Mighty Prevailing Prayer

DuewelI am reading Wesley Duewel’s Mighty Prevailing Prayer again.  This is my fourth time through it in about six years.  If you are an intercessor, in my opinion, this is THE book on prayer.  Every time I read it, I underline more things.  It’s always fresh, always inspiring, always encouraging.

My first encounter with Mighty Prevailing Prayer was when it was required reading for the intercessor group at our church.  I must admit, I had a bad attitude about it at the time.  “Why,” I thought, “must I read about prayer?  Why don’t we just do it, and stop talking about it?”  I was wrong.  God used Wesley Duewel to change my life.  I was shocked to find out that Mr. Duewel knew all the innermost secrets of what had been happening to me in prayer — the deep emotional involvement, the physical exhaustion, the obsession and preoccupation with getting my answers so great at times that eating and sleeping became temporarily inconsequential.   I had thought I was off the deep end. (So did my family.)  Mr. Duewel assured me I was normal!  I found out I was doing what I was supposed to.  I found freedom to move into the calling God had for me, without thinking I was a blooming nut!

There are days when I get really tired of being an intercessor.  It is hard labor, and results aren’t always immediate or visible.  Sometimes it would be easier to toss prayer out the window and go jellify my brain watching Gilligan’s Island or F Troop. But when I get a little discouraged, I refire by reading Mighty Prevailing Prayer.  It isn’t the kind of book you read thirty pages of at a time.  Every word counts, so a few pages at one sitting are enough to chew on.


Here are just a few quotes:

[The prayer of faith] is a prayer willing to believe and prevail for God’s answer in a situation that is utterly impossible. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, you require no external confirmation but believe God in spite of appearance. Your eyes are on God, not on the situation.

The Spirit does not lead you to pray for useless goals.

God delights in your holy boldness that will not take no for an answer.  God counts it “great faith,” and He then counts you His friend, for you understand His heart.

Prayers prayed in the Spirit never die until they accomplish God’s intended purpose. His answer may not be what we expected, or when we expected it, but God often provides much more abundantly than we could think or ask. He interprets our intent and either answers or stores up our prayers. Sincere prayers are never lost. Energy, time, love, and longing can be endowments that will never be wasted or go unrewarded.  (This is from  his  earlier book,  Touch the World through Prayer.)


I appreciated Mr. Duewel’s balanced biblical approach, his detailed explanations of how prayer works and why, and his down-to-earth tips for a better prayer life. The stories of miracles that have taken place in his own and other people’s lives through answered prayer aren’t half bad either!  (How would you like to pray for thirteen hours for an unsaved dead person, and have him rise up, totally healed, and give his heart to Jesus — all because you had a promise from God for the man’s salvation that you wouldn’t let go of?  So he died — so what?)

If you have an intercessor calling on your life, don’t deprive yourself of Mighty Prevailing Prayer.  It will give you keys to greater prayer effectiveness, and it will spur you on to deeper levels of knowing the Lord than you have yet attained to.

I love this book.  Thank you, Mr. Duewel.  I will meet you in heaven and tell you how much you’ve done for me.

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5 responses to “Mighty Prevailing Prayer

  1. Intercessors might also want to read…
    Possessing the Gates of the Enemy by Cindy Jacobs
    Becoming a Prayer Warrior by Beth Alves
    The Voice of God by Cindy Jacobs


  2. I definitely know where I lack, therefore I always pray for wisdom from God to manifest, because he is Wisdom, apart from all other things, and surprisingly, or not surprisingly, He has always led me to good truths, guiding me on the things I should do and all.

    Because Jesus is the Way, therefore I know that in all things, seek first His Kingdom. Even if I’m an idiot, I will walk stable because he Will guide me. Praying for the benefits and gifts are not as useful, because God is a God that is interested in your heart, first and foremost, THEN outward forms of blessings. I realise that He changes us on the inside first, bestowing the different spiritual gifts, that we may know what to do with his blessings when he blesses us.

    Those without wisdom will squander money away on selfish needs, rather than blessing others with it. I believe God wants to test where our priority lies, and we tell Him in prayer, despite knowing that He already knows what we need before we ask of Him. Declaring by speaking out has an effect because of our place in Christ, and I personally feel, it’s like a contract (haha) between you and God. It feels formal and all warm when you tell God things, rather than He dig your mind for it, because it’s an act of faith and trust.


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  4. Hi Rev Wesley ,
    I first read your book “Mighty prevailing prayer ” in 1998 . I’m a Prof at Christian Medical College Ludhiana , India .Subsequently I used to correspond with you , you sent me a couple of your books ….. subsequently I lost contact . Your books have helped me a lot all these years …….
    Please do remember my daughter currently based in Brisbane , who is going through a difficult time.
    Will it be possible for me to contact you ?
    God bless you and your ministry richly .



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