Just for Intercessors: The Pastor Specialty (cont.) (Part 10)

We talked last time about dangers and heartaches that can be avoided in having a prayer ministry focused on your pastor.  Today we will talk about what the pastor-intercessor’s job is.  Primarily, we break through hindrances and provide protective prayer covering for our pastor.

The Lord gave me a vision once of using a machete to cut through a jungle.  He showed me that, in interceding for my pastor and his wife, I was removing spiritual obstacles so that they could hear clearly from the Lord.  Since then, I have made it a priority to pray for them to do the hearing from God, rather than for me to do the hearing for them.  Sure, sometimes I hear things that need to be communicated, but for decisions that they must make, I pray that they will get the revelation – and I trust that decisions based on their hearing will be the right ones, because that’s what I’ve been asking for.  I don’t expect to get the opposite of what I pray for!  Once they have made a decision, I occasionally tell them if I received a similar word.  This is not to build up my credibility; it is to encourage them by providing confirmation.

There are times in their decision-making process when I am hearing cautions, and when that happens, I pray that God would protect my pastor from doing the wrong thing. I don’t pray against the course he is choosing, but I ask God to make sure he or the church are not hurt by it.  I pray that God would rearrange circumstances so that if the chosen course of action is not correct, my pastor will change his mind.  But it is always from an attitude of, “God, I want my pastor to be safe.  If this isn’t the way to go, please show him.”  A prayer like that is not in opposition to the pastor’s plans, and it doesn’t insist on having things go a certain way.  I have seen this type of prayer answered with great blessing time and again!

Most of the revelation I receive for my pastor and his wife is about how to pray for them, rather than information I must share with them.

Prayer covering is the other major thrust of the intercessor for his or her pastor.  Pastors who are moving forward in the plans God has for them and their congregations are targets for spiritual attack.  Satan doesn’t like it when God’s plans are implemented, and he will do everything he can to thwart them.  We intercessors can build a protective covering around our pastors through our prayers, to help shield them from the enemy.

I pray a lot of Scripture over my pastor.  I like to use the promises in Psalm 91 to pray protection over him and his wife.  I pray the blood of Jesus over them as a covering.  Sometimes God shows me specific dangers or entrapments that they face – physical, spiritual, and from manipulative people.  These must be prayed out carefully, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  There are many situations that I really don’t have the wisdom to pray into properly in my own understanding, and praying in tongues supplies what I lack.  The bulk of my praying for my pastor and his wife is done in my prayer language.

What types of attack do we protect our pastors from?  Physical health, people relationships, and church finances are areas of demonic harassment and hindrance.  Rumors and misunderstandings come against them, people try to control them, circumstances bring turmoil.  Discouragement, frustration, and stress are major thrusts of the devil against our pastors.  Keeping the pastor from having enough time in prayer and the Word through unexpected interruptions is a favorite ploy of the enemy.  The intercessor who specializes in praying for his or her pastor provides a bulwark of protection for him through prayer.

More next time.

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Excerpted from Lee Ann’s book, The Intercessor Manual

Out of the Fire Ministries


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