Soaking and Prayerful Worship Music

5-28-15 Update: I invite you to explore the music at my YouTube channel. I am constantly adding new playlists of worship music, in a variety of styles. A few of the playlists are Christian music, but not strictly worship.  I hope you will enjoy what I have put together for you. You can subscribe to the channel to receive updates, too!

I have been noticing that a lot of people are getting to this blog because they are looking for instrumental soaking music.  John Belt has some wonderful instrumental stuff.  My favorite album of John’s is Another Realm.   If you like warfare soaking music, try Prophetic Warrior.  John has sound clips for sampling at his site.  He also provides info about what soaking is.  Here is John’s web site:  Live in His Presence Ministries

The rest of these suggestions are not entirely instrumental, but you may want to check them out:

Twila Paris‘ music is not usually thought of as soaking music, I suppose, but her albums, Sanctuary, Perennial, and House of Worship certainly work well for soaking purposes, especially if you are interested in a serene, worshipful sound that flows well from one song to the next.

I sometimes like to use Don Potter’s music for warfare/intercession, but he does other things besides warfare music, too.  The entrance page on his web site plays a nice sampling of his music.  He has a lot of instrumental available.  If you want spiritual warfare music, there were three albums Morning Star put out featuring Don and Leonard Jones some years ago, that may suit your fancy.  Titles: Worship, Warfare, and VisionMorning Star/Don Potter music from Amazon and Don Potter Music (Don’s own site).  MySpace has a lot of Don’s music available as well.

 We recently discovered Rick Pino’s music.  He describes his flavor as “prophetic rock, intercession.”  This is prophetic, “Presence of the Lord” music, which can be used for a mix of soaking and intercession.  We use it in our corporate prayer meetings quite a bit, but I enjoy it at home, too.  Rick’s music works well for me when I’m intent on entering into intercessory warfare, and I want to connect to God’s counsel on how to proceed in prayer.  It is extremely worshipful, but that worship runs the gamut from tranquil to downright aggressive — with more of a leaning toward the aggressive side.  FireRain Ministries

Another of our recent discoveries is Iona. My absolute favorite is an oldie of theirs,  The Book of Kells.  This is modern celtic music.  It’s a blend of vocals and instrumental.  Some of it works great for intercessory prayer, and all of it is suitable for soaking prayer.  I don’t think you will find a finer celtic vocalist anywhere than their lead singer, Joanne Hogg.

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3 responses to “Soaking and Prayerful Worship Music

  1. I am looing for Warfare muic to use as background music for a prayer CD I’m preparing


  2. need to buy cd


  3. Just bought a CD by Rob Stroh called ‘Everlasting Arms’ – absolutely beautiful and took me right into God’s presence…


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