The Listening Place

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a conversation I had with God quite a few years ago.  He had been laying out for me the three main ways He wanted me to serve for the rest of my life — the first was about the intercession specialty He had given me, the second was about writing for Him, and the third thing He said was just, “Minister to Me.” 

I was not sure what He meant.  “Godhow could I possibly minister to You?”

And He responded with a longing in His tone I will never forget, “By listening to Me.” 

Listening to Him, hanging on His every word — not for any other reason than just because it is Him — He longs for us to do that.  It is the place of lovers.

It is easy, once we become a little bit accustomed to moving in the revelatory gifts, to think that our prophetic words need to “do” something.  We often want a word for the Church, whether the local body or beyond — maybe out of a pure desire to encourage or serve, maybe sometimes out of a human longing for recognition of our prophetic gifts.  But what we hear doesn’t have to have a tangible purpose all the time.  If it does, we’ve slipped into a performance mentality.

As I think this through, I’m coming to understand that listening to the Lord for His sake alone is a higher place of hearing and seeing.  And perhaps if we will come to that loftier plane and stay there for a time, when we do begin to give forth in prophecy to others again, what we say will be of a higher caliber as well.  Perhaps we will be less likely to speak the word of the Lord hastily, and what we share will carry a greater spiritual weight.

Think about it: we have the opportunity for a private audience of the most cordial, intimate nature with the One “who humbles himself to look upon the things that are in heaven and in the earth” (Psalm 113:6).  To listen to Him, purely for Him, and to know that I am ministering to Him by doing so — that’s a place of wonder.  And I want to be there — just because it makes Him happy. 

5 responses to “The Listening Place

  1. God will speak to us thru our own lips if we just listen and obey. I have spoken in tongues and asked God to let me interpret them. He has told me many mysteries that line up to his word that prepared me for days ahead. He has warned me of the snare of the fowler. It came thru listening and spending time with him!


  2. Hi,

    we talk about listening, can some one give some practical steps in listening to God. I believe I hear him, but it is very difficult sometime to just sit and listen, I begin to think about all sorts of thing and get fed up and leave. Please help!!


    • Hi Rose,

      I have the same problem. Some of us do not do well at trying to be absolutely still. It takes practice to quiet oneself. I find what works best for me is to just pray quietly in tongues for great lengths of time. I begin to hear God as I do that. Sometimes what I am hearing is interpretation of tongues, but sometimes just praying in tongues is a mind-quieter, and paves the way to listen. Some people do better if they do something with their hands while making time to listen to the Lord — such as knitting or doodling.

      As you learn to be more quiet before the Lord, you may find that you also get creative thoughts, or you start thinking about biblical ideas, or you start thinking about a story in the Bible and you have a whole new understanding of it. This is another way that God speaks to us. I call it “thinking before the Lord,” and it is a definite way of hearing Him. Most of what I write comes about this way — just praying along in tongues, and all of a sudden, ideas for a new writing series burst on the scene, and I have to grab my pen and paper and write fast to get it all down.


  3. Thank you very much, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer. I believe I have been called to the intercessory ministries. This is a ministry that they say everyone can do it, but I believed that it was not for me. But I have seen changes in my desire for pray and my desire to be in the presence of God. It is unsettling, and i have thrown my hands in the air and given up and said to God if this is the path that you have chosen for me I am willing to follow.

    Since I am new to this can you give me any additional guidance as to how to move?


    • I think you will probably be able to learn a lot by reading the various posts at this blog or by buying my book, The Intercessor Manual. The Recommended Reading page (see sidebar, under “Pages”) will give you some other good resources. Wesley Duewel’s book, Mighty Prevailing Prayer is the best of the best. But the most important thing you can do to grow in intercession is to just start praying, and let the Holy Spirit teach you.


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