When He Comes

A few days ago, while several of us prayed together for our region, one of the ladies said God had brought to her mind, “Complete each other, don’t compete with each other.”  The ever persistent problem of competition between churches for members and prestige was the context of her comment, and we prayed, as we often do, for the walls between the churches to come down and for unity of heart to prevail.

In the midst of our intercession, I had a small glimpse into what God desires to do among the believers in our region.  We are certain that He is going to bring a great awakening, and I saw that the coming outpouring of the Lord’s Presence will be of such magnitude that there will not be room to contain it.  The harvest of souls will be so great that pastors will no longer clutch nervously at their sheep, but instead will be calling other pastors on the phone, asking them to take the super-abundance of people off their hands — because there are too many to effectively minister to. 

I’ve continued to think about the way things are, as opposed to the way things will be.  You see, we live in a place where the soil of people’s hearts is packed down hard.  Most of the Church is satisfied with starvation portions of the Lord’s Presence.  I don’t see a lot of hunger in God’s people for Jesus.  Much less do I see any hunger for Him (at this point) in the nonbelievers. 

And it is not the nonbelievers’ fault, either.  For the most part, they see a powerless Church around them that is self-satisfied, self-righteous, self-preoccupied, accusatory, and unconcerned about anybody outside its four walls.  It is a mindset we are all ensnared in to one extent or another — even when we try not to be.

Living in a spiritually dry place causes churches (and individuals within the churches) to compete and be jealous over spiritual blessings. We don’t rejoice for each other when one of us receives God’s promotion or favor in some way.  One man commented that we are like crabs in a bucket: if one manages to climb high enough to obtain freedom at the pail’s rim, the others frantically try to pull their buddy back down to their level.  It is a poverty mentality at work — almost as though we think God doesn’t have enough of Himself to go around, so we must hoard Him and His blessings.  BUT when a heavenly outpouring comes, poverty mindsets are overthrown in a heartbeat. 

And come the outpouring will.  I see it in my spirit.  The faithful ones who pray with me for awakening can see it, too.  I know there must be small pockets of believers around our city and region who are praying just like we are.  I see a number of the churches beginning to position themselves for God’s coming move, perhaps without even knowing why they are making the shifts that they are.

When the Lord comes in His outpouring, there will be a harvest too great to put into one or two boxes (church houses).  It will be accompanied by wholesale miracles and healings like the Church has only read of in the Bible, but has not in many centuries experienced.  It will not be just one more hype-filled revival that focuses around one man or one “lucky” fellowship that happened to get “it.”  It will be characterized by humble awe of the Lord and by His compassion for others.  The focus will not be on the amazing miracles that will take place; the focus will be all on Jesus.

Do you think it can happen?  I know it can, and it will.  We’ve quoted Zechariah 4:6 for years: “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts” — so much so that it may seem to be a cliché (but it isn’t).  In response to our heartfelt prayers, God will do by His Spirit what we cannot possibly bring about through our own efforts.

Come, Lord Jesus.  Be magnified among Your people.  May those who don’t yet know You see and embrace You.  May Your John 17 prayer for unity among Your own be realized.  May Awakening be poured out, a foretaste of  Your final coming. 


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