Just for Intercessors: Intro (Part 1)

I would like to take time to talk about a passion of my heart – intercession.  If any single group of people has been stereotyped as a “peculiar people” (1 Peter 2:9), it has been the intercessors.  In the King James, “peculiar” does not mean strange, as some have thought.  It means unique and set apart.  Intercessors are often misunderstood and deemed strange – and that is partly our own fault.  God wants us to be “peculiar” in the sense of being set apart, but not in the sense of acting strangely.

In the following posts we will explore:

Why intercession is a tough ministry
What intercessors do – especially in the spirit realm
Avoiding weirdness
Discerning where our revelation is coming from
The relationship between pastor and intercessor
Intercessors whose specialty is praying for their pastors

Next: Intercession Is Not an Easy Job (Part 2)

Excerpted from Lee Ann’s book, The Intercessor Manual 

Out of the Fire Ministries

7 responses to “Just for Intercessors: Intro (Part 1)

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  2. May God Bless you I’m Bro.Rex D. America my Email Address is resamerica@yahoo.com and my web page is http://www.holyspiritliving.wordpress.com thank you that you are part of ministry of intercessors truly God is good Amen God Bless you.


  3. Is there any other way to subscribe to this besides RSS feeds?


  4. I was wondering if intercessors can change their prayer assignment if there is extreme conflict of interest? For instance, God called Abraham to interceed for Sodom and for Abimelech’s house, while at another time God looked for an intercessor and could find none, but Isaiah volunteered. How do you know if a prayer assignment is done or just beginning? There was a person that I know I was called to prayer for…and now that person comes in and out of my life and really gets on my nerves but I just want to move on and forget about them. Is this just me, or is it biblical or what could be happening here really? I don’t want to become decieved and distracted into thinking that I’m suppose to keep covering this person when I’m not… but I also don’t want to ignore or neglect covering them just because they get on my nerves or I don’t see a change in their lifestyle yet. I am trying to learn what I can about intercession because I really feel this deep urge for prayer and I’ve always been concerned with other people’s needs being met and just knowing that God would meet mine, even though I don’t always see it immediately.


    • Hi Delon,

      Maybe praying for the person who gets on your nerves was a temporary prayer assignment. When there is no urge to pray for something or someone anymore, usually we can take that as the Lord’s leading that the prayer assignment is done. When we are supposed to continue to pray about something intensely, the Holy Spirit fuels that urge. We want to do it. When there is no passion in it, probably we are not supposed to go there anymore. Intercession should not be a drudgery, where we do it because we feel we have to. That is legalism and trying to do it in the power of our own flesh. People who have a prayer assignment are usually thrilled to do it.

      Ask the Lord to reveal to you if you are still to pray for that person, and if He does say a clear yes, then ask Him to give you a joy in doing it. If you don’t hear a clear “yes” from Him and do not have an attending joy/anointing to follow through with the intercession, I would suggest not concerning yourself with it anymore and just look for the Lord to give you something new to pray into.


  5. I totally understand and agree with all that you have spoken to me, and it is too bad that I begin to not want to pray for them anymore or anyone else and had lost my joy and passion for intercession which I know to be the heart of God…but this person is very difficult and challenging and they are always needing this that and the other everytime I turn around. I stopped helping them because it wasn’t really helpng them and it begin to take obvious toils on me and my family. I never hear from them until they want something, material or spiritual. I don’t even like hearing from them because of this and I know it’s not right but I can’t help it on a human plane it’s just like that. I don’t want to do it in my flesh but I recognize certain aspects of my flesh that will have to submit and cooperate, if that makes any sense. I know all of our prayer assignments will not be a picnic. I will continue to seek the Lord on this matter. Thank you so much!!!


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