More on Breakthrough Intercession

Some time back, I shared with you a series of posts on Breakthrough Intercession.  Since then, I have learned a few things that I would like to add.

1.)  Sometimes we have to put blinders on ourselves, so that we can only see straight ahead to Jesus. We can’t afford to start looking at side issues, if we’re going to get those breakthroughs. Spiritual earplugs to tune out the nay-saying of others are a good idea, too. Refocus for your breakthroughs.
2.)  Breakthrough prayer carries a prerequisite: all-out commitment to the person or thing we are breaking through for. Before we see fulfillment of what God has spoken to us, we must commit to it at any cost — no alternative plans for if it “doesn’t work out.”
3.)  Needed breakthroughs look pretty daunting when we first go to prayer for them.  But as we persevere, faith rises in our hearts — faith to receive the answer, but more than that, faith in the nature of the God we are petitioning. If it looks overwhelming, continue to press in, and you will begin to “see” your answer in your spirit. We almost always must see it in the spirit before we see it materialize in the natural realm.
4.)  Read 1 Chronicles 11:12-14. When you feel, like Eleazar, that you are the last man standing to defend your “barley field” in prayer, remember that you are not really the only one left — Jesus is still your prayer partner.
5.)  Breakthrough intercession is not primarily about what you do in prayer or how good you are at it. It’s about Who is with you in it.  Jesus is your prayer partner!  

Original series: Breakthrough Intercession 

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4 responses to “More on Breakthrough Intercession

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  2. Lee Ann,
    your teaching on breakthrough intercession is the best I have come across and can personally vouch for several of the points you make. I hope you can clarify a point that I’m struggling with. What does one do in the time when the breakthrough was clearly obtained in the spirit realm but has not yet manifested in the natural. I’m dealing with a workplace oppression situation where after several sessions of extended fasting I enjoyed a manifestation of it being lifted off in the spirit – being able to breathe deeply for the first time in years and a literal experience of a huge weight (that was keeping me down) being lifted off and an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility and freedom. I even wondered how I managed to live under such a heavy weight. I expected to see results in the natural realm soon, but it has been 2months and has not yet happened.


    • Hi Sam,

      Sometimes it does take a while. I remember one situation that I prayed into, where the Lord clearly spoke to me that it was done, but I did not see any signs of it for at least a few months, and did not see the full resolution for about a year. The waiting time can be quite a walk of faith, where we must continue to declare the truth of what we know in the spirit, and not let our natural eyes and ears rule what we think (especially if the outward circumstances still are unpleasant). Sometimes the transition time is a time of holding our position, perhaps by still praying into the situation here and there, especially in tongues, and sometimes it is a time of complete rest, where we don’t need to pray into it anymore at all. If you still feel the need to pray it out, go ahead and listen to that. It might mean you had a partial breakthrough, but more is still needed. But if you just don’t feel the propelling of the Spirit to pray anymore about it, then there is no need to.

      Lee Ann


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