Rees Howells on the Holy Spirit 

I’ve been reading The Intercession of Rees Howells, by Doris M. Ruscoe, and it has been unlocking some doors for me as a prayer warrior.

Rees Howells was a prophetic intercessor who was part of the Welsh Revival of 1906.  He was also an evangelist, missionary to Africa, and founder of a Bible college in Wales at various stages of his life.  He is best known for what he accomplished in prayer, for he and the students and staff at his college were instrumental in  turning the course of World War 2 through their intercessions.  His story is amazing.  Miss Ruscoe was one of his staff for many years, and wrote from a personal knowledge of who Mr. Howells was.

Today, I’d like to quote some of his teaching about the Holy Spirit. Some of us have seen Jesus in vision.  Few have seen the Holy Spirit, as Rees Howells did.  Here is what he said about the infilling and indwelling of the Holy Spirit:

“I never once sought a blessing after He came in; I had the Blesser Himself.”

“When you have the Holy Spirit, you do not need to make a show.  He will reveal Himself without your effort.”

“You cannot play with Him.  Those who have no fear of the Holy Spirit have never seen Him.  I had far more fear of Him than I had of my old schoolmaster when I was a boy in school.  He will never take second place to self or the devil, and He will not dispute with you.”

“As the Holy Spirit deals with you, He takes all the unbelief out of you.”

“When you have given up your life entirely to the Holy Spirit, you have no right to take it back or to resent what He does with it.  … You accept everything from Him, whether it seems to be for you or against you. … When He comes in, He shows you yourself as He sees you, and He deals with the old nature, its thoughts and motives.  Human reasoning and understanding belong to the old nature, which God tells us not to trust (Proverbs 3:5).  You must be quiet before God for Him to show you these things.”

About what it is like when the Holy Spirit fills you entirely:

“You will have more fellowship with Him than with anyone else.  Just live with Him and come to know Him.”

“When you are ‘in God,’ your position with Him is a million times greater than anything He does through you.”

“Once the Holy Spirit has taken you into the Presence of God, you have more fellowship on ‘the other side’ than down here.”

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