Soaking Prayer Journey, Part 4

We left off yesterday with a promise of an explanation of why worship music works better for me than soaking music in slipping into the Presence of the Lord.  If you don’t like what I have to say, remember that it is just an opinion, not a biblical truth.  You’re entitled to yours, too.

I usually get frustrated when I try to draw near to God with “soaking music” playing.  Some of those women wax screamy as they get excited about what they are singing prophetically.  Some wax silly.  (I quickly flip over the song about God’s Presence enveloping the singer like a marshmallow.)  One track on that same marshmallow CD has a guy grunting throughout: “Ooh! Aah! Ooh! Aah! Ooh! Aah!”  I’m not sure what’s wrong with him.  Perhaps he has digestive problems.  But it sounds coarse.  It is hard to be in God’s Presence and stay there when you want to burst out laughing  at the goofiness of it all.  I must give them credit, though — if an enhanced ability to visualize is the goal, they have succeeded.  Even we nonpictorial types get some pretty funny images floating through our brains when this stuff is going on!

But seriously, I noticed early-on that worship music — Gateway, Hillsong, Third Day, Twila Paris, Rita Springer, Daniel Brymer, etc. — enhances focusing on the Lord, while some soaking music doesn’t do that for me.  And I wondered why.  The focus of the music is the key.  Worship music is about Jesus.  Much of the soaking music is about us.  Worship music extols His greatness, His character.  Soaking music is often filled with prophetic encouragement about the destiny we have ahead of us.  Soaking music may talk about how much we desire the Lord, the longing of our heart for Him, and that is wonderful, but it is still about us more than it is about Him.  This is not true across the board, but it is a general theme I have noticed.  If you like that theme, that’s fine.  If it gets you into God’s Presence, good.  But it leaves a real lack in my heart.  I feel like I’m missing something, when the song is all about me.

Tomorrow, I’ll wrap this series up with some concluding philosophical meanderings.

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6 responses to “Soaking Prayer Journey, Part 4

  1. I concure. I prefer instrumental saoking music best. With instrumental I feel as though my heart is free to express or recieve (w/out what may or may not be a distraction). My soaking experiences have been amazing. Of course, I LOVE worship music and agree the focus is usually on the Lord alone. I actually prefer worship over praise, while I enjoy praise, there is something more intimate (to me) in worship. Thanks for your BLOG.



  2. Hi,

    Just found this site through a search I was doing. Read the posts on soaking…I find I can soak to any of the above depending on what is going on or what God is trying to work in my heart. Sometimes the focus is on the Lord, sometimes on me to encourage me to believe all He is saying and doing in the body of Christ, all He is doing in me.

    I am very visionary and often use the more visionary music then move into the instrumental in order to settle in His presence and let Him show me what He wishes. I have friends who are young…in their 20’s and they soak to things I wouldn’t consider. I guess it is different for everyone depending on how their wired by God and of course, the generation they hail from. I call it Abraham, Isaac and Jacob music to fit the different generations…

    Wonderful reading your post…many soakings full of the blessings of the Lord


  3. Thanks for these comments. I find it so hard lately to find music to worship and get in God’s presence with. When God started drawing me into worship several years ago it seemed there was more music available. Maybe it was the place I was in in my walk. But it seems any music I find or service I attend, it’s about how the song sounds, how good it feels to sing it. You hear a song about God, wow, I’m in the Holy of Holies, then about me, ok, we’ve just moved into the outer court, now we’re singing about God again, back to the Holy of Holies, I feel as if I’m running all through the tabernacle and that may be in just one song. But mostly different songs. I personally have a hard time with praise songs any more. I guess once you’ve really been in the Holy of Holies, in His presence, nothing else really matters. I asked someone about that one day, I was feeling bad that I didn’t “need” to move through the courts like it seemed we are supposed to and how I was taught about praise and worship. And they said, well, the veil’s gone. You don’t have to “approach” God, you should already be there. So I guess what I’m looking for is music that takes me there and keeps me there, I guess I need to pray for musical ability for myself.


  4. I really like Kari Jobe‘s (part of the Gateway team) music. You might want to try Iona‘s The Book of Kells. It is Celtic music, with a mystical sound, that is very worshipful. For worship and worshipful warfare music, a new discovery for us is Rick Pino. You can listen to full-song samples of all of their music at MySpace.


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