How to Pray for Your Church

Today’s post is taken from John Paul Jackson’s book, Needless Casualties of WarI highly recommend this book.  It is full of information we all need about how to handle spiritual warfare rightly, from a different perspective than many of us are accustomed to.  Needless Casualties of War at Amazon.  (Please see more info on John Paul Jackson’s ministry, Streams Ministries International, at the end of this post.)

When Praying for Churches

For Times of Worship, Pray For:
—  The presence of God to be powerfully manifested
—  The glory of God to literally fill the room
—  That God will give manifestations of angelic ministries (Hebrews 1:14)
—  Unique and powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit during worship
—  The prophetic spirit of God to rest on worship leaders and musicians
—  Clear wisdom and ability to flow with the leading of the Holy Spirit
—  Worshippers to:
     embrace a call to holiness,
be healed of diseases,
be refreshed by the Holy Spirit,
     be touched by the power of God,
     be baptized with the Holy Spirit,
     be set free from demonic spirits

For the Times of Teaching and Preaching, Pray:
—   That there will be deliverance from sin, from demonization, and from sickness during the teaching time
—  That conviction will rest on the Word to minister salvation to non-Christians and clearer revelation to the Body of Christ
—  That the anointing of the Holy Spirit will powerfully fall during the preaching of the Word.

For Ministry Times, Pray For:
—  Manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
—  The Holy Spirit to powerfully heal, encourage, and refresh all believers

In General, Pray For:
—  An anointing that the conviction of sin would fall in the meetings, resulting in evangelism of the lost and unchurched
—  Radical salvations, healings, and deliverances among the Body of Christ, so that we may all walk in greater purity and single-minded devotion to God
—  A generous spirit of giving that would be evidenced among believers to support greater outreaches to the poor and other various mission opportunities.

(Needless Casualties of War, by John Paul Jackson. Copyright 1999, Streams Ministries International. All rights reserved. Used by permission. For more information, please see

4 responses to “How to Pray for Your Church

  1. The book is timely, just what i needed. It gave a different perspective to spiritual warfare. I will get a copy. Thank you Ann


  2. I want to put my full support behind John Paul Jackson’s teaching in “Needless Casualties of War.”
    My experience with ‘binding principalities and Powers’ and those of others that I have observed confirms his thesis that we can step beyond our boundary of authority and open ourselves to counter-attack.


  3. Although Peter Wagner and others have taught that “binding” Satan or high level principalities or powers is the way to do Spiritual Warfare, My mentors say it is not. This “binding” type of spiritual warfare is bad for your health, your wealth, your family togetherness.
    I observed the exact problems John Paul Jackson outlines in my life and that of other Christians who followed the ‘Wagner’ model of spiritual warfare.


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