Rules of Engagement — Derek Prince (Review)

untitledI could probably count on my fingers and toes (maybe just the fingers) the books I call “keepers.”  A keeper is one of those books to cherish, to read again, and to buy copies of for my children and very closest friends.  Derek Prince’s Rules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle is one of those books.

Many of you may know that Derek Prince was a pioneer in deliverance ministry.  He was also well known for his scholarly, yet practical, down-to-earth Bible teaching.  He was a lover of Israel, and lived there for several decades.

I thought I was getting a book that would help me understand more clearly the detailed ins-and-outs of how intercessors take part in warfare in the heavenlies, but I got much more than that.  It is a book about character and integrity — the integrity of God and the integrity we must come into if we are to win the war.

Here are a few quotes to encourage you and whet your appetite:

“God brings us to the place of total dependence upon Himself to demonstrate that He is totally dependable.”

“God applies special tests to those for whom He has special purposes.”

“God is more concerned with our character than with our achievements.  Achievements have importance only in the realm of time.  Character is eternal.  It determines what we will be through eternity.”

“God reveals His hidden wisdom only to those who have truth in their inward parts.”

“Truth is not obtained cheaply.  It demands much time given to prayer and study of the Scriptures, followed by practical applications in our daily lives.  It must take priority over the many forms of cheap entertainment offered by our secular culture.  It is a lifetime commitment.”

I also learned that the obstacle to taking up God’s purposes is independence (wanting to be self-sufficient and independent from Him).  This manifests in the world around us through a thirst for knowledge (as an antidote to dependence on God), religious rules and systems which shut out a personal need for God, and the accumulating of wealth (so that depending on Him is not necessary for daily needs).

 There is an excellent discussion on Antichrist and the domain of various types of angelic beings.

 Derek Prince concludes with a call to endure and to finish our race well, thereby winning the ultimate battle.

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