Answered Prayer: Swine Flu on the Wane

I am delighted with the report currently hitting the news: swine flu is on the wane.  Back at the end of August, I posted what I was hearing from the Lord about swine flu (H1N1) — that if we would pray for the waning and nullification of this disease, God would do a “wonder” and stop it from devastating the nation.  At that time and for months to come, government sources were predicting a “pandemic” that would sicken half the people in the U.S. and kill between 30,000 and 90,000 people.  I was hearing that this was a “false prophecy,” but that the word curse and fear attached to it needed to brought down.  The main point was that if we would intercede to stop this disease, God would answer.  Some of you contacted me and told me you were hearing the same thing.  I would imagine that thousands of intercessors across the nation were hearing God’s counsel on this disease and faithfully responding to His call to prayer.

I find it interesting that the wane to the virus cannot be attributed to vaccinations against it, since the vaccine is only now becoming readily available to the general public.

Four thousand people have reportedly died from swine flu.  They are not just a statistic.  Each one was a valuable person who is mourned by his or her loved ones.  However, from what I have read, it appears that scientific testing has not been going on wholesale to determine who has the H1N1 virus and who does not.  Much of the reporting of cases is based on symptoms being described by patients, which means that many of the cases could have been due to other viral infections that act similarly.

In spite of the unexpected waning of the H1N1 spread, the CDC continues to put out warnings that we could experience a resurgence of the disease during the winter months.  This need not happen, if we continue to pray protection over the nation and decree an absolute end to the disease.

I am so encouraged to see God answer the prayers of His people in this matter.  May it give us renewed courage to press in whenever we hear God speak about things He wants us to intercede for — knowing that He will answer, if we will be obedient and believe.

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