New Book — The Intercessor’s Companion

I am so very pleased to announce that our new book, The Intercessor’s Companion, is now available.

(2-19-15 update: We are currently running a close-out sale on the comb-bound edition of The Intercessor’s Companion. We will continue to have both a paperback and an e-book version — we’re just discontinuing the comb-bond version. Save $3.00 over our regular price when you buy the comb-bound book. Supplies are limited; U. S. customers only.)

The Intercessor's CompanionHow many times have you wished to pray Scripture relating to a specific need, but couldn’t remember where the verses were to support your prayers? The Intercessor’s Companion is a topical listing of Bible verses that will aid you in receiving your breakthrough answers.

This is a much-expanded version of our smaller book, Encouragement from God’s Word. We’ve added ten topics of particular interest to intercessors, insightful commentary, and we’ve redone the Bible verses in a modernized rendition of the King James Version for easier reading.

Topics covered:

Establishing Our Foundations for Prayer:
1. Your Importance as an Intercessor
2. The Bible Is True
3. God Intends for Us to Know His Will
4. God Promises to Guide His Children
5. God’s Promises Shall Stand
6. God Means Great Good Toward Us
7. God Will Not Let Us Be Ashamed
8. God Helps Those Who Trust in Him
9. God’s Faithfulness Is Unfailing
10. God Has Not Forgotten You
11. We Need Not Fear
12. Our God Is Our Safety
13. You Can Have Peace
14. Our God Is a Listening God
15. The Lord Answers Your Prayers
Praying for Specific Needs:
16. Health and Healing
17. Prosperity
18. Salvation for Loved Ones
19. Israel
20. Our Nation
21. Your Pastor (Ministry Leaders, Missionaries)
22. Relationships
23. The Church
Our Final Assurance:
24. God Always Knew It All
25. God Ultimately Will Have His Way
26. The Battle Is the Lord’s
27. In God We Have Ultimate Victory
28. Appendix A: Decreeing the Will of God
29. Appendix B: Spiritual Warfare

8 1/2 X 11, Comb,  Paperback,  83 pages

Order Now

Ebook version available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
and Smashwords.


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