When Discouragement Comes


Just a couple of quick thoughts today:

When I feel a little discouraged, or my perspective on life isn’t quite what it ought to be, I go to my prayer journal and rediscover what God has spoken over the last six months or so.  It changes everything and gets me right back on track.  I find that usually, leading up to a trouble, He was speaking about it a few days beforehand, and I just didn’t realize what it was about — because I hadn’t encountered the crisis yet.

I also like to read through the verses I have underlined in Psalms and Proverbs to bring my joy level back up.  And if I need some concentrated topical Bible verses for my situation, I dig out my booklet, Encouragement from God’s Word.

I’ll be back to writing more soon.  A few more weeks and I’ll have my new book completed — The Intercessor Manual.  I’ll let you know about that when it is ready.

Then, we’re going to tackle the subject of honor, which has been on my heart a lot lately.

Bless you,
Lee Ann

2 responses to “When Discouragement Comes

  1. Hi Lee Ann,

    I’m looking foreward to read your new book on interceeding, I don’t think one can learn enough, especially on how to wait upon the Lord.




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