  2. Have faith for the things God has spoken to you.
  3. Don’t give in to being disheartened if the circumstances don’t immediately line up or if people give you flak.
  4. Do what you can to prepare.
  5. Serve to the best of your ability.
  6. Take the baby steps forward as opportunities open up before you.
  7. Don’t beat up on yourself when you make mistakes.
  8. Keep the prophetic vision God has given you before your eyes.

If He spoke it to you, He’s going to do it for you, as you trustingly hold His hand.

In our next post, we’ll look at how our future factor affects prophetic words we release to church leadership or the congregation.

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14 responses to “Challenges Prophetic People Face: The Future Factor (Part 3)

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  2. Good Stuff! The Lord put me through the furnace after he called me. It seems that no matter what the calling, but I am seeing prophets especially so, that there is a desert time of wandering and a time of stripping them of themselves making them totally dependent upon God. In Joseph’s case, he named his first born Manasseh meaning causing to forget. He forgot the dream that the Lord gave him about ruling over his family. Moses, when the Lord told him to go back to Egypt said send someone else. The vision has to die before the Lord can resurrect it and give it life .


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  4. Hi Lee Ann~

    Just wanted you to know that I’m really enjoying this series! Thanks for writing about prophetic challenges!


  5. I am blessed with the topics you have discussed on the Prophetic Challenges…It helped me realize that we should release the fear that is in us and to walk in the calling where God has called us to and to live by faith in accordance to the Holy Word of God.

    God bless and may your blogs help in equipping the Body of Christ =)


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  7. Isabella Yosuico

    Lee Ann: I won’t go into detail right now, but this series is a remarkable word for me right now. Thank you and God bless you.


  8. Chinenye Emeka

    No doubt, I found you by divine direction!
    Lingering questions in my heart is getting answered as I read through your articles. They are so glaring!
    Pure,true, simple and valuable insights.

    Thanks for coming out of the fire and helping others through it.


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