The Nature of God — Intro

Note: This blog series is a partial draft version of my book, Before Whom We Stand: The Everyman’s Guide to the Nature of God.

The book is approximately twice the amount of  material found in this series, and is available in print from Full Gospel Family Publications and Amazon. The ebook version can be found at most major ebook retailers.

We live in a confused world, where people do not know Who God really is anymore. Even in the Church, there are many whose understanding of His nature is fuzzy at best, and quite mistaken at worst.

Many heresies are afoot in the Church today.  Some of them look very plausible (and appealing) on the surface, and their perpetrators use Scripture convincingly to prove their point.  Error will usually have enough truth mixed in with it to make it seem right.

One of the best ways I have discovered to quickly discern whether a teaching about the nature of God is truth or not is by asking the question, “Does this teaching magnify God to a higher place than the best I could possibly imagine of Him, or does it seek to limit Him and make Him less glorious?”  Any doctrine which makes God smaller in our eyes is not truth.  God is always bigger and better than our wildest imagination!  When we hear a new idea which troubles us, but we do not immediately know exactly what is wrong, we should think it through carefully and prayerfully, applying the Word as the plumbline to measure it for truth, as God brings specific verses to mind over a period of time.  He is faithful to keep us from error, if we depend upon Him to do so.

The following series is not intended to be another “statement of faith” as we generally think of those, although it is built upon the solid foundation of the Bible.  It is more of an expression of what I have personally come to know of The Living God — His essence and what that means to those of us who have a hunger to know HIM for Who He really is.

The major topics we will be addressing:
The Godhead Together:
The Trinity
God Is Eternal
Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent
God Is Completely Good
God Is Entirely Truthful
God Is Just — and Merciful
God Is Holy
     God Is Love
The Father:
Father Loves Us
The Originator
The Supreme Ruler
Jesus, the Son:
His Virgin Birth  
The Second Adam
The Word
The Creator 
     The Healer
The Intercessor
The Restorer
    The King of Kings
The Holy Spirit
The Breath 
The Fire
The Teacher
The Comforter
The Intercessor
The Testifier

2 responses to “The Nature of God — Intro

  1. Thank you for sharing Lee Ann. You made this so easy to understand and it speaks volumes to me and has restrengthen my faith.


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