Quotes from Joy Dawson


A couple of months back, I reviewed Joy Dawson’s book, Forever Ruined for the OrdinaryI wanted to leave behind some quotes from the book, but just got busy with other things.  So today I’m picking up where I left off back then.  Here are the quotes:

I would rather pay the price to hear God’s voice personally, regardless of how difficult the circumstances may be, than to have to settle for always hearing from Him secondhand.

When we see Him face-to-face in all His awesome holiness and blazing glory, it will seem incredible to us that we ever had a casual thought in relation to Him.

The more time we spend studying God’s character and ways, the easier we will recognize His precious voice.

We’re never enlightened or surprised by what comes from our own thoughts.  But when God speaks, there’s always an element of wonderment and awe.

Disobeying Him is the same as telling Him to hold back all of the blessings that come with obedience, and bring on all the punishments that come with disobedience.  That is not only stupidity, it’s insanity.

Only when we choose to be nothing can God be everything in any situation.  Only when we truly fear God will we be released from the fear of people.

We never need to announce to others the ministry function God has given us nor the supernatural gifts with which He has graced us.  As we make it a way of life to walk in obedience to revealed truth and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, others will be used of God to recognize our ministries and giftings.  If we feel the need for self-promotion at any time, from God’s perspective, we are not ready to function in the area in which we’re trying to operate.

If God doesn’t open the door of opportunity in which I’m to minister, I don’t want to go through that door.

The fear of the Lord means being more impressed with God’s reactions to our actions than with other people’s reactions.

One of the most prevalent forms of pride is manifest in the sin of presumption — through the lack of seeking God in detail.

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My review of Forever Ruined for the Ordinary

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