Favorite Worship Music

5-28-15 Update: I invite you to explore the music at my YouTube channel. I am constantly adding new playlists of worship music, in a variety of styles. A few of the playlists are Christian music, but not strictly worship.  I hope you will enjoy what I have put together for you. You can subscribe to the channel to receive updates on new additions, too!

Below are links to some of my favorite worship music (updated 1-01-12) — ones that aren’t the obvious, universally-liked artists that are easy to find.  Most of this music can be found at YouTube, if you want to get a full listen before purchasing.  And a lot of them can be downloaded through iTunes.

Forerunner Music (IHOP) — Just a bunch of these, but Matt Gilman is a big favorite, Justin Rizzo (Found Faithful album) and Misty Edwards/David Brymer as a team. They are generous with free music downloads, too.

Jonathan David HelserThe Reward and Walk Through the Walls  (MorningStar worship)

Stephen RoachCloser to the Burning  (Same ordering page as Jonathan David Helser — scroll down page)  (MorningStar worship)

Rick Pino — Songs for an End Time Army (my favorite of Rick’s so far).

Iona — Book of Kells (Celtic worship)

Iona — Another Realm (WOWSERS Celtic worship and soaking music!)

Lenny LeBlanc — All for Love

Rita Springer

Jessie Rogers — Out of the Fire (Brownsville Revival-style worship)

Lindell CooleyEncounters


4 responses to “Favorite Worship Music

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  2. I just finished reading your Worship and the Intercessor series. Thank you so much. It has blessed me and given me a lot to think about.


  3. I have been pouring over a lot of your writings since last week. It has really given me insight and the Lord has been with me the whole time. It has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have been consumed with learning all I can on several subjects. Due to the anointings He has placed me in the last month. Thank you for writing!!! Please don’t don’t stop, we need this! It is the most real spiritual reflection and explanation I have ever received!


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