Breakthrough Intercession: More Tips for Making It Through

Last time I shared some tips for how to make it through to your breakthrough when the going gets rough.  Here are a few more:

4.)  Encourage yourself in the Word. — I can’t stress this enough.  I am amazed at the number of intercessors who ignore this principle.  They are discouraged and weary, but I see the immediate brush-off in their eyes when someone suggests encouraging themselves in the Word.  Do you know why?  It is more work to find the applicable Scriptures and stand on them than it is to wallow in self pity.  That may sound harsh, but it is true.

The foundation for obtaining answers to prayer is always the Word of God.  It is important to not only read key verses that pertain to the need, but to pray them and declare them aloud.  Hearing the Word builds bulwarks of faith in us.  Please see Breakthrough Intercession: Building Our Faith for further discussion of this principle. 

5.)  Avoid conversations with negative people who drag down your faith.  — While you are seeking breakthrough, it’s better to spend time alone than to spend it with faith-killers.  This may not be the time to listen to other people’s problems and try to minister to them.  You’ve got enough on your plate. Surround yourself with those you know will stand by you and encourage you.

6.)  Recognize attacks of doubt for what they are. — They are simply — attacks!  They are not reality.  And if you start speaking those doubts it can delay your victory.  It’s best to just be quiet!

Just because you have a doubt-thought enter your mind does not mean you have failed in your faith.  The enemy is going to try that one on you, so be prepared.  Having a thought flit through your head is not the same as entertaining it and agreeing with it.  Just because you might “feel” the doubt is rational does not make it so.  When your mind is assaulted with doubt, you can do as James instructed, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).  We do that in the Name of Jesus.

So, what if you’ve already succumbed to doubt in the middle of looking for your breakthrough?  What if you’ve believed the doubt and spoken it already?  Repent and go on.  Start wielding the weapons of your warfare again — the Word, your prayer language, your praises, your confession of faith, etc.  You lost a little ground, but you can still press forward and win the battle.

7.)  Worship — aggressively.  — We neglect this one way too frequently.  Worship is a warfare tactic to bring victory.  We have the story of  Jehoshaphat to prove it (2 Chronicles 20:21-24). Worshipping makes us feel better, too.  It brings us up to the higher planes of heaven.  When the going gets too heavy, take the time to rest in worship.

Next time – Maintaining our territory after the breakthrough


Excerpted from Lee Ann’s book, The Intercessor Manual

Out of the Fire Ministries


4 responses to “Breakthrough Intercession: More Tips for Making It Through

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  3. After one has been interceding for a while (several weeks) and finally hear the Lord speak, “Shout now”. Of course, we are to begin praising and thanking God for His faithfulness and holiness and grace and mercy. Is it usually quick to manifest after that happens? How does our prayer change from that moment of reassurance on forward?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts…


  4. Hi Nicole,

    Sometimes the manifestation of our prayer breakthrough shows itself quickly, but there are times it doesn’t, and that can be confusing. There seem to be time delays between what is done in the heavenlies and what appears in the natural, and the time can vary greatly from one situation to another.

    Once we sense we have broken through, it is important to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, so that we know what to do from that point on in prayer. I have experienced times when God clearly spoke that it was done, and that I could stop praying about the matter — even though no earthly evidence had yet shown up.

    At other times, I know that breakthrough has occurred, but I continue to pray into the situation until I see the manifestation of the answer. Usually, I find myself praying into it from a more relaxed standpoint from then on.

    Sometimes the breakthrough we sense is only a partial one, so prayer is still needed. Just listen to the Spirit’s promptings. If you really don’t feel inclined to pray about it anymore, you probably don’t need to. If you still feel the urge to pray, then do so until you see the desired result.


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