2010: The Year of Measurement (Part 1)


In recent weeks I have been reflecting on this past year, as many of you have been.  It’s been a hard year for me spiritually and emotionally.  Relationships, commitments, ability to communicate the word of the Lord clearly — all have been tested.  And I felt the Lord’s prodding to look up what 10 means in biblical symbolism.  It means measurementAnd the Lord  began to speak to me that 2010 is “The Year of Measurement.”

As I prayed and pondered this subject, I began to understand that the measurement God’s people are currently experiencing is coming from three sources — God, the enemy of our souls, and man.  The reason?  We are in a season of intense preparation for what is about to unfold in America, and perhaps across the world. 

God has been testing and measuring us to strengthen us, so that we might be well able to step into our future and carry out His plans successfully.  He wants to make sure we are made of the right stuff — and if we are not there yet, by the present trials He seeks to draw us near to Himself and to give us opportunity to make the necessary adjustments.  He will point out to us what those adjustments are, as we stay close to Him.

This is a season when He is calling us back into deeper prayer.  He is getting ready to appoint each of us to the position we are intended to hold in His plan — but we must have a pure heart and renewed sensitivity to His direction if we are to carry out our appointment victoriously.

The enemy also knows what is on the horizon, and he is measuring us for weaknesses — for chinks in our armor — to see if he can stop us from entering into what God has for us in the coming days.  He wants to push us to the edge, so that we throw in the towel and miss God’s best plan for us.  Discouragement, wounded relationships and resulting offense-holding,  weariness because our prophetic words and personal promises are taking so long to manifest in the natural — these are some of the tools Satan uses to poke and prod as he measures us.

Then there is the measurement of man.  Many of you have done your best, but the results have not lined up very well.   You have walked in integrity and faithfulness of heart, moving with Holy Spirit to the very best of your ability, yet ill motives have been ascribed to you by some, communication breakdowns have been frequent, and missteps have occurred in your relationships.  You may have said, as I have, “Lord, I know that all is well between You and me, but I feel that in the eyes of men I have been measured and found wanting.”  You know that you have God’s favor, but the favor of man seems to be a distant memory.

Part of what has been going on is that both we and the people we are connected with are being measured by the enemy.   It is almost as if there is a communication scrambler standing between us and some of those whom we relate to.  What we say is not what they hear, and vice versa.  They (or we) put hidden meanings on the words written or spoken — twisted meanings that were never intended.  It is a time to be extra cautious about assuming what the motives are behind others’ words, stay calm, and ask for clarification.   We must be patient with each other, and when frictions occur, tell ourselves, “This is nothing more than Satan trying to wreck a great relationship.”

Due to the intense measuring that has been going on, many of us have felt an inner disgust, even panic, that has tempted us  to run from our relationships and alignments, from our God-given assignments, and even to pull up stakes and move geographically for no other reason than to get a completely fresh start.  Be careful not to make such moves without God’s unmistakably clear voice in the matter. 

In Part 2, I will talk about what God would have us do in 2011 to come through this time of measurement successfully. 

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3 responses to “2010: The Year of Measurement (Part 1)

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  2. Hi Prophet/Paster Lee Ann
    My name is Ntando from south Africa recently i was prophesied by a freind of who is a prophet that i was a prophetic intercessor and after that i went to study about prophetic intercession i discovered that those things has been happening to ever since i became a christian in the year 2000.What i normally experience is trances when i am alone or in bed or sitting on a sofar were i see sick people and their conditon and also things that will take place,how ever this normally happens pictorially and my friend was convince that i was a prophet but this experiences does not normally happens when Iam in church or with people.My question is that does being a prophetic intercessor also mean that you are a prophet ?Iam not sure about that.And also wanted to know my Office within the fivefold ministry .God bless women of God may lord almighty continue to bless you with more of heaven Amen.


    • Hi Ntando,

      I think we each have slightly unique ways that God reveals things to us prophetically, and also unique functions within the Church. Some prophesy primarily within a church setting, while others of us do most of our hearing outside of that setting, depending on how God wants to use us.

      You can be a prophetic intercessor and not necessarily carry the office of a prophet, in the sense of prophets being commissioned by the church leadership to function officially in that office. 1 Corinthians 14:1 tells us we should all desire spiritual gifts and prophecy in particular, and 1 Corinthians 14:31 tells us that we can all prophesy one by one. However, 1 Corinthians 12:29 asks, “Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers?” etc. The implication is that no, not all are. I tend to use the term “prophet” a little loosely and interchangeably with a prophetic person, but when I do that, I don’t necessarily mean the office of prophet.

      Usually, people who move into having the office of a prophet start out as prophetic people who eventually have grown to the point where their gifting, function, and maturity as a prophet is evident to all. At that point, the church leadership might officially lay hands on them and commission them in the office of a prophet. That position, then, carries an official weight of authority. In Christian circles where such official commissioning of five-fold ministry offices is not customary, we still see people who just go ahead and fully function in those roles without ever receiving a formal title. But in the meantime, all of us can be prophetic people who ever increase in our prophetic giftings and become ever stronger in that function.

      As far as the five-fold ministry, again, each of us has certain tendencies that fit one or more of the five-fold callings. We may or may not ever come into an official capacity, but we still can function in the giftings God has given us that are in that five-fold ministry list. For instance, my husband and I are very pastoral in nature, and we care for a number of people pastorally, but we do not bear the title of Pastor. I also function strongly as a teacher and prophetic person.

      The most important thing is to do whatever the Lord brings to our hand, to use those giftings that He is putting into us, and to pursue increase in the areas of ministry that He seems to be calling us forth in. Our giftings become more evident over time, as we are faithful to step out and use whatever God gives us moment by moment.

      Blessings in the Lord Jesus,
      Lee Ann


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