Breakthrough Intercession: Intro

There is a reason this blog is called Out of the Fire.  Much of what I write here is the fruit of living for long stretches of time in the refining furnace.  It’s not a very comfy place, but the sometimes excruciating heat is necessary to get the dross burned out and to gain the maturity required for effective Kingdom living.

When I’ve come through another session in the fire, I’m always grateful that the Lord took me there, because forever-changes have taken place.  He teaches me truths in the furnace that I could not have learned anywhere else — and I get the privilege of passing those truths on to other people.  We don’t all have to go through the same fire over the same issues.  So, what I learn there and pass on may spare others from going through trials that are unnecessary for them.  (Don’t worry – you’ll get your fire experiences in different ways, and you can help somebody through what you learn the hard way, too.)

What does going through refining have to do with breakthrough intercession?  Time in the fire is usually about building our character, but it is often part of the process in breaking through to our prayer answers as well.  It is a way that God uses to bring us up into higher levels of successfully wielding the authority He has given us in Christ Jesus.  He is making us strong.

In making an object of glass or steel, the more times the item is heated to the breaking point, cooled, and then heated again, the stronger it becomes.  The procedure is called tempering.  That’s what God does with us: He turns on the heat as hot as we can stand it, for as long as we can endure it, and then cools us off again before we break.  We may think we’re going to break, but He knows what He’s doing.  It’s a controlled process, and He’ll see to it that we’re all right through it all.

I’ve been in the fire again, and in the following posts, I’d like to share what I’m learning – this time about breakthrough intercession.

Next — Breakthrough Intercession: The Worry Factor 


Lee Ann’s book, The Intercessor Manual


4 responses to “Breakthrough Intercession: Intro

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  3. I like this web site….My friend who is spirit filled turned me onto it. I am struggling spiritually so my prayer is that through wisdom I will see the battle and have victory.


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